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human no longer (the real one)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 24 January 2007
01:10:39 PM (GMT)
chapter 1: the beginning                                                            

my name is elda wolf mentocon. i am the first of my kind to become queen in one
hundred centuries. i am at the united nations building to tell the 
whole world that not all demons are, one man i will tell you about me
and all the demons that are not evil. you see when i was five 
my mother died and at her funeral a man a human man said that he only came to se if
she was dead, so i couldn't help myself. i jumped out of my 
seat. he ended up haveing a hart attack, so from then on no one wanted to come near

chapter 2: seth and adam

this group of  boys would throw rocks at me. i didn't know their names, but i did
know the twins' names seth and adam, but what got to me was that 
it seemed that seth didn't want to be fact it looked like he thought it was
wrong. i don't know mutch about it and i don't want to, but it was
 about somthing .it scares me.i don't know what to do. i guess i like him, i guess he
knows, and i guess i don't know. i don't know what to sy, if i 
should say anything. i guess... i guess i won't say it at all. even thow it 's hard.
stop that" , i yell but no one cares. so it;s like they don't hear it, but i 
know they do. man do i know it. i'm scared to find out what they do next. i mite, and
ite die for all i know. the moment i get i run, and i'm out of there.

chapter 3: mr. makiniko

after i'm don running i have no where to go but home. if you can call that a's more like a place to eat and sleep nuthing more, all becouse of 
mr. makiniko. i hate that man. i still don't know why i don't move out i'm just scard
i guess. i'm not sher about a lot of things. mr. maliniko is a mean
man a mean mean man. i hate that he hits me. i'll never get away from it. i'm home!
then i say unforichinetlly under my breth. where were you? school. 
don't get fresh with me, he said trying to be cool. fresh? don't hert your self. he
slaps me. what was that for? talking back! i ran to my room. your 
crazy! and i slam my door before he can say anything. hi elda, seid my cat linar. hi
lunar, i reply. you look down elda what's wrong? no i'm fine. i had 
never been fine in my life, but that doesn't mean i ever seid that. like anyone would
care if i told them, and if the did they couldn't do anything about it.
my destany was alredy set, and i knew it.

chapter 4: princess

it was late that nite when i snuck out. come on lunar, i said trying to whak him up.
what for, he said being grumpy. we have to go to the party, but elda!
no buts! we said we would be there. i liked it better when i was just your cat. well
me too, i looked like i was sad. lunar looks at me funny. you really
don't want to be princess do you? no, i never did and never will. you'll always be a
princess you know. i know you don't have to say it! not becouse 
you are a demon. it's becouse your strong ,and courageous, and just trying to live
out your lise, and i'm not the only one who thanks that. really who, i asked in
excitement. your unkel, or he would have never started with your  training. i thank
your wrong lunar, i really do. well lets go then ,lunar said with a grin on his face.
ok. at the party when i was in my seat you know like a princess, this boy asked me to
dance. he was whering a mask so i couldn'tse his face, but he had sutch a sweet
voice, andhe was so nice. i don't get that oftin.

jimmy_h says:   24 January 2007   691318  
i didnt read it all. too long.
elda14 says :   29 January 2008   964271  


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