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Sunday, 2 December 2007
01:47:29 AM (GMT)
My situation is not getting better.

Not only do some of my closest friends hate me, but now people I love hate me too.

This all sounds emo, but I swear they're dropping like flies...

The people who are gone from my reach: (Unless they come back...?)

The screwed:

Some people can't tell... They can't tell that I'm faking. My smiles, my laughs, my
(Some people I am naturally happy with, but only a very few.)
The ones that can tell are the ones who have left me.
People I care about are leaving me alone in the dark.
People that I love are hurting me worse.
My life is so lifeless...
I can't pull myself together.
I need something to keep me awake at nights to ward away the Nightmares.
To hide my knives.
To sing me to sleep.
To tell me the truth.
To love me innocently...
So all I ask...

Is that the ones who still believe that I can make it out alive, I want you to
forgive me for my behavior, for cutting, for my emotionless times...

And most of all for my poison.

If you think I can make it... You have a lot of misplaced faith, but I'm glad its
misplaced for me...

Many thanks for those who read this shit, Many more thanks to those who understand.

‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   2 December 2007   223778  

I fucking LOVE you


I want you to remeber that

You have had my back thru EVERYTHING

So now its my turn

Its not misplaced Kam

Just lost

And theres a reason for everything so your to be forgiven...
Kamino says:   2 December 2007   662917  
Aww, Bekah... I fucking love you too... Thank you so much... *Holds
your hand*

Live well fellow ass kicker...
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   2 December 2007   933963  

You'll get though it I know you will
Kamino says:   2 December 2007   648224  
Thanks. <3 Be prepared for anything... don't look back... and most
importantly... Never forget.
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   2 December 2007   154543  
Right-o Luffle <3333333
nijntje says:   2 December 2007   265858  
awh kami-chan
you still have meh D: 
i have misplaced faith in yuu
you must yeah must feel better soon D:
my best friend [ in real]
is having a hard time too [ no details please ]
please feel better soon D: *huggle*
Kamino says:   2 December 2007   746788  
I know... Thanks so much. x.x

*Huggle* I'll do it for you guys...
YoRi_ says:   2 December 2007   176718  
kami....i luv you......i'm not leaving!!!! i just got grounded!!!!!!!
Kamino says:   2 December 2007   943215  
I see.

I knew you had a reason for disappearing...

I love you too.
Dead_Faery says:   2 December 2007   998314  
*-Tears-*  I believe you make it!!!!! I luffles you till the end!
Kamino says:   2 December 2007   955432  
Thanks... *Hugs* Means lots.
Dead_Faery says:   2 December 2007   565714  
*-Huggles Back-* I hope it does. I don't want anything happening to
Kamino says:   2 December 2007   622251  
Awww. :D
Dead_Faery says:   2 December 2007   661531  
Lalwz. I luffle you. Again.
NotSoNice33 says:   5 December 2007   599996  
lets get one thing sraight

you see those people up there ^^^
they love you

see this person right here?? >>>
yeah, thats me
i fucking love my sister

and since dons my brother, he loves you too

i know that at least 3 people would follow you down to hell and drag
you screaming back up here

lets get this straight
anyone who doesnt are not worth your time let alone your grief
NotSoNice33 says:   5 December 2007   547267  
so, hon, im here
i never left
and i never will
Kamino says:   5 December 2007   167246  
Yayyy!~ *Hugs*

I ish happy to hear that.
sad_girls_with_many_tears says :   7 December 2007   867538  
me gots faiths in u u roc my sox


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