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pear pressureCategory: (general)
Sunday, 28 June 2015
03:11:41 AM (GMT)
Let me first say this: I have nothing against gay people or bisexual people or
hederal sexulas .
I feel like these day's people pressure you to know your sexuality like for example i
have bin pressured by gay and by people to admit that i think abought my own gender.
And yet i have bin pressured by hederall sexuals to not be gay or by and they keep
telling me how unnatural and grotesque it is, and how i should never consider bieng
Also the media pressures you why can't people just leave everyone alone let them
discover what they like for themselves with-ought influence from the outside i just
feel like these day's people wan't you to chose a side and i don't want to be on any
side i just want to be myself.

Fuckers says:   28 June 2015   176447  
I never knew a fruit had the power to pressure you into something.
whateveerr says:   28 June 2015   820727  
you're a dork 
backstabber says:   28 June 2015   144092  
you guy's are bored
Nightmaregirl says:   28 June 2015   453732  
I completely agree with you and yes this is a really sad reality. Not
everyone is this way of course, but I do definitely know what you're
talking about. These are heterosexuals who have an issue with
homosexuals and homosexuals who have grown bitter towards
heterosexuals because of this. My advice? Don't listen to either side.
They're both wrong. Being gay is natural, if it wasn't it would
suggest they're supernatural and that's clearly not true, and as for
being straight that's perfectly normal as well. There's nothing wrong
with being either, and frankly it's none of their business what your
sexuality is, someone's sexuality is only the business of that
individual which is why the fighting against sexualities is stupid.
What should be encouraged instead is acceptance. Sadly, even for
bisexuals it's tough. We hear often times the discrimination against
homosexuals but there are homosexuals that discriminate against
bisexuals and heterosexuals just as heterosexuals do to homosexuals
and bisexuals which in turn can make some bisexuals become bitter as
well. All of that is just a circle of hate and solves nothing. If you
don't really know what your sexuality is that's fine! You got plenty
of time to figure that out, and it's not up to anyone but you. So,
ignore the peer pressure that comes from either side and just follow
your heart. You're the bigger person among all of them if you choose
your own path and can show equality to all no matter what their
orientation. Some people just have a stick too far up their rear.
backstabber says:   28 June 2015   965342  
Well as a sworn pessimist what i am abought to say is against
everything i believe in but i gotta say it: thing's are much brighter
then they seem i mean homosexual marriage was just legalized in all 50
or 51 screw it i can't remember states that can't be a bad thing. + i
have this theory that homosexuality and it's except is the way nature
is ensuring that the earth does not become overpopulated.
Nightmaregirl says:   28 June 2015   523798  
It's 50 lol and yes it's a wonderful step in the right direction,
there is still much to do though.
‹Boat Man› says:   29 June 2015   925884  
so you can spell 'grotesque', but not 'without'.... this has got to
be b8
backstabber says:   29 June 2015   577570  
Let me guess your one of those self righteous asses who likes to
patronize people because A your an asshole looking for attention B
your insecure i myself wrote on my profile that i can't spell i know i
can't spell and you telling me i can't spell won't change anything but
you know what i own it! 
‹Boat Man› says:   29 June 2015   612229  
No, I'm not self-righteous, but I do try to look out for today's youth
and their education, which obviously you didn't get. I wasn't
patronizing you, I was just amazed that you could spell grotesque, but
not without. Also your grammar is horrid. Please, pay attention in
backstabber says:   30 June 2015   829874  
 Lol . my grammar isn't that bad i have scene worse i think you meant
my punctuation? well yes it suck's but hey deal with it. As for
today's youth i'm not going to say it's good but hell i'm not the
worst i read a lot i can play piano and i never swore at my parent's i
personally think i get an A plus. What do you say? how old are you
spectre says:   30 June 2015   633768  
 that has to be a lie
How can you fucking read but not spell "Bi"
You get an F-
Don't insult someone who can clearly speak better than you
Lmao Are you fr or is it a joke??? 
backstabber says:   30 June 2015   524012  
Reading is much easier then writing, also i concentrate on the plot
not how the words are spelled. Besides i never said what language i
read in all of you just assume it's English my first language was not
English. And ate least i have the decency not to start swearing at
strangers that did not say anything to offend you, but i guess i don't
have to explain that to someone as intellectual as you who can spell
everything. PS. good luck on that job interview i can't possibly why
people "wouldn't wan't to hire you".
‹Boat Man› says:   30 June 2015   909410  
I'm the same age as you, sweetheart. But you won't believe this: I can
code, I never swear at my parents, and I get mostly As and Bs.
You might not know this, with your limited education, but punctuation
is a part of grammar, and either way, your grammar, excluding the
punctuation part, is horrid. English isn't your first language, you
say? So that gives you the right to butcher it and then get hostile
when someone points out something they found humorous? You are a
little sad person. When I speak or type in Spanish, which is turning
into my second language, I use as near perfect grammar and spelling as
I can. I understand that English is confusing, with all of the
homonyms and synonyms, but I do not understand how you can say "ate"
when you meant "at". 
backstabber says:   1 July 2015   427108  
Education isn't only abought knowledge... Let me guess your one of
those geniuses who think's that everyone else  is stupid because there
not like you and if you could recreate the human society people would
have the same qualities as you and you would rool the world?. But you
know what i'm not going to bite your head off since i'm used to snob's
and narcissist's like yourself who like to patronize the ones who are
always first to answer a question when the teacher ask's. But you know
what you sound like the kind of person with very little social skill's
so i really couldn't care less that i can't spell or whatever i wish
you every happiness.
backstabber says:   1 July 2015   407993  
Besides if you read the other comment's you would see that in
comparison i am not that hostile as your word's would suggest.
‹Boat Man› says:   1 July 2015   737398  
Actually, I'll have you know, that I am not full of myself, I am aware
of my flaws, and I do not believe that everyone should be like
me, because the human race wouldn't be able to survive with only one
mindset. Variety is how the humans have survived, and will survive.
Also, no, I do not pick on people because they're not like me,  but I
do expect everyone know that education is about knowledge.
Knowledge is a broad term that can apply to a lot. 
backstabber says:   1 July 2015   854281  
Well why you where learning how to spell i was learning different
thing's. Ergo there are probably some subject's that i have more
knowledge in then you do as there are some subject's that you have
more knowledge in then me. Now suppose we where talking ab-ought a
subject in which i am superior to you and you repeatedly made  silly
mistakes i would not make fun of you and patronize you because of your
ignorance and i would not think you to be less intelligent then myself
just because you are inferior to me in that subject. Also i believe
that you said that you where worried ab-ought this generation the way
to get people to learn is not to laugh at them it is to give positive
‹Boat Man› says:   1 July 2015   173762  
While I appreciate your patience in whatever subject you believe to
be superior in, spelling is very basic and will be in every subject. I
don't think that if I were to commend you on your spelling that you
would go and learn spelling. What you do is make the experience
memorable so they can fix it. Life is not fun, nor fair. 
Furthermore, I wasn't making fun of you or patronizing you in the
first place. I made a joke, and you escalated it.
backstabber says:   1 July 2015   780916  
I escalated it because of your approach you could have said it in a
less offensive way and we could have both laughed ab-ought it. Also
there was that other girl that was bugging me as a result. And perhaps
the first joke was no big deal but after that you openly insulted me.
When you make fun of someone even in a funny manner you take the risk
of them lashing out so i don't see the big deal.
‹Boat Man› says:   1 July 2015   267078  
I'm probably just used to someone who can take a joke anyway. I'm done
here, this has ceased amusing me for quite some time. Have a nice day. 
crazyhot says:   2 July 2015   457864  
this is funny
crazyhot says:   2 July 2015   517923  
Yup you are one of those narcissistic assholes 
‹Boat Man› says:   2 July 2015   569583  
gr8 b8 m8 
backstabber says:   2 July 2015   428317  
 What does the combination of those letters and numbers mean? 
‹Boat Man› says:   3 July 2015   913490  
sound it out
Americans pronounce the number 8 as in "ate"
so "Gr(ate) b(ate) m(ate)" 
crazyhot says:   3 July 2015   578248  
Bait? The truth is funner @Arzt_Fritz 
‹Boat Man› says:   3 July 2015   941592  
"funner", maybe, but untrue. 
crazyhot says:   4 July 2015   778564  
It's OK to have faults @Arzt_Fritz 
backstabber says:   5 July 2015   437808  
I'm going to quaote you if that's okay? (lol) 
backstabber says:   5 July 2015   774541  
I say as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and it's not bad and you can
live with the consequences fo for it Arzt Frizt loosen up a little
it's not healthy for your bones to be nudged against each other
Grizzlies says:   5 July 2015   945980  
Jfc she says English isn't her first language and then you say she's
butchering the language bc she's spelling things wrong??? pls calm
Rugrats says:   5 July 2015   581820  
Dear god, u plebs
‹Boat Man› says:   6 July 2015   915257  
I know, and I normally ignore people butchering the language, but she
said that she didn't care whether she had butchered the language or
backstabber says :   8 July 2015   741652  
Those were not my word's. I said that grammar and the likes of it are
not the most important thing's to me, and that there are more
important thing's. I hate the fact that your acting like your my
superior or my teacher or something. From what you say it would seem
that you think that you are better then me period. But how can you
know that if you don't know me, you don't know me and what's more is
that you don't know anything abought me except for what i told you.


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