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HELP ME! I AM SO SCARED FOR MY FRIEND!Category: Friends i know/Advice needed
Thursday, 26 April 2007
07:46:33 PM (GMT)
Ok, so there is this guy named Alexander S. and he is 15 and he is my best best
friend in the whole world cuz to me, he is the only person tht understands me. Not
saying that all my friends on Kupika I don't trust you, but I mean like in real life,
I can acctually talk to him and call him.....ya know. But anyways, I am so scared for's what happened.

So Alexander called me last night and was like all sad and depressed. I told him that
I'm there and I will listen and then HE JUST BROKE DOWN CRYING! Ok, he may be my best
friend, but that is like the 1st time I have ever heard him cry! I was all like in
awe and sorrow at the same time.  

Well, Alexander was crying cuz he felt that no one in the whold world gave a sh**
about him becuz at skool, there are so many bullies and he may be 15 but ya know when
ya get insulted you laugh at the moment, but it hurts deep down rite????? Also, his
only friend down in Houston ( see, Alexander moved away and we still keep in touch.
So rite now I am in D.C and he is in Texas) well his only friend was kicked out of
skool just becuz she was listening to her I-pod (which everyone does...) and for
siting on windows ( which alotta ppl do at his skool) So now he is basically all

His home isn't any better................. See, he was adopted when he was 8 and he
never had a real family. Yea, he thought his adoptive parents would be the
best..........NOT A CHANCE!
The dad yells at him for the smallest things and to him, he keeps saying the wrong
things at the worse time. His mom is like a nice parent but she is mean too. His
sister is just a goth and dosent care......ya see where i'm going?

Anyways, the worse part that is scaring me is that............he's starting to
cut himself. Like he just wants to bleed. Also, he mite wanna do a reanactment of
Virginia Tech at his skool.......

Please..........i need a way to reason with him. Please help.

Faith says:   26 April 2007   134978  
Be there for him, always.
‹HANNER› says:   26 April 2007   211263  
wow, well, you should go visit him, go to texas (if you can) just
explain to your parents and tell them that this is very important to
you to go see your friend, tell them that you want to see him and just
hug him. If they say no, tell him that you are always there for him,
and no matter what he can talk and tell him you love him. I know the
words I love you. Are like you are trying to hook up with him or
something, but if you say that he will probably snap out of whatever
he is going through. Tell him " You are and always will be my BEST
VampyisA2B says:   26 April 2007   468321  
Thanks! I will always be there for him, but any other way??? I mean,
I wanna calm him down but what if i can't seem to come over to Texas?
I_Need_You says:   27 April 2007   674816  
some one else on here was adopted and she wants to find her real
parents.maybe you should talk to her about what she would want to make
her feel better. she has gone through the exact same thing.  she
is...... I_am_perfect_so_deal_with_it
CoolGirl2 says:   27 April 2007   141977  
tell someone like your parents and try to help him and tell him why
he shouldn't do that because if someone finds out hes gonna like end
up in a mental hospital
CoolGirl2 says:   27 April 2007   965335  
just make him feel good and make him not feel stupid when he realizes
wht he was actually going to do to himself
Sainath says:   27 April 2007   845384  
OMG!! he's turning in2 an emo. yami-san, the only thing i cud say tht
mite help is 2 calm him down wen he goes thru an emotional breakdown.
try 2 lead him on the rite track, and b there 4 him wen he needs u,
but i mean ONLY dont b 2 clingy! tell him tht 'he's lucky 2 b alive
and there r ppl who give a sh**  2 him. he is not meaningless!'.
Sainath says:   27 April 2007   685867  
*sigh* o god. his fathr is sorta like my fathr, and also my 1st bff
movd so i sorta kno how he feels.
VampyisA2B says:   27 April 2007   467761  
Wow thanks guys!
CheerLeader19B says:   28 April 2007   197749  
You need to tell your parents. he may be mad at you for telling his
secret, but just remember: Your doing this because you care about him.
Once he is better, he will realize that you are a VERY good friend.
Hope i helped! 

CheerLeader19B says:   28 April 2007   119753  
I meant tell that he is cutting, k? I think i 4got 2 mention that,
lol. Plus, the Virginia Tech thing... That too.
CoolGirl2 says:   28 April 2007   395928  
don't make him feel weird and like he was being stupid because if you
were i nthat situation than you would do that too!
SouthernHottie1031 says:   28 April 2007   493836  
ive been in the same situation except it was a little different like
my friend said that her parents beat her but they dont she just wanted
attention (but thats not the point) Any way she was considering
suicide and she started cutting herself. What I did was I talked to
her and told her that i needed her and that if she was gone i dont no
what id do and then i told her that if she cut her self then she was
stupid and that i wasnt gonna talk to her until she stopped.(she hates
when people get mad at her and dont talk to her.) so she stopped
carebear_94 says:   28 April 2007   196135  
he's turning emo because he's really depressed. You have to try to
find some way to talk him out of it!!! This guy I liked started
cutting his wrists and sooner or later he died of losing to much
blood. ya it was really sad. he was like my best friend.
gummie_bear says :   19 June 2007   955412  
i kno how you feel. one of my bffs did that. just be there for them.
if he says something like "nobody loves me" or "no one would care if i
jumped off a bridge" say "i would". i kno this probsbly wouldn't help
but if he says anything else like that you might wanna tell his
parents. don't get mad at him. my friend who did the same thing (or
close to it) got all mad at me. but i didn't get mad back. if he gets
mad at you it will be for a stupid reason but don't say that. if he
does something stupid while hes mad at you he'll probsbly blame it on
you. but you have to remember that its his not yours and that you love
him. i ohpe my advice helped.


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