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Love and lots of lust 6Category: (general)
Monday, 31 December 2007
05:41:11 PM (GMT)
Hours later Sasuke woke up on the hokage monument and saw Naruto was still passed
out. He crawled over to Naruto slowly and stroaked Naruto's hair lightly. He hummed a
soft tune and saw that the sun was rising. He closed his eyes and listened closely to
the wind and heard someone comming. He grabbed Naruto and jumped off the monuments
and to his house. Sasuke opened his door and closed it behind him and walked to his
bedroom with Naruto. He took off Naruto's jacket and put it on a chair so it could
dry. He then changed into a diffrent outfit and found himself still tired. He layed
next to Naruto on his bed and wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and nuzzled his
face into Naruto's neck and dozed off.

Naruto woke up slowly and looked around. He felt arms around him and saw Sasuke and
freaked. Sasuke woke up and smirked and Naruto and pulled Naruto closer to him and
rolled on top of Naruto.

"S-sasuke what are you doing?" Naruto asked with wide eyes and Sasuke crushed his
lips on Naruto's.

Naruto struggled a bit but then gave in. Sasuke kissed him then nibbled on his ear.

"I want you Naruto." Sasuke whispered and Naruto shuddered and closed his eyes

"I thought you weren't supposed to do that until the bet was sealed. Sasuke." Someone
from the doorframe said and Naruto grinned.

"Hey Neji!" Naruto said and pushed Sasuke off of him.

"Lets go Naruto-kun." Neji said and Naruto nodded and ran towards Neji and they

"Neji." Sasuke hissed and punched the floor.

[ In the forest

"Shino i'm bored." Kiba said and continued to draw faces in the dirt with a stick.

"Shut up Kiba. Your the type of guy that the hungriest bugs would avoid." Shino said
and Kiba smirked and got up and walked over to Shino.

"Really Shino?" He asked and Shino looked confused and Kiba unzipped Shino's jacket
and threw it on the floor. "Akamaru stand lookout."

At this Akamaru nodded and Kiba took off Shino's glasses and it showed Shino's
beautiful brown eyes. Kiba pinned Shino to the ground and kissed him lightly. Shino
got out of the pin and pushed Kiba off and Kiba pouted.

"What?" Kiba said and Shino walked over to Kiba and unzipped Kiba's jacket and threw
it ontop of his and kissed Kiba hungerly.

Kiba smirked at this and stopped the kiss to take off his shirt and Shino's. He
rubbed his index finger down Shino's abs and smirked. Shino sat up and grabbed Kiba's
head and pressed his lips against his. Kiba licked Shino's bottom lip and before
Shino opened his mouth at all Kiba's tongue shot through his lips wandering all
around Shino's mouth. Kiba took off his kunai pouch in the middle of the kiss and so
did Shino. Kiba chuckled and took off Shino's shoes and his shoes. Kiba started to
suck on Shino's lower lip and Shino rubbed Kiba's hips. He folded the material down a
bit then slid it to his lower thighs along with Shino's boxers. He grabbed Shino's
member and rubbed the tip of it with his thumb as he kissed down Shino's stomache. He
made his way to Shino's (HAPPY AREA LETS CALL IT! nervous look xD) and slowly put it
in his mouth and circled the tip of it with his tongue while sucking lightly. Shino
grasped the dirt below him tightly and moaned. Kiba stoped stucking and notaiced that
Shino was panting heavily and he cum was running down his member and Kiba smirked and
licked it off and crushed his lips on Shino's.

"You taste so good Shino." Kiba whispered and Shino grunted and pounced on top of
Kiba and pulled down his pants and threw them to the side.

Kiba chuckled and slid off his boxers and Shino put Kiba's member in his mouth
hungerly and Kiba bit his lower lip in pleasure. Then suddenly Akamaru ran over
barking and Kiba and Shino's eyes widened as they searched for their clothes and ran
farther into the woods while getting dressed. They stumbled on a rock and slipped on
their shoes and panted heavily as Akamaru jumped into Kiba's arms.

"Did they see us?" Kiba asked and Akamaru barked. "Thats good. Who was it?" Akamaru
barked and Kiba's eyes widened. "No way." Kiba said and Shino looked interested.

"Who was it?" Shino asked and Shibi and Tsume jumped out from the trees.

"We've been looking all over for you two!" Tsume said and Kiba sweatdroped as did

"Sorry dad." Shino said and stood up and Kiba sighed.

"Sorry mom." Kiba grumbled not sorry at all. "Later Shino."

"Bye Kiba." Shino said and Kiba nodded and him and his mom jumped off.

[with Lee and Shika

"Shikamaru, will you.. be my boyfriend?" Lee asked and Shikamaru looked at Lee with a
lazy smile.

"Sure Lee." He said and Lee grinned ear to ear.

"This is fantastic!!!" Lee yelled and hugged Shikamaru tightly. "Thank you

"You don't have to thank me Lee. I want you." Shikamaru said and grabbed Lee by the
shirt and crushed his lips against Lee's.


[with Sasuke

"I can't beleive he left for NEJI!" Sasuke hissed while walking down Kohana.

"Ohhhh Sasuke-kuuuuuuuun!" Sakura called out and jogged up to him.

"-- kill me now.." Sasuke muttered to himself and Sakura hugged him.

"How's my boyfriend!" She asked happily and Sasuke glared at her.

"Not happy leave me alone!" Sasuke growled and stomped off.

Hawkeye15 says :   1 January 2008   288689  
Very cool! Keep writing!


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