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Utterly Bored...Category: Boredom, The Ramblings of
Thursday, 14 December 2006
10:30:06 AM (GMT)
I have exams to revise for but I really can't be asked.

I'll just do what I've been doing for the past 5 exams or so.

Make stuff up. It works. 

Excepts in Maths, DT, ICT and French where specific facts are required. 


I think I'll do a little story.

Not connected to the one I did last time I was bored. 

That one sucked.


Why hadn't it come? 

Molly was worried sick. In her mind dozens of answers appeared but she none of them
were as prominent as one single one. To her, the only possibility for her lack of
bleeding for several weeks was that she was pregnant. At her age, barely just
fifteen, it was a scary prospect. All morning it was all she could think about. How
was she going to tell her Mum that she was pregnant? At fifteen! How was she going to
break it to her boyfriend of two bloody months? He wasn't going to stick around. 

Molly walked around school absentmindedly, unbeknowlingly hiding her stomach with her
folder. It was obvious to everyone around her that something was up. Michael, the
aforementioned boyfriend of two months, confronted her about it at lunch after a
particularly horrible Science lesson when she had not been able to recall anything
that had gone on.

"What's up Mols?" he asked, brushing the dark brown hair she had hidden behind all
day out of her face. He was genuinely concerned, this showing through his large blue
eyes and the knotted brow. 

"Nothing much," she sighed picking at her lunch. Molly wasn't hungry. All she could
think about was her possible pending doom. Her mother would throw her out, disown her
and refuse to acknowledge her existence again. Michael would walk away and never
return. It's not like she expected anything more from him.

"Are you sure? You've got me worried."

"I've got a lot of my mind that's all. It's nothing for you to worry about." She
attempted a smile but she seemed more upset than she had before. Michael delved into
his blazer pocket and brought up a penny which he placed on the table in front of
her. Molly looked up and gave him a confused look.

"Penny for your thought?" 

Sighing, Molly considered telling him there and then. Everyone else was busy in their
own business. Or maybe she could ask him to go somewhere more private. He would
understand. After all, they had been going out for two whole months and he had come
to realise she liked her peace and quiet, something hard to find at their school, big
as it was with a sixth form as well. 

"I think-" 

Molly was cut off by shrieks from the other side of the dining hall.


It was not an unusual scene. A group of students were mucking around and one girl was
being attacked by a boy, probably her boyfriend or prospective one. She was shrieking
so much that everyone had turned to look at the commottion. Stuffed up her school
shirt was something lumpy like a scarf and she was holding it protectively, warning
him that she was pregnant. Usually Molly wouldn't have cared but today, what with all
the things going on, it just got to her. She needed to get away.

"Look, I'm not hungry," Molly said gathering her stuff. "Why don't we go for a walk
or something? We can talk then."

Michael eyed Molly suspiciously. Her not eating was something dangerously new. She
usually scoffed down everything in sight. He nodded, giving a mental wave to his
unfinished food, hoping that there really was something up or Molly was going to have
to buy him something after school. He was a growing boy. He needed food. They were
leaving when the 'pregnant' girl knocked into Molly sending them both to the floor.

"Get off me you stupid idiot!" Molly shouted, pushing the girl off. "And get rid of
that stupid scarf! If you really were pregnant you wouldn't be running around like an
idiot and laughing like a banshee. It's not something to joke about. I hope you
really do become pregnant and then we'll see if you're laughing then!"

Molly pushed the stunned girl aside and got up, ignoring Michael's hand of
assistance, and stormed out. Michael followed but not before apologising to the girl
who had just received an earful for accidentally bumping into what appeared to be a
very hormonal Molly. He ran to catch up to her and was slightly taken aback to find
tears streaming down her lightly freckled cheeks. He grabbed her arm to stop her and
pulled her into his arms.

"Hey Mols, it's alright," he assured her. "Whatever the matter is, it's going to be

"No it's not!" Molly sobbed into his chest. 

"What's wrong Mols? What's up?"

"I think-I think-I think I'm p-p-preg-"

Molly didn't finish the sentence but it was enough for it to register in Michael's
mind. He saw his life flashing before his eyes. All those lovvely innocent worry free
years just zooming past, and then there was an image of him old, around 35, with five
kids running his ankles and Molly cooking dinner. It was like some surreal television
show. He wanted to start crying too. He didn't want to be a father now! He wanted a
PS3 for his birthday, or maybe a new skateboard- not a baby!

"But you can't be. We did it once. Ages ago. And it was your first time. You can't
get pregnant on your first time."

"Yes you can!" Molly shouted pulling away, amazed by his stupidity. "And I'm aware
that it was ages ago. I'm also aware that I haven't had my period since."

"There must be some other explanation. You just can't be carrying my baby. I'm too
young to be a father."

"And what? I'm the perfect age to be a mother?"

"It's not what I meant!"

"Look, let's not discuss this here," Molly said, aware the looks that a teacher was
giving them through the glass pane of a window. "Call me later. Right now, I'm going
home. I think I need a doctor's appointment."

Michael watched as she dissapeared down the corridor. 

Now he could hyperventilate.


Inspired by neoeno's diary post.

Better than the last. Slightly longer too.

I think.


Hmm...I smell food...

*goes to get food*

neoeno says :   4 January 2007   372329  
I smell... esoterica?


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