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School sucks, and life can too... -_-Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 November 2007
07:42:32 PM (GMT)
Today stunk,.....
school was boring like always, this is all I heard today(practically everyday):
Homeroom:Just talked with friends
Period 1 math: Blah blah blah blah blah blah and blabity blaahh algebra, blah... (I
don't get this! Soon they're gonna have a problem like square +circle=triangle!God
help me!) *RIIING!*
Per. 2 science:Blah blah blah, species, blah blooh blah , lupes poopes,....
Per. 3 art:Blah blah,now, draw something you're thankful for.... (actually, art's
kinda fun! ^_^) *RRIIING!*
Per. 4 reading:Ok lets read!( as long you have a good book to read you're good to go!
^_^) *RRIIING!*
Per.5 lunch:Halleluia!!!! <D( me talking 2 my friends)
Me:Hi Katonya!
Katonya:Hi! Guess wat!? I got an Action replay DS!
Me:Cool! Wut does it do?
Katonya:You can do the cheating, without putting in the cheats.
Me:Sweet. )D
Per.6 language arts: Blahbity, blahbity BLAHH!^_^(What is my teacher smiling about?
Oh yeah! My Thanksgiving play!!) *RRIIING!*
Per.7 Health:Yaddah yaddah fitness, yaddah yaddah. *RRIIING!
Per.8 Soc. Studies:We'll study about the Ancient Greeks!(Sweet!)
Per.9 DISMISSAL!!!!:Joy to the world, school is over!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SCENE CHANGE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

I finally went out to ninja traing and, hoo boy, did I annoy Kakashi today!

Me: Hi Kakashi.
Kakashi:Hi,,huh...wha... did you do your stealth traning yet?
Me: Yes.
Kakashi:Proove it.
Me:*points torwards Naruto and Sasuke*
Naruto:X_x bleh... wut happened?
Kakashi:*sigh*Fine, lets try the bell training....

Kakashi: Now lets start with the....
Me: Jeez sensei you're blind. I got the bell a while a go.*shakes the bells*
Kakashi: What?! Howd you get them?! Give those back!!
Me:Oh you want THESE? Then go get them!!*throws them reeeeaaaly far*
Kakashi:OMFG! What was that for!?
Me:I dunno.Hee hee... -^-^-
Kakashi:*sigh* v.v
Next day:
You know how it goes, school's boring as ever. Let's just skip to the part when I
annoy Kakashi again at traing.

Kakashi:Satashi,you're not going to have dinner tonight due to your behavior
Me:Don't punish me sensei!
Kakashi:And WHY shouldn't I punish you?Hm,Satashi?
Me: I'm cute and..
and.. um.. I'm an endangered species !
Kakashi:I don't care!
can't keep that up forever! Me:Yes i
alright already!! I won't punish you this time. But next time....
Me:Thank you
Kakashi:You can stop now.
Me: I can't seem to
Last edited: 23 November 2007

deathwish27 says:   22 November 2007   711492  
yeah i dont like school either it sucks most of the time
silverwolf says:   23 November 2007   879655  
i kno... especially if you have a stupid dumb mean teacher!
Crazygu911 says:   30 November 2007   511788  
hey u should respect your elders school rules   ( it stinks)
silverwolf says:   2 December 2007   916149  
well TOO BAD!  I didn't respect them, and i aint gonna respect them
either! v_v
lilila says:   22 December 2007   857286  
hey silverwolf!i dont get the part with u n the naruto charactors!
it's just wierd in MY!i even saw the halarious muffin
silvy didnt get it but me n echego (thanasi) cracked up at it i have 2
that it WAS halarious!lol!lolA!lol ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!(that was
retarted N 
halarious AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!LOLA!LOL!
lilila asks:   22 December 2007   578923  
y put the naruto charactors on it?wut does that have to do with
school bin borin?
lilila says:   22 December 2007   752575  
this is athena.ok stac?ok.
silverwolf says:   24 December 2007   573288  
i dunno and i dont care
sasuke_fan says:   1 February 2008   934983  
hee hee! great video satashi! (a.k.a. stasi)
i like your funny STORY!!!!!!!!!
Zowey says:   15 December 2009   723731  
hahahahaha! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
‹Naff the Raff› says :   16 December 2009   260554  
yes school kan suk!

i alwaz fall asleep in 5per.!


Next entry: Lol! Some hilareous gags wich idiots tend to look when you say
these!!!! XD
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