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My day today :DCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 8 May 2007
12:05:55 PM (GMT)
Ok. So today I went to school (yay me) and it was sh*t. Didn't learn a thing.
Actually I tell a lie, I learnt that if you are over the age of 16, and lean over a
bunsen burner with a beard and a moustache, of course it will set alight (thanks Mr
Cannon for teaching me that :D).

Got home, got changed, and went to the club, and found MISHKO! He was p*ssed man.
Outta his BRAIN! He wanted me to let him drive home. Now, I'm usually a spur of the
moment kinda guy, but I actually said no. To Mishko. I mean, hes like, 50. That took
guts (also he's my godfather but shhh). Got his girlfriend to pick him up, and I got
kinda depressed. I mean, what if I'm that old and have NEVER had kids or a wife? I
mean, I want all that! A house in the country, a place where my kids van grow up
where they can ride their bikes and play ooutside. I want a wife who isn't hot, but
is beautiful. I want a cute kitty and a kitty flap so we know it can get in and out
ok. I bet all the people who have read this are like, yeah sure. But I do.

Got home and had 236 emails in ONE DAY! I was a little shocked, but then I realised
they were all of Toni. She was really guilty after crashing my parents car when I
took her out for a test drive and taught her a bit. Gonna kill her. It cost frikkin
£70,000! It was awesome, and now, well...its a pile of junk!

So yeah thats my day :D

Jake x

‹EvaHEROIN› says:   8 May 2007   187299  
Lol yeah Toni told me (well actually more like she shouted it at me
cause she was with you in the car, NEARLY touching!!! I mean come on.
I've bloody slept in the same SLEEPING bag with you! Lol remember
that? At camp? Was awesome.). And poor Mr Cannon! That tash and beard
took him 6 months to grow!

Hehe see ya later x
jke123 says:   8 May 2007   985726  
Yeah well you know she has a crush on me. And yeah that was funny at
camp. Also when we decided to have a MASSIVE sleepover at the club
with everyone? Lol Bob nearly shit himself when he saw us asleep
cuddled up on the couch-y things! I actually left some things
there...need to get em back...
princess_of_hip_hop13 says:   8 May 2007   264329  
yeah whats yll did at camp (fuck) probably
‹[.R'.]› says:   8 May 2007   546837  
Lol. xD
jke123 says:   8 May 2007   961361  
At camp its liike a big gathering for loads of ukie people to just
meet, have loads of parties and get drunk. and da kids can just chill
on da cage. so fuck off.

Lol indeed
princess_of_hip_hop13 says:   8 May 2007   546657  
yeah right uyll got  drunk then slept on eachothr thats not sex whats
o evr its just u koving ur dick inside her and her moaning thats not
jke123 says:   8 May 2007   975521  
No. Never had sex thank you. I'm a virgin. Which I'm guessing your
not since your too high and mighty to be normal. But I warn you girl
you can't sit up there on your pedastol for long. Because when you
fall and you fall hard, no one will catch you because your a bitch to

Have a nice day
‹[.R'.]› says:   8 May 2007   843358  
Nice one jake. xD
jke123 says :   9 May 2007   637752  
Thanks. He wasn't happy about his facial hair...


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