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I suck at games.Category: (general)
Saturday, 29 December 2012
12:48:45 PM (GMT)
Before you continue reading, please keep in mind that the following situations are probably not accurate and exaggerated. So, I like playing games. Games such as COD, Assassin's Creed, Saints Row, SSBB, Pokemon, Minecraft, etc. (But I'm poor so I just play them at my friend's house) I like playing games.. A lot. I'm not gonna brag because I'm a girl and I play video games and be all, "Liek, ohmaigawsh, like, I am soo awesome at these games, like, yeah." (Haha, I bet you read that in a Valley Girl accent.) Because honestly, I suck. I do. At games. Suck as in I'm terrible at them. You know what I mean. Which makes me really sad because it's hard to suck at something you love doing. They're just so darn addicting but so.. Difficult! And don't criticize me and say, "Pff. Those games are sooo easy, you just suck at them." because I KNOW. I've already accepted the fact that I was born with no video game skills. Okay? Okay. Now let's talk about how frustrating they are. Let's start with Pokemon. I recently started playing Pokemon Sapphire again after 38563976 years. I downloaded an emulator, and I was really, really excited. I remember being so close to beating the game but every single time I'd get to that point, the game would troll me and be like, "Your save file has been corrupted." And then I'd rage, and then I'd try again and the same thing would happen to me. So I stopped playing. And now I'm back, yay. ANYWAY. I'm getting off track. So first of all, my style of playing was really.. Well, it wasn't the best. My strategy wasn't smart, it wasn't great at all. In fact, it was horrible. back when I first played it, I mean. I chose Mudkip as my starter pokemon because it was ADORABLE and I loved water. (this is the first time playing guys, keep that in mind) So then Prof. Birch was like, "why don't you go meet my son?" or something and I'm like, "NO. LEMME START MY ADVENTURE." But he's like, "Oh, you should, you should! I AM FORCING YOU TO GO MEET MY SON. That sounds like a nice idea, right?" And I'm all, "T.T Fine." so I go meet Brendan. And we have a battle. And I win. I WON. HAH. MY FIRST (well second) BATTLE AND I WON. In your FACE. that battle got me a big confidence boost, y'know. And I was like, "Omg mudkip I love you. you are awesome. So strong. So pro." My mudkip and I had this great connection, y'know. //cough Anyways. So I fell inlove with my mudkip and we began our adventure for real this time after beating the lights out of Brendan. On the way to Oldale town then to Petalburg city, I caught a bunch of pokemon with my mudkip. But I did not do a thing with them. I did not train them. I was the kind of person to keep my starter pokemon as my main pokemon and make it the strongest out of all my pokemon. Like. My attention was only for my wonderful mudkip. The rest? Peh. They were just sitting there in my party for show. Because of my smarticiousness, I whited out a LOT and it took me forever to get past Brendan in order to get to Mauville City. And it was a big pain in the neck to win against Norman. It was also very difficult to battle those twin gym leaders because my Mudkip, err.. Now Swampert, rather, was my only strong pokemon. Like. It's was above level 40 or 50 and the rest were like, level 5-13. Don't kill me! I was like, 7! Chill. It was a good thing Swampert's surf and muddy water were effective against them. So after that, I had absolutely no idea what to do. I didn't know I had to complete those side quests about going to team Aqua's hideout and beating them and doing stuff. It took me about a month to realize that I was supposed to in order to move on with the story. Uwah. Everything was so darn difficult because I didn't train all of my pokemon equally. ._. So now that I'm playing it again, I've decided to be a better, more passionate trainer and I've been raising my pokemon equally. all the battles have been very easy and I haven't whited out once! So proud of myself //dies But now I'm at the part with the twin gym leaders and all of their pokemon were 10 levels above mine. (2 levels above my swampert. I still make sure my Swampert's the strongest, but I train them all so they become stronger) So I'm like, "Well, crap. I have to train all of them until they all level up 10 times." And it's such a pain because even with the exp share and all that, they need so much experience it's not even funny. I have no idea why I'm naturally terrible at these games. But I am and that's that, I guess.

crazyhot says:   29 December 2012   207860  
liked this
NightRipple says :   29 December 2012   390717  
Huehue. Lemme help!


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