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can't think of a title, but read it anyways pleaseCategory: My cofusion
Saturday, 2 December 2006
06:55:56 PM (GMT)
Well I've been thinking............................and I choose not to have a crush,
or boyfriend!
My past diaries have been about a crush and making him my boyfriend.  A crush is a
person you have feelings torward,right?
What is a boyfriend? A title? Yes, a boyfriend is a title. They are a title of
complete love, but complete love doesn't really exsist without two people, and two
people can't completely love each other. They always have more than one thing to love
so it can't be complete. Like moms and sisters.  It is the same with everything, you
can't completey love it. Yes, I will take a title (boyfriend), but I choose not to
live up to requirements. I will NEVER love anyone or thing completely. Becuase I love
more than one thing and it's impossible.

hina writes:   2 December 2006   449239  
Well said.
It is impossible to love just one thing, but there are many different
kinds of love, you know...
saturntv cries:   2 December 2006   713135  
That is so true.
SPORTYCHIK says:   5 December 2006   914629  
wow u acyurlly think that
AnyaFrib says:   7 December 2006   429866  
hey sporty i aint the only1
Sabariel says:   9 December 2006   387787  
This is SOOOOOOOO True  A bf is a title, not a person!
cookiepoo2 says:   10 December 2006   289172  
i agree...that is so deep. email me when yo uget the chance anya
Dayka says:   7 January 2007   126587  
wow nice. i agree with every one on here a boyfriend is a title that
you get when your together with some one but still you are a person
chaco_macaco says:   22 January 2007   156378  
I think i have to disagree with you. Love isnt a measureable thing. I
think when you love something completely is when you admire it, and
you commit to it completely... you can h ave more than one thing that
is important in your life, but you always have somthing that is your
chaco_macaco says:   22 January 2007   218815  
also a boyfriend isnt a title of complete love
a lot of people dont evven love their boyfriends... but in a
functional relationship, a boyfriend, is someone who you recognize as
your priority reationship. you dont have to love your boyfriend
completely, nor do you have to be completly devoted to him. the point
of dating is to find out what people you work good with, and to find
someone who you can stand to spend the rest of your time wiht, or who
you can get a good solid companionship out of.
hawiichic says:   10 February 2007   796168  
u rock out loud gurl.ur right  a boyfriend is just a title,its not
true if only one person likes that other person,or if they really dont
like each other like they thought they would.i love ur entree.U ROCK!
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   13 March 2007   284867  
wow!!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!!
elephantsrule says:   12 April 2007   884715  
wow i never thought about it that way, but i now realize that it is
americanbulldog wonders:   25 April 2007   129286  
shellybeans5 says:   24 July 2007   266173  
a boyfriend may be a title but its a title for someone special to
show that you love them. and you love your mom right? so does that
mean you cant love your sisters or brothers as well since it wont be
complete love? plus, you have to share your love with your family and
friends and the boyfriend. crushes are not love but love is just
complicated. it takes time to realize you love someone and if you do
sometimes you may feel like you dont love them but that's why there's
unconditional love. at times you may feel like love doesnt exist but
then someone shows you why everyone has hope for its existence.
XxLoveR4uxX says:   25 October 2007   983285  
 Love it Lady Kicks Butt Dude!
‹Supercalafragalisticespialadocious.› says :   4 April 2008   573152  
nicley put and so true!!!


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