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Anniversary- a short storyCategory: stories, original
Friday, 18 May 2007
01:42:56 PM (GMT)
It shouldn't have worked.

Yet still, here he was, waiting patiently on Telegraph Avenue on the one year
anniversary of his relationship. He had been promised a meal in a local restaurant
followed by a 'special treat'; something he would never have expected from his
partner. That was, of course, if they decided to turn up. 

At long last, a slender figure emerged from around a near-by corner, rushing up to
meet him. "Been busy?" He asked, brushing a few flakes of snow from his eyes in order
to view his partner better. The hair was red now, to his surprise; then again, he
remembered threats of turning their hair 'christmas-y' going back several months.
Apparently they'd actually done it, instead of idly allowing their hair to grow out
of the previous unnatural hair colour (a few days ago their hair had been brown with
green tips, leading to several 'mossy hair' jokes). "Sorry, I was arranging the
surprise. Come on, we'll be late and lose our table if we don't hurry!" All of a
sudden, he was being pulled back down the avenue by the arm, towards the first part
of his anniversary night.

The dinner hadn't gone quite as planned. Although the place they had been booked into
(Laváne, a pretty expensive Italian restaurant) had allowed them to sit regardless
of the fact they arrived five minutes after they had been expected to arrive, and the
food and service been a delight, the attitudes of the other customers left much to be
desired. He felt ashamed by their constant stares and whispers, none of which were
friendly. "Ignore them, they're probably talking about my hair." His partner had
reassured him. Regardless, he was still pleased to escape the confines of the
restaurant and once emerge in the cold night air, before being lead once more by his
partner down the avenue to his second anniversary treat.

Unlike the meal, the surprise was perfect. Sitting down with his partner in their
garden, with freshly chilled beers in hand, watching his favourite local band play
for him. It had been a definite shock to see the Howling Toad band-members standing
around the garden, getting their instruments ready when they noticed the couple by
the back door, then all four of them offering him a broad smile as they began to
play. The surprise made sense of the many disappearences his partner had made over
the last few weeks. No doubt they'd been using their connections in the local music
scene, as a respected musician, to arrange this. 

"What do you think?" He shivered as heated breath hit the shell of his ear. Turning
to face his partner, he could only smile. "It's perfect, thank you so much." They
exchanged loving looks before at last, he remembered his own gifts. Digging in the
small satchel he carried around with him constantly, mainly because of work, he
pulled out his own gifts: a small, folded square of paper and wrapped, oblong box.
His partner unfolded the paper first. With a grin, they slipped the paper into their
back pocket. "Thank you for getting my band into the paper, we might get signed now!"
They still smiled as the box was carefully unwrapped. They held the box carefully in
their hands. "These are..." He grinned inwardly, knowing how important the gift was;
and it was practical too. "You said your drumsticks were always getting worn-out to
quickly, so I decided to get you a set of proffessional sticks. I hope you aren't mad
that I got you them for our anniversary!" His partner carefully, delicately laid the
box of drumsticks down on the ground before kissing him with a sudden passion. 

The members of Howling Toad clapped and cheered for the couple as the kiss slowly
broke apart. The front man strode over to the couple and cleared his throat. "On
behalf of Howling Toad, I would like to congratulate you on your first anniversary as
a couple. If I had been told that the nutcase drummer of The Lunarts known as Greg
Harris could be tamed this time last year I would have told whoever it was that had
said this to lay off the drink." There were a few titters of laughter from the band
at this, the frontman continuing once they had finished. "However, at a gig last
december one plucky journalist caught Greg's eye, and for once the recipitant of his
affections didn't wear a bra. I personally never thought you two would last together
but now, at long last, I can safely say I have lost the bet with Ben and am
officially in debt. So congratulations to Greg Harris and Tom Mardens, may I borrow
fifty dollars?" The final sentence brought more laughter and cheers as the frontman
wandered over to the bassist and shoved a few scrappy looking notes into his waiting

Greg and Tom sat clutching at each other whilst the band played their last few songs.
"Why did we last so long?" Tom asked quietly. Greg's face contorted into a painful
expression before he finally said, "Because I'm a drummer and you're a journalist;
opposites attract!" Tom smiled at this strange, childish logic and kissed Greg's
cheek lightly before asking another question. "What about the fact that we're both
guys?" Greg grinned broadly and clapped a hand on his partner's back. "We both know
that women suck!" Deciding not to respond to his boyfriend's answer, Tom sat back and
began looking forward to another year of sideways glances, hurtful words and
discrimination; or in other words, another year with the man he loved.


I apologise about the quality of the story. I've not been writing lately so it was
hard to keep the momentum, especially when one of the main characters was constantly
referred to as 'they' until the last paragraph. Still, this was a build on another
short story of mine, which ahd a similar theme but a less happy ending and a
different writing style.

I don't apologise about the pairing of the piece; I personally have no problem with
gay relationships and find them interesting to write. If you don't like the fact that
I wrote one in this story or dislike gay relationships in general, I'm fine with
that, we are all entitled to our own opinions. However, don't give me grief for my
opinion - I don't give you grief for yours.

Aside from that, I hope the story was enjoyable and by all means, comments and
constructive criticism are welcome so feel free to say something!!

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