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mabye something that would interest you (or not)Category: (general)
Friday, 16 August 2013
10:12:39 PM (GMT)
well, school starts in a couple of days.
9th grade.


well, i guess it wont be that bad.
there might be some hot 10th graders.
there are no hot chicks in my grade.
well, mabye id do it with go out with haley or brittany.
but there is no one to hang out with, because i dont fit in with anyone and everyone
thinks im worthless.
and i dont play sports.
and i dated lacei.

note to self: BAD IDEA

im not even sure if i want to go steady with anyone.
its like my brain is programed against it.
or mabye i want a chick from another planet.

I hope i can get a decent car before 10th grade.
i want a racecar.
but worst case senario i dont get one, i can still drive my 72 truck.
its the boss.

i ate some pizza today.
it tasted ok, but one side was burnt and the other side was cold.

if anyone plays any kind of game on the ps3/pc message me.
im bored and want to play with someone.
especcially racing games.
because racecar.

saudadesonnet says:   17 August 2013   774196  
What sucks about 9th grade is biology. Then again I don't know if
you're taking that for 9th grade or if you would enjoy it.
Hang in there buddy, there will definitely be a gal for you ~~

Lol I actually don't mind eating cold pizza. ;; Um if burnt, no.

If only I had a ps3..
bc boredom. 

It was nice reading this diary.
ndcorn says:   17 August 2013   294627  
i dont have my ps3 rite now anyways.
i will probably hate homework the most.
not unlike the last ten years of my schooling.
it will be alright (probably). 
BlockParty says:   17 August 2013   809526  
Eh, for me freshman year was a piece of cake.
That and sophomore year.
But by far, when they say junior year is the hardest
Fucking believe it man.
I hated last year.
Biology was always my favorite subject,
Then again science is my specialty.
I was an odd ball myself;
I wouldn't worry so much as to fitting in
But rather having some friends.
Like for me, I was and is not the most popular kid.
I'm not friends with alot of people but
The friends I am close with evens it out.
And dating, 
I wouldn't worry till college.
Cause it's high school you know?
As for the rest of the subjects here,
I have a couple cars..
I hate pizza..
And I used to own that game system or whatever.
Oh but do have fun freshman year--it's like the best.
Well, second to senior lol
ndcorn says :   17 August 2013   106397  
hope so@BlockParty 


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