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Chapter 2 of Secrets Long ForgottenCategory: (general)
Saturday, 31 March 2007
08:36:25 AM (GMT)
Chapter 2: What's Your Name? 

By: Kiyomi Murasaki

             Sasuke stood there, transfixed by her gaze, her eyes were round and
innocent, but held some deep sorrow that not even he could comprehend. Tsunade left
the room and the girl motioned to the chair next to her bed. Sasuke felt his feet
move on their own accord and soon he was sitting beside her, and she smiled at him,
not a strained smile, but a happy smile. She was happy about something...but he
didn't know what. "Thank you..." He heard a frail voice say, he looked up and saw the
girl with tears glittering down her porcelian face. Sasuke had an overwhelming urge
to comfort the girl, so he brought his hand up and gently wiped the tears off her
face. "Don't would ruin your beautiful face..." Sasuke whispered to her.
The girl's eyes widened and her eyes, they were so happy that Sasuke could feel the
joy radiating off of her body in waves. He couldn't ruin her happiness but he had to
question her, for the sake of Konoha. "What is your name?" Sasuke asked quietly. She
looked at him strangely like she didn't hear him, but she soon replied with two
words, "Ria Metsutague." Sasuke looked up at her and saw her eyes fixed on him.
"What's yours?" She said, with a tiny but more authority he wasn't used to hearing in
a girl's voice. "Sasuke...Sasuke Uchiha..." Ria smiled and Tsunade walked in, right
when she was about to say something to. "Sasuke, what's her name?" Tsunade asked the
young prodigy. Ria got mad, really mad. 'Does she not think i know that she's talking
to someone else when she could talk to the person who the question is about?!?!!' Ria
looked up at the fifth Hokage and said, "Ask me that question, not him. The question
is about me, so you ask ME. For the record, my name is Ria Metsutague. End. Of.
Story." Tsunade looked at the girl with a shocked face and Sasuke looked suprised as
well, the girl had spunk! Ria turned to Sasuke and got up and out of the bedroom and
Tsunade said worriedly, "WAIT!! Aren't you in pain??" The girl turned towards them
and said simply, "Pain doesn't hurt...when it's all you've ever felt." Wiht that, she
swept out of the room, leaving Sasuke and Tsunade...dare i say it, speechless.
Tsunade was speechless because of the way she talked to her, the fifth hokage of
Konohagakure, and Sasuke well...because he thought she was so down to Earth...and
dare he think it, beautiful. She had long brown hair that shone when the sun hit it
just the right way, and gorgeous amber eyes that made you want to melt, with her
smile and laugh, she could very well be the daughter of an angel. As Sasuke sat
there, he finally realized that she was...perfect. Yes, he Sasuke Uchiha, was...dare
i type it, in LOVE. Yes, the stoic, never happy Uchiha, was in LOVE, with a girl like
Ria Metsutague.
Last edited: 8 April 2007

Falcon_of_the_Night says:   31 March 2007   328798  
Lover_Overeasy says:   1 April 2007   245454  
Lover_Overeasy says:   1 April 2007   431475  
Sasuke might kill joo now...
Falcon_of_the_Night says :   5 April 2007   448886  
me no wanna get killed by Sasuke...........


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