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Wednesday, 20 December 2006
10:27:38 AM (GMT)
this moring start out like a normaly morning but right after i wake up my dad come
down to my grandmothers and said my oldest dog  BUTTONS was hit by a truck so
my mom and me went to get him we thought he was still alive but when we got there
there was blood all over the side of the road and he was died he was one of the
oldest dog that was still alive on the hill we live on so we picked him up and put
him in the car he had blood all over him and the truck hit him so hard that his eyes
was nocked out im so sad but i know it happen for a reason

a few days ago we got a new puppy named sasha and at first i was thinking why did i
get this puppy she pee's all over the place but know i know we got her cause buttons
was gana died and now at lest i should have 2 dogs left that will live a while cause
they are puppy's but now buttons has joined 4 other dogs that we had in heaven he was
the last of the five dogs we had from when i was born

i even name buttons when i was 1 and a half i could bearly even speak and i named him
he was 12 years old in human years
he was a rat trerrier he was a very great dog the best you could ever hope for im
very sad to have lost a dog like him
so please if you would leave a comment for my dog buttons so he know that he was
loved from every one

thank you


STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   887957  
this is for my wonderful dog buttons
from says:   20 December 2006   444817  
Well he seemed so nice but he is in a better place
STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   512525  
yea i know and im happy about him being in heavon
ilovestrawberries says:   20 December 2006   857348  
wow that is sad
STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   835712  
yea its was very hard for me to look at him when i seen him died
STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   341996  
this is the worst day ever
star906 says:   20 December 2006   678189  
aww that is soo sad this is like a little memorial for him! he's in a
better place
STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   999795  
yea and im glad his in a better place
Blair says:   20 December 2006   928879  
AWWWW! that is sooooooo sad i feel so bad! Well someday you may get
to see him again!! Just think of it as that!
STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   621546  
i know i do
‹GrabTheGunNOW› says:   20 December 2006   929355  
its a dog my dog puddles got beaten to deat by teenagers
STARSINGER says:   20 December 2006   353344  
omg that is so sad
HorsesForLife says:   22 December 2006   293459  
I would like to wear but shant
Some people are just total IDIOTS they dont care about other people
and are sad enough to beat a dog to death I hope buttons lives happily
in heaven and dark same to ur dog puddles
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   376726  
thanks there are just to many people that dont know how to drive but
i know that fate has a reason for taking buttons
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   22 December 2006   956742  
thats soooo sad
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   477481  
yea but im over it mostly like i say live and let die
ashley96v says:   22 December 2006   892156  
That is sooooooooooooooooooo sad! if i was there with you i would
comfort you but i'm not and if it were my dog i'd scream bloody murder
ashley96v says:   22 December 2006   991665  
oh and my favorite and first dog with my family ran away i almost
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   662246  
really that is very sad my other dog cutie ran away
trinaboo says:   22 December 2006   977488  
hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha thats what u
get!!!!!!!!! lol lol
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   475227  
what do you mean thats what i get
RedThorn22 says:   22 December 2006   435588  
trinaboo is extremly mean!!!!!!!!!! that is so sad and trinaboo is so
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   959475  
ooo no she did not write that her sister did dont blame her
puggy says:   22 December 2006   124565  
you guys i feel so sosososos bad 4 you
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   141119  
its ok im not as sad now
nina200 says:   26 December 2006   461355  
im so sorry about buttons i know buttons still remembers you and so
does puddles and i want to tell tinaboo "same on you"
STARSINGER says:   26 December 2006   481697  
thanks it was a very sad christmas this year
fashion_girl cries:   26 December 2006   979412  
omg...that was soooooooooo sad.(cries)
STARSINGER says:   26 December 2006   538573  
yea but its not as sad as your dad not leting you stay in your own
house for christmas
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   26 December 2006   341148  
I'm on the verge of crying because I have three dogs and now I am
thinking about Skeeter being hit by a truck--again--, Dottie being
abandoned again, and Sally... Well I can't think of her, She's so
Maybe this will cheer you up:
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   26 December 2006   713293  
okay, so there waz a plane flying over new jersey with five ppl in
it. the 5 ppl
were the pilot, Micheal Jordan, Bill Gates,  the Doli Lama and a
hippie. an illegal
oxygen tank exploded and the plane waz gonna crash. the pilot came out
of the cock
pit and said, "i have gud nes and bad news. the bad news is were about
2 crash in
New Jersey and the gud news is we have 4 parachutes, and i have 1 of
them." so he
jumped out the door of the plane. then michael Jordan waz on his feet.
he said, "i
am a great athlete. the world needs grate athlets." so he tuk a
parachute and jumped
out the door. bill gates waz the next on his feet. he said, "i am the
worlds smartest
man. the world needs smart men." so he tuk a parachut and jumped out
the door. the
Doli Lama now explained 2 the hippie how he thought the hippie shud
have the last
parachute becuz he has is hole life ahead of him, and the he(the doli
lama) has
already lived a long and full life. the hippie then said, "its ok. we
can both have
a parachute cuz the worlds smartest man just jumped out the window
with my

two cannibal men were walking in the jungle and talking. the first 1
told the second
that he had a stomachache. the second asked him if he had had anything
out of the
ordinary lately. the first said, "well, i had a missionary earlier
today, and he
wasnt all that gud" so the second 1 asked "how did u cuk him?" the
first said "i
boiled him, as usual" the second then asked the first "was he tall,
skinny and wore
a black robe?" "no" said the first "he was fat, balding and wore a
brown robe" then
the second said "well theres ur problem in a nutshell. he wasn't a
boiler, he was a

there were two men. 1 had an irish setter and another had a chiuauah.
the man with
the chiuauah asked the man with the setter wut they shud do next. the
man with the
setter said they shud go 2 a restraunt. the man with the chiuaua said
"we cant, we
have dogs" then the man with the setter put on a pair of dark glasses
and said
"follow my lead" he walked in2 the restrant. the guy at the front door
said, "srry
si, no dogs aloud" the the man with the setter said, "but sir, hes my
seeing eye
dog" "an irish setter?' asked the man from the restrant. "yup" replied
the man
"theyre using them lots lately." then the man with the chiuaua said
"oh wut the
heck" and put on a pair of dark glasses. he walked in2 the restrant
and the man at
the door said "srry pal
STARSINGER says:   26 December 2006   621565  
thats funny but i already heard it but it is still funny lol 
‹**It's whatever like..**› says:   29 December 2006   735535  
oh shut the hell up starsinger
STARSINGER says:   29 December 2006   318684  
what the hell are you talking about
Dayka says:   29 December 2006   134981  
Im so sorry star but we have to know every thing happens for a reason
and god said it was his time to come back and who knows buttons might
be reincarnated in sasha you never know but he will always be with you
watching over you every where you go and watever you do but hopefully
not when you are in the bathroom or doing something else.
STARSINGER says:   29 December 2006   917476  
lol that makes me happy yea i know he has never left me and he never
cutafull95 says:   31 December 2006   362934  
*cries and blows nose* Oh, that's incredibly sad! 
R.I.P. Buttons!
prettyblue says:   31 December 2006   316782  
that was stupid and your stupid
says:   31 December 2006   819599  
your mean PrettyBlue shut up! forget about her, that happened to me
once then i got a new dog *cries and thinks about my dead dog Spot*
says:   31 December 2006   677337  
my dog died from gangsters, because when my dog heard them talking at
night he started barking and then one gangster had a gun and shot him
and it woke me up, when i looked out the window i saw my dog had his
chest had blood allover it, man i hate gangsters theyre not nice to my
dog and now look what they did they killed my youngest dog but then
again i got a new one
‹JeannieLynn› cries:   1 January 2007   271271  
My dog Rosco had disappered about a year ago and befor i moved to
arkansas i saw him on Tv he was at my old house and he was attacking
my neibors dog he never liked that dog we shot the niebors old dog
becase i was trying to bit me so rosco was trying to get back at his
son MAX it was so hard to watch they killed rosco on tv it was the
saddest time of life lousing a pet you have known sence you were a
baby its horrribale
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   1 January 2007   267531  
I agree trinaboo is mean
STARSINGER says:   1 January 2007   127127  
yea omg thats very sad 
bamachick says:   1 January 2007   618991  
poor doggy!!
STARSINGER says:   1 January 2007   975515  
Dayka says:   1 January 2007   831215  
My hammie died. here is the story. I had 2 hammies and we thought 1
was boy 1 was girl ok, but they were both boys. they had gotten into a
fight and my first hammie murky got a really bad infection all around
his back and his back legs. We had to go to the vet and get him meds
and they had gotten puhed out of the srying on accident and we couldnt
get the meds back in them so we had to treat him back to health but we
didnt. and one night i heard murky squeaking so i went to his cage and
he wasnt moving so i brought him to my mom and step dad and my step
dad said " Al he isnt gonna make it." so we went in the back yard got
some wodden steaks made a cross and murky was having trouble breathing
so we had to stimulate him to make him breath but he died at about 10
something at night and we had to dig a little grave for my baby and
cover him up. I cried from as soon as i heard him squeak cause i knew
his time was going to come to the time of about two days later. i
couldnt stop crying he was my first baby and now hes in my back yard
always watching over me and god just wanted him back and now hes in
hammie heaven playing in the big squeaky wheel up there.
STARSINGER says:   1 January 2007   677727  
omg thats very sad i had some hamsters once but now they have all
died i have had a lot of pets but not all things can live as long as
humans so a lot of them have died but i still have fish and dogs and
cats so im used to it know
hokuangelchik says:   1 January 2007   129154  
i guess its kind of sad, and not to be a english teacher or anything
but it was kind of hard to read since there was grammar and spelling
angel1155 cries:   1 January 2007   258867  
aaaaaawwwwwwwwww so sad
starwarschick says:   1 January 2007   565468  
Buttons, we love yoU!!!!!!!!
STARSINGER says:   1 January 2007   934998  
thanks and i know im not good at spelling lol
‹xxAkiyama_Mioxx› says:   2 January 2007   719962  
Wow i feel so sad......WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!I had to give my dog Peanuts
away....I MISS PEANUTS!!!1
STARSINGER says:   2 January 2007   285211  
omg thats very sad
bunny16820 says:   3 January 2007   656566  
did you bury Buttons?
STARSINGER says:   3 January 2007   361474  
yea my mom did
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   4 January 2007   932378  
ok now it  is makeing me think of my  old dogs i once had *crys*
is in the big fuffy dog home wrere he will have all the bones he
STARSINGER says:   4 January 2007   895469  
yea he is
Dayka says:   4 January 2007   636482  
yea he is doing much better he probably has a gf as many bones as he
can eat and is fat from all the attention and the bones. like i said
earlier god just wanted him back so he decided to take him back to his
house in the heavens but he eill never leave your house on this world
and definatley not the one you have for him in your heart.
blackwolf says:   4 January 2007   874423  
awwwwww the issssss sooooooooooooooooooo extremely sad ya..My
grandmas dog,josie passed away last year it pretty depressing to.Im
really sorry but he is in Dog Heave with bones and cats
2 chase.... teehee sorry 4 u cat lovers sorry really....4give me if
you love cats.....
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   4 January 2007   162714  
wow so sad i wish he were back in your hands right now!
STARSINGER says:   4 January 2007   435314  
thanks but i know he is in a better place now and im a cat lover lol
i have 59 cats but dont worry i dont mind the comment
loopyloo1995 says:   6 January 2007   754496  
poor buttons
STARSINGER says:   6 January 2007   747291  
yea well at lest he is in a better place now
sportychic1299 cries:   6 March 2007   432814  
oh i feel so sorry but u kno he is in a better place!
lil_babe says:   6 March 2007   977747  
*cries* that is soo sad *leaves the computer and go to cry*
kokokat2324 says:   6 March 2007   251829  
oh well. his soul is in a better place now and all of the pain and
sorrow went away. sorry about your dog. things...happen like that. god
made that happen for a reason.
viper91 cries:   6 March 2007   642641  
aww im so sorry...that is sooo sad!
Emmacoolz says:   7 March 2007   682587  
Stop making me sad!!!!
STARSINGER says:   10 March 2007   845567  
thank you all im just glad his in a happy place
missmary says:   20 March 2007   824489  
that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo sad i have a rat trerrier too 

r.i.p. buttion
are you still sad
STARSINGER says:   23 March 2007   923997  
yea some thanks for carring
americanbulldog cries:   23 April 2007   392293  
‹shii-chan♥› says:   24 April 2007   397734  
my doggies
other kupika member's dead puppies
*wears all black and crys*
STARSINGER says :   4 May 2007   467177  
really wow but thank you


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