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Dream of a sword (Book 1)Category: One of my wacked up books
Thursday, 14 June 2007
08:48:15 PM (GMT)
Dream of a sword
Book 1

a Dark night one Ninja roams a faithful land with a black mask on and a smirk on her
face. cheeryblossums feel as the one ninja Creeped into The palce of the 5 Legendary
Warriors  palce. The Ninja was named Riveranna she quikly went into the princesses
bedroom and looked at her Riveranna drew her sword and put it To the Princess's neck.
The princess soon awoke and stared at the Ninja before her. she glared at the silver
eyes of The Ninja She soon Drew her own blade and put it to the ninja's neck. they
stared at each other until the Princess spoke "Wh...who are you.?" she questioned.
the Ninja just glared at her. "WHO!?" The Princess screamed "Awnser your own
question" Riveranna(The ninja) Said  The Princess sighed "S....Sakura Saeri"
Riveranna's eyes Grew Big as and she Jumped out the Window closest to her Breaking
the Glass making it shater Everywhere Sakura's Mother ran in "What was That" Her
Mother Asked looking at the broken window "A Ninja A Xina Ninja" Sakura Said in a
Inraged voice.//

Riveranna Barged Into a black cave "Arrggggg" she screamed As she entered a Room with
2 other people "That Stupid Brat Sakura Saeri Has the sword" Riveranna Said marching
over and Siting next to a Boy wearing All Black With a witches Hood on that covers 
his face "DANG IT" He Screamed Sharpening A Sword "Well then we have to kill her" A
Black Haired Woman Said Siting on a stone in the darkness "We Can't Master Zina That
Girls Mother is Desa the Legdary Warrior She could kill the whole Xina Clan in A
Month" Riveranna said Looking at Master Zina "True" Groaned  The Boy named Deon Soon
After this chat A Man With Shaggy Balck Hair And A tatoo on his left arm of a dragon
flying in the sky "Hey Meika" Said deon Moveing over on his stone To share with
meika. Meika sat next to Deon and Looked At riveranna. Riveranna was Blushing
Slightly "Meika why are you staring at me" Riveranna Asked With a Conserned Voice "No
reason" Meika Said looking away blushing also. Camion Giggeled alittel "Looks like we
have a new couple" Camion Said Still Giggeling They All Glared At Her "Maybe i Should
Shut up" Camion Said Alittel frighten by the look in Their Eyes. "Well Riveranna and
Meika Go to the village of Jikia(Love) and Find Sari Shes been gone for awhile"
Camion Comanned "yes M'am" Meika and Riveranna both Said As they Got on a Small Boat
As Riveranna's Sister Steering it. meika And Riveranna Were in a small Room Below The
Riveranna's Sister's Post They just Looked at each Other "So she wants us to find
Sari?" Riveranna asked trying to break the silence. "Yeah but wasn't Sari on a
mission?" Asked Meika in reply "I guess we find her and make sure shes ok then bring
her home" Riveranna said asuming thats what Camion wanted her to do "Ok i get it."
Meika said Trying to shut Riveranna up. "HEY RIVERANNA WERE HERE!!!" Screamed a girl
with dark green hair and A girl school girl alfit her name was kitty and in fact she
was Riveranna's sister "OK" Riveranna shouting climbing out of the room with meika
following. They looked at the huge ammount of land. "Its so big" Riveranna said
Dazeled "I take it you never been Here before" came a voice of a teen that has been
waiting for them to arrive. "Ummmm I haven't and Ummm Who are you?" Riveranna said
looking at the Teen "I Am May and i have been instucted to Take you to the hotel
here" the girl said the girl had shoulder leinth Black hair and a bandanna Wraped
around her eyes. She was wearing a black long dress that draged on the ground. May
Instucted them with her hand to follow her As she walked off."Bye Riveranna bye
Meika" Kitty screamed as they walked off with may.

/Back at the hideout
Deon sat in his chair staring at the wall "Deon wanna go to the Ramen place in Xia
city" Camiopn said Standing up and jumping up and down like a littel girl Even if she
was 35. "Sure why not" Deon said Basiclly not careing "GREAT!!!" Camion shouted
Running to get her purse. When she left to look for her purse Deon sighed "So
troublesome" He Said Sluging back in his chair

/At the hotel
"Thanks may"
"No problem Riveranna"
"Meika what do you say"
"Thank you"
"What was that Meika"
"Thats what i thuoght now carry my bags"
"Ok Princess Big mouth"
"I'll shut up"
"Good squshy"
(LOL Meika is a squshiy lol)
May soon left and Meika nad riveranna selted in 

/5 days later
"So Sari why were you and kio eating a worm agian" Riveranna asked (Ok right now
Riveranna Sari Meika Camion and Deon are all at the hideout ok? good)
"HMP" was the reply from sari 
Camion stared at Sari's necklace "Sari That necklace" Camion said still staring at
it. "what about it?" Sari asked looking at it "ITS A PIECE OF THE SWORD" Camion
screamed As Sari,Meika, and Deon Gasped "What?" Riveranna questioned "You know the
sword that Xia made that we need to collect So we can find how Xia died" Camion said
Pointing her finger to the jem and then to the pic of Xia ubove her Head.
"Ohhhhh....I don't get it....Wait now i do" Riveranna said in a very funny high pitch
voice "Good" Camion said Sighing. "OMG" Sari screamed and took off the necklace and
put it on the table as she closed her eyes. She then opened as she saw the illusion
of the sword "You saw it" Riveranna asked. "Yes" Sari said draining the power from
the jem "is it done" Meika Questioned Looking at it "Yes it is done i will keep it
till the final Piece of the sword is found" Sari said putting it back on "KK LETS GO
TO BED THEN EVERYBODY" Riveranna screamed in a ecited voice "Kay" everybody said as
them all wenti into seprat Rooms

I Know it sucked plz The next Book will be beter don't kill me Anyway thats it BYE

Yup i'm not surprised that noones reading it
Last edited: 28 June 2007

riveranna says:   28 June 2007   466216  
This is why noone reads my books lol
sand_ninja says:   9 July 2007   285245  
lolz I read it!*waves hand really fast up in the air*
M123 whispers:   9 July 2007   588664  
I like this one
riveranna says :   10 July 2007   642644  
Wow People *Eyes Tear Up* Meika Will Be so Happy......Nevermind
Riveranna Painting his face Pink Agian


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