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mamie song/poemCategory: sad break up
Monday, 1 January 2007
07:41:11 AM (GMT)
from all the tears rolling down my eyes like rocks i walk away in shame holding my
head down low i just broke up wit my gurlfriend mamie its not that i didnt love her
its that sometimes u gotta do wats best we liked eachother like very much but there
comes a time around when it got to much and scary lol well it got scary cause shes 9.
anyway i would like t o be her friend but not as close as a girlfriend to me i wanna
see the other side of her the one were we r friends not love notes just friends not
romanticly holding hands and saying i love you i just wanna be her friend but i dont
know if she will forgive me when i tell her that im breaking up with her i shame down
low i walk away threw the grass one last time in peace and say Hello world im back
today but i cant cause my hearts not full im looking 4 a girlfriend whos loving
caring and writes everyday/ is romantic and if ur horny im avalible tooo so bye bye


Cheerleader says:   1 January 2007   321942  
......................I actually feel bad.
Mamie says:   3 January 2007   639571  
I hate you besides i already told someone to break up with you so I'm
actially happy!! And you acted like you never knew that she told you
that so you tried to break up with me and Cheerleader I'm glad he's
yours because I assume you like being called nicknames like ''honey''
and ''baby'' but that's just me. So please don't everyone get ad at
me!!! It's just Gangstr123 if your reading this you were just TO gushy
for me!! I mean yeah I like sensitive guys but not that sensitive!! So
yeah I'm not mad and I forgive you but I am NOT going to be your
Cheerleader says:   3 January 2007   642472  
woah ok first of all u don't have 2 be mean and da sencond thing how
did u know!
RedHalo says:   4 January 2007   222674  
well i like him as a friend sorta, but being horny? he bounces back
Mamie cries:   5 January 2007   258682  
I don't know why I liked you that would have to be the Biggest
mistake of my life....gosh I really regret likeing you...because you
just emmbarrase me
Cheerleader says:   5 January 2007   891368  
wow u look different!
kimmya asks:   5 January 2007   316656  
hi inwill be your new gf im not horny right me
kimmya says:   5 January 2007   444131  
sorry in is ment 2 be i
gangstr123 says:   5 January 2007   794132  
no my gf is cheerleader olnly sry
Mamie shouts:   7 January 2007   771475  
Okay playa you dated 5 girls at once!!!!
gangstr123 says:   8 January 2007   891697  
no i didnt i broke up wit dem
one by one
Iesha210 says:   12 January 2007   699996  
gangstr123 your such a bad person , I can't belive cheerleader would
want some disrespecting idiot! And i ain't sorry for saying that! And
what you just said totally makes your personality! Your a stupid
idiotic disrespecting fool! And I pity a fool like you (If you know
what the word "PITY" means)!
gangstr123 says:   13 January 2007   397749  
well i do and ur mom is stupid for having u ohhhhh
KatieNicole693 says:   30 January 2007   526439  
Hey, well i can't belive ur going out with that girl! bye, now i
gotta change my profile.                     

                  mamie i agree w/ everything ur saying.
angelgirl3 whispers:   21 February 2007   482182  
wow people don't only hate me
smartblonde says:   14 March 2007   153839  
Listen people! wait how old r u I'm almost 11 and i don't have a bf
(yet)! anyway calm down. inhale exhale inhale exhale. try and work
this out. ur not gonnna get close to happiness by fighting now just
stop being mad!
supersweet says :   13 April 2007   621819  
wow im sorry about that i never really had true love with anyone yet

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