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Poison heart : a Joey Ramone story chapter 7Category: Joey Ramone fanfiction 7
Sunday, 17 December 2006
11:01:52 AM (GMT)
"Are you serious!" her dad yells arfter she tells him what happened, "no man does
that to my little girl!"
"dad," she tries to calm him down, "its okay, im used to it, no need to get upset."
"i don't care if youve had this happen a million times," he yells as he paces in
frount of her,"i don't want my baby being treated like dirt!"
he starts to mumble stuff in Italian as he paces some more.
"dad," she tries to get his attention, "DAD, your doing it again!"
"what," he turns to her, "oh."
she sighs and he comes sits on the couch with her.
"Listen Jaime," he puts his arm around her shoulder, "i have a proposition for you."
"what?" she looks up at him.
"ou remember that boy back in italy," he pats her shoulder, "we could,"
"no," she interups him, "no way, im not going to have an arrainged marrage!"
"but darling, its the easyest way to avoid complications like this."
"NO!" she yells and stands up, "i know you and mom had an arainged marraige, but i
wanna be able to love the person a marrie! not just because our parents forced us
"well," her father yells back, "judging by the amount of boyfriends youve had, i
think your choises would be the cream of the crop(he's being sarcastic)"
"shut up!" her eyes tear up.
"and how many of those boys have you told that you love them?" he stands up, "hummm,
and now look where its got you... NOWHERE!"
"Shut up!" she yells, "just shut the hell up!"
he stops and looks at her.
"what did you just say?" he looks at her.
"shut he hell up," she grits her teath and stares back at him.
"you don't talk to your father like that. epecialy when he is doing you a favor!"
"a favor!" she yells after a second of silence, "i don't think you know what a favor
is any more! you ar never on my side! its like you can't do anything helpfull for me
"well, your going to be a mother someday, and you have to get used to handling
problems on your own."
"alrigh," she chokes, "i understand that, but im not a mother yet!. but your a father
with two kids who you should give equal attention."
"i have given you alot of attention!" he yells.
"alright," she tries not to cry, "where where you at my school plays, where were you
at recitles and parent teacher confrences? where where you at my high school
graduation? where were you at all my basket ball games? you ardly even knew me. and
you still don't!"
"i know you perfect!"
"fine, when was greg born?"
"december 11 1972, on a rainy monday at 3:45 pm, but what does that prove?"
"now when was i born?"
he opens his mouth to speak, then stops as he tries to remember.
"see!" she cries.
"hey," im your father, i know when you where born!" he stops and thinks for a little
while longer, "sme time in April, right?"
she stops and stares at him.
"No," she yells, "i was born in November!"
" i knew that!!!" he yells back
she stares at him for a second then turns to the door
"Where are you going?!" 
"im leaving." 
"what you cant do that!"
"yes i can, "she opens the door and turns to him, "im tweny and i can do whatever i
she spits on the floor at his feet, then walks out the door

Lily111 says:   17 December 2006   542172  
Kool I loved it LOL
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   7 March 2007   257126  
ooooooo FIGHT!!!!


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