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Wednesday, 28 March 2007
05:30:54 PM (GMT)
My dad, as you know, is a messenger. Well, there are alot of, us, if you will, us
rutos. And well, johm (jo-nh) was deleivering some mail to outset island. And a girl
and boy were at the dock, arguing. The boy wanted to get on the ship and the girl was
saying no, so once johm sorted everything out, he went back to dragon roost, our
home, and told my dad (the leader of our tribe) about the boy, when the boy came to
outset island, johm saw him. He offered him to come and meet his family. link came in
and heard the conversation between the rutos. Link joined in and my father explained.
The dragon at the top of dragon roost island was not happy. So his son (my brother)
was afraid to go up. He asked link to get a letter from Medli (meeee! ^^) and to give
it to my brother. When he came in, i was amazed. "Hey!" I shouted "You really do have
green clothes and a funny hat!" when i realised what i had just blurted out, i said
"Um, yeah to, here is my fathers letter" I gave it to him and gave it to my brother,
the second time we met was in the cavern, where i was trying to get into the dungeon
to calm down valoo. Link helped me fly up to the top of the cavern and ito the
dungeon by throwing me and me spreading my wings. i gave him a bottle in return and
said goodbye. Unfortunatly, when i got to the top, weird creatures grabed me by the
arms and locked me up in a cage. Then link came and faught the monsters, then opend
the cage. I gave him a hookshot (wich is what we rutos used when we were first
learning to fly) and told him that a monster was pulling valoos tail, link calmed him
down, defeated the monster, and, as i thought for sure this was the last time we'd
meet, i said goodbye. Two weeks later i played my harp on the cliff. He walked up to
me and i told him a little bit of how my brother was growing up. Then he took out his
wind waker. Amazed once more i blurted out "Oh wow, is that a wind waker? I wonder
how it'll do..." after we played together, i talked to him a little more, when i was
about done, i felt really dizzy and i fainted.. then i got summond as a sage to live
in the earth temple. almost POSITIVE this was the last time, i said goodbyt as tears
fell down my chekes. I waved goodbye to my brother, and i was gone. But then, 6 years
later, i saw link again. This time, i was waving with my little brother, smiling and
gigling as the cute little deku sprites stepped out of the cabbin on teetra's ship.
Last edited: 28 March 2007

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