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misconceptions about self injury (cutting)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 28 February 2007
02:17:11 PM (GMT)
what are everyone's thoughts on cutting and self injury?  tomorrow is self injury
awareness day, im really thinkin of what i should do.   Ive been cutting since I was
10, ive been doing it for over 8 years now.  Does anyone else struggle with this?

CoolGirl2 says:   31 May 2007   119773  
well try to get involved with something after school so u can get
your mind off it and talk to someone about it!
All_I_Want_To_Be says:   11 July 2007   613432  
i do because my life is hell
‹Katieee› says:   2 January 2008   337545  
My ex-friend Animeangels123 has been cutting herself too. She even
names all of her cuts an emotion. Talk to her about what you feel and
what she says may help but if it doesn't, then message me and I will
see if i can help.
alicewantswonderland says:   10 March 2008   622244  
Cutting... Its bad. I find it a worse addiction. Not only does it
hurt you, but it hurts everyone around you.
alicewantswonderland says:   10 March 2008   727273  
*A worse addiction than meth.
black_heart676 whispers:   7 April 2008   748868  
I don't really cut that much, but I do to block out emotional pain or
to keep myself from crying; if I don't cry, I keep a strong front and
am mostly left alone.
‹Ambulance› says:   8 April 2008   636341  
pls dont cut....it there are other ways to relieve stress.....
XxEmoxGurlxX says:   11 April 2008   149222  
my life is almost hell.
really close
coraanne12 says:   17 May 2008   634322  
i cut myself is that a problem
CLOVER555 says:   21 August 2008   574767  
I'd do it,but I don't like pain.I have no other way of getting rid of
my stress,unless I punch whoever causes me that stress.
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   15 October 2008   874924  
im the same way as CLOVER555
mahrush2 says:   31 October 2008   985934  
My sis tries 2 cut herself buh she scared of the pain.... So she just
curses everyone.. sometimes hits them.
JaycieXJealousy says:   31 May 2009   912727  
I've cut myself, several times. If you have a friend that you can
call or text or whatever to distract you or just help you get through
the moment, it might help. It has for me. Writing, or drawling, maybe
listening too music?

Those help me, but if you can't find a way to deal by yourself, you
might want to get help. Sometimes it's the only thing you can do.
orangelove47 says:   17 June 2009   377481  
You should probably not ask for advice about this online...maybe you
should ask a counselor or a doctor or your parents, if you won't get
in trouble...
Xx_IwIshIwasafIsh_xX says:   23 December 2009   272089  
therapy. Usually people cut themselves not just because they are
depressed but because of a bigger problem.
‹Miss_Bipolar› says:   25 May 2012   145250  
I cut...Then name hem and talk to them, i even used to make them
DrangonAngel says :   18 August 2017   486142  
I cut to control the  anger and prevent me from lashing out. I've
strangled someone  when I wasn't cutting, I've also taken knifes to
people.. I didn't hide them at first no one cared, no one said
anything until my bio dad came into my life. He flipped,   even though
he used to cut.. I hide it now because I can't take people flipping
out, that's what causes me to cut..


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