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Adventures of KayleighCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
10:50:15 AM (GMT)
Chapter one
The horse

Long, long time ago there once lived a girl called Kayleigh and her tow best friends
Katrina and chantelle. One day Kayleigh went down stairs and there was her mum
waiting for her “go to the horse sale, said her mum.
“Ok, mum can Katrina and chantelle come to please?” asked Kayleigh.
“Yes,” replied her mum

So Kayleigh went with her best friends Katrina and chantelle went to the sale to get
a horse they found the one they all liked so they asked to have a rid on the horse
they liked the way that she moved so they bought it and went to buy that things for
the horse and then went home to put every away it the shed and went up stairs and
talked about the horse “what shall we call her?” asked Kayleigh.
“I know, know what to call her moonlight,” replied Katrina and chantelle
 They all agreed on the name and Katrina’s mum and chantelle’s mum had come to
get them and take them home.

The next day moonlight had come and Kayleigh got her into the stable and called
Katrina and Chantelle asked them to come round so they could rid on moonlight they
had a go and said “I think that moonlight was best thing that your mum let you have
I want a horse like moonlight,” said Katrina and chantelle.

The next day Kayleigh and her mum went down to the down “mum can I go into the book
shop while you go and shopping please?” asked Kayleigh
“Yes you can and I will be back at about 1:00 ok,” replied her mum
“Ok mum see you later,” replied her mum.
So Kayleigh went to the book store and read some books she found one about unicorns
“can I have this book please?” said Kayleigh 
“Yes you can, you can have that for free,” replied the book shop lady 
So Kayleigh got that and her mum came to get her and she went home when she got home
Kayleigh went to moonlight and read that story. At the end moonlight blow and the
page and it came unstuck, Kayleigh pealed the page and read it:
Star light star bright 
I wish I may I wish I might 
Have the wish I wish to night 
I wish to turn my horse moonlight
In to a unicorn
She read once over then she looked in the book again there was a spell but it said
you need a moon flower. The next day Kayleigh went ridding on moonlight. Moonlight
pulled at the reins at a glade Kayleigh let moonlight got down the path at the end
there was a field of flower like from the story. “This is what was from the
book,” Kayleigh picked one and they went home
“Mum want time dose the sun go down?” asked Kayleigh 
“About 7:00 why?” asked her mum
“Just asking,” replied Kayleigh 
At 7:00 Kayleigh went down to moonlight said the spell and there was a bright flash
and moonlight was gone Kayleigh looked up and there was moonlight as a unicorn she
flew down and Kayleigh got on moonlight and they flew around the forest and saw the
lady from the book shop “I see you found the secret of moonlight,” she said 
She gave Kayleigh the unturning spell and Kayleigh flew home she said the unturning
spell and went to bed the next morning Kayleigh had to get up for school she gave
moonlight some breakfast and had some for her self and went to school.

therealG says:   25 April 2007   525879  
xxDannyxJonesxloverxx says:   25 April 2007   615312  
i hoped you like it
abc_ wonders:   25 April 2007   557317  
Is that a true story?
xxDannyxJonesxloverxx says :   25 April 2007   472927  
no theres more


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