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Homework ::Part 1::Category: ::Guy=Girl::
Monday, 17 September 2007
03:22:58 PM (GMT)
I sat in the third row. Close enough to the teacher to give him the hots, far away
enough so then he didn't know that I was. I always have been shy...
But this time, i'm sure I love him.. Mr. Branch. Gorgeous Brown-Blonde hair, bright
midnight blue eyes.. He's the vision of beauty.  Then the bell rang. He looked up
from the board and and said to the class "Sophie Richardson, stay behind." He
finished writing drawing something on the board, and then he said "I'll see you in my
office, Sophie."

I went to his office, and I sat down in the comfy chair in the corner. I looked at
the clock - 3:30pm. I'd already been waiting for 20 minutes! How the times flys, when
you're waiting for the hottest teacher on the faculty! He came in, turned around and
locked the door, pulled down all the blinds in a hurry. "Sophie. I love you," He said
to me, in a whisper. "And now, I can't hold myself in.. We've got to have sex,
Sophie." I looked at him, a gleam coming in my eyes. "What, have you been reading my
mind??" He laughed, his sweet, sweet laugh. I knew I was wearing my thong, and what a
day to wear it! And my favourite lace bra.. Oh, the luck!

He came closer to me, I got up off the chair and he sat in it, he pulled me onto his
lap. He started snogging me, and I thought "The tensions building..." Without my
noticiing he started unzipping my jeans, and I kicked them off playfully. He
unbuttoned my shirt, and slid it off. He broke the snog, and started at my almost
invisible lace bra. He could see my nipples, I could see in his eyes that he was
longing for them. He started kissing my neck, and trying to unhook my bra, but he was
useless. In the end I did it for him, and he gave me a look that said "Thank you!".

My tits bounced out of my bra cups, he slid down the chair to suck my nipples. He
sucked my right nipple, while gently massaging my left. Then he switched over. I
could feel my hand reaching for his trouser zipper, I gave in to the temptation and
unzipped his trousers, slipping them off him unnoticingly. Then came the boxers.. I
slowly slid off his boxers... Before they were off I felt a cold breeze ripple
through my pussy... He'd taken off my thong! His fingers slid down my naked stomach,
to my pussy. A tingling sensation ran through my body as his fingers reached my pussy
lips, he gently parted them and thrusted his finger in. I groaned in pain, and he
made his thrusting softer, gentler.

I started biting my lip as he put 2 fingers in, 3, and then 4. Finally, he thrust his
whole hand in. I cried out into his shirt, his shirt muffling my cries of pain and
excilleration. My pussy juices flowed out over his hand, when his fingers came out I
finally realised I had lost my virginity... And I loved it.

::Authors Comments::

My first story... I don't know how many parts there'll be. Pretty good for a first,
I will do requests for stories... Feel free to request! I do Lesbian, Gay and
Straight Sex Stories.. If you persuade me I might even do a group one. So, enjoy my

Yasmin x

‹***!BICURIOUS PURPLE!***› asks:   17 September 2007   628746  
wow you should make it longer!
‹(-Yas. SupaDupaFuck :D-)› says:   17 September 2007   321872  
^o^ Thanks! :D
I'm glad you like it...
I'll do another part, and I'll let you know when that's done! :DD
Hawt_Bi says:   17 September 2007   727822  
plz do another part!
‹(-Yas. SupaDupaFuck :D-)› says:   18 September 2007   539133  
Sure ^o^
fuckmapussy says:   21 September 2007   595656  
that was amazing!
‹(-Yas. SupaDupaFuck :D-)› says:   21 September 2007   393433  
Thanks ^o^
likeomgwow says:   15 October 2007   341145  
request for me plz
cyber_freak says:   17 October 2007   941273  
request from me les and bio.please i'll pay u 12 kupika points maybe
fuckmapussy says:   2 November 2007   474756  
can i av a lesbian 1 plz
BEAutiful01 says:   17 November 2007   684469  
that made me so horny
eatme1 says:   25 November 2007   554354  
Wonderful, m'dear.
Sexygirl_10 says:   1 January 2008   933568  
that was good!! i loved it
‹~WildBerri~› says:   15 February 2010   765307  
I love it except the thing I didn;t like is snogging. I hate that
word and I have no clue why.
lick_clit says:   21 March 2011   246344  
that's hot [;
‹Sexy_Horny_Lesbian› says :   27 July 2011   424560  
can u make a lesbian sex storie?

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