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Monday, 14 January 2008
06:23:03 AM (GMT)
You know what I hate?
You know what I really, really hate?

People who are so dreadfully uncomfortable in their own skin that they have to
pretend to be someone else.

I'm not talking about lying about one thing you like, or exaggerating some of your
personality traits to make yourself sound better, or doing something differently
because you want to emulate your idol. Those are stupid, yes, but everyone does them.
They're acceptable simply because you're still being you.
A slightly altered you, but still the same general person. Very few people are true
enough to themselves and others to NOT do this, and I'd be stupid to tell you not to.
I've done it as well, so don't worry.

No, what bothers me is when someone completely makes a new identity for themselves:
People who invent a new personality for themselves with each person they talk to to
mirror their interests.
People who are trend whores and go along with the crowd, completely changing
themselves to fit in.
People on the internet who feel that they're ugly and try to trick us by giving us a
fake picture.
People who mindlessly agree with everything you say to please you.
People who can't accept who they are and frantically try to change it.
People who are constantly changing their interests depending on what's cool at the
People who cannot just like what they like and even be themselves in the slightest
bit. They have to be fake as fuck so they'll look cool or be accepted or so people
will compliment them or not make fun of them or WHATEVER YOUR REASON IS.

If your friends don't like you anymore because they find out you like Hilary Duff,
your friends suck.
If your friends don't like you anymore because they find out that everything you ever
told them was a lie, that's your problem.
If your internet boyfriend doesn't want to date you anymore because he finds out
you're not a Rockies fan, your boyfriend sucked.
If your internet boyfriend doesn't want to date you anymore because he finds out all
of your pictures are fake, that's your problem.

I'm sorry, but I just had to get it out.
Fake people are fucking idiots.
Just get over it and realize not everybody will like you.

Ikonoklastic says:   14 January 2008   494291  
I completely agree, sorta, the internet has no people, just clever
computer programs that act like them.
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   14 January 2008   727271  
Why would someone want to be someone else?
If they don't like themselves, well deal with it.
Your gunna look like that for a few years, unless you 
dye your hair or get plastic surgery. You obviously
can't know the beauty of nature if you think your 
own self is beautiful, even if others say otherwise.
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   14 January 2008   535998  
WAIT. Sorry, I messed up there. You don't know beauty if you think
your not beautiful, even though it's other people saying it. They are
just jealous cause you have something they obviously don't have.
MewMewBerii says:   21 January 2008   166567  
Hehe xD
I understand what you mean ^^
Theres a website called www.fakersbusted.com you can catch fakes there

My friend Sanyu is a moderator there :D
neoeno says:   23 January 2008   124871  
I think an ancient gansta rap proverb applies here "Don't hate the
playa', hate the game."

I'm bothered by fakers (not internet fakers who pretend to be whoever,
I honestly don't care about them) because they are victims of a
society that (very strongly) encourages people to be like a certain

You might say that they should snap out of it, but it's not that easy.
When people have been brought up from birth with this mass media
ideology pumped into them, I do not blame them at all for being sucked
into it. I try to show them what I believe is the case, and instead
direct all of my anger and energy towards the system that constantly
assaults people's self-esteem. In many many cases, this is the beauty

Most women I come across wear make-up of some description. Some do
this creatively. Most do it because they feel it is a necessity. The
obsession with losing weight is another one, one especially close to
my heart. I would say that nearly all women have issues with their
weight, because society's ideal of thinness is incredibly strong.

Fakers are just expressing their insecurity in a more extreme way,
through emulation of people they know. Most people emulate people in
the mass media without thinking, at least these people have an issue
that is on the surface and thus easy to illuminate to them.

You said you were guilty of some of the conformist offences. I am too,
and I've broken out of a lot of ideologies. It's an incredible feat to
be truly comfortable with yourself without having conformed to
something, and though I'm working towards it I doubt I will ever be
completely satisfied. Which is why I believe that we're all victims of
society's indoctrination. And how can any of us possibly even attempt
to break this spell on our own? One of the ways society lasts this way
is because the people that break out become sickened at those who have
not, and so abandon them. It is only through aiding those people that
we can work towards a more anarchistically cultured society.

I believe :P
Fabby says:   23 January 2008   329238  
-Points at neoeno- This is a point that I completely agree with.
sugartastic says:   24 January 2008   329168  
I love your rants. c:
You always say what needs to be said. :D

I think people like that have some serious self-image issues. They
have to stop hating themselves and being stupid. I totally agree with
the "if your friends find out you like Hilary Duff and don't like you,
your friends suck" points. Real friends wouldn't mind what kind of
music/books/TV you like, they like you for the person you are. If any
of my friends said they didn't like me anymore because I like
cartoons, I'd kick them in the face. :>

And the trend-followers. They irritate me to death. DX
Fabby says :   25 January 2008   613687  
Thank you, sugar. ^^

It's really stupid how people care so much about what these friends
think, yet... these friends are shitty friends and not worth their
effort. XD

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