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DONT GO TO SHCOOL ON SEPTEMBER 11Category: (general)
Sunday, 29 July 2007
01:01:07 AM (GMT)
noone go to school on sepetember 11 ii dotn know if yew guys have to go to school
but if yew do dont we have to adn its wrong we get out of school for dead presidents
but heroes thta saved are loved ones thta protect thta stay day and nigth on the
battle feild not knowing if they will see tomarrow not knowing if they will see
there baby thta on the way or ever get to meat there kids mii little cuzions never
got to meet there dad he died in the bombing on septemeber 11 he was called there to
help peopel out and he died from the smoke and fire it was really sad mii cuzions
still ask mii bout there dady when he is coming home its really sad and we just keep
telling them daddy is home he is in a better place yew will see him one day bby and
they wanna see there daddy and everytiem ii look at them ii cry b/c they look
exactly lyk there dad its hard adn a little gurl ii babysit mii mom adoptided her
her mom was killed in the bombing she was in the on her way to get her neice from
work to coem adn visit wich was mii best friend and basicall ymii sister so please
people listen to mii dont go to school september 11 if we can get out of school for
dead presidents we can get out of school heroes ii think so ii am not going to
school instead ii am going to have a memariol in honor of those people ii am going
to make miia dn m ii friends are raising mone for it already so far we have almost
3,000 the goal is 100,000 to get a big limestone memorial in the middle of mii city
ii hope it works yew people should try it to not for yewr self but for the heroes
thta risk there lives to save yew peopel die everyday just so yew and mii can have
freedon cuz it dont come free people lose there lives people lose there loved one
little kids lose there mommys and daddys best friend aunts uncles cuzions they lose
abotu everyoen and oen day yew peopel will relize iia m right ii know ii am only 12
years old but ii am more than thta if ii can do all this then some of yew other
people on here thta are alot older than mii can do alot more stuff mii baby sitter
is evan helping out and mii adoptided sister they are 5 and 7 and they help us they
dance for money at talent shows and perform alot of places to raise money so please
just listen to mii DONT GO TO SCHOOL ON SEPTEMBER 11

_christina_aguilera_ says:   29 July 2007   313149  
thats my sisters b-day
o0Semi_Automatic0o says:   29 July 2007   697787  
Hurricane Katrina came on my birthday. : D
dat_crazy_white_gurl says :   4 August 2007   844976  
uh dont care so shut up its not all bout yew


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