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Falling For ResherCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 5 December 2012
06:16:16 PM (GMT)
I stand there. Against the cold, metal lockers. I stand there with Chelsea Grin
blaring through my headphones, watching the jocks, preps, geeks, losers, and all the
other people I hate walk by. Nobody looks at me, but I stare at them, Daring anyone
to come near me. The first period bell rings and the hall clears.

I didnt see her so I slide down to the floor. Recreant is now playing. I close my
eyes and visualize the concert. A few weeks ago i went to a Chelsea Grin concert at
the Westcott Theater with my best friend Ashlynn. We dressed ourselves up in bright
red pants so we wouldnt lose eachother in the crowds.. (It was her idea, I dont
usually wear color.) We both put on our favorite Chelse Grin shirts, and all the band
bracelets and kandi we had. We both did our makeup dark, thick and black. She decided
to put wings on hers though. I mean, she is pretty girly If you ask me. She teased
her hair while i straightened mine. I dont know how we're best friends, we're
complete opposites .

Anyway.. we arrived, and there was so many people there. She told me she wanted to
hug everybody for having such good taste in music! We gave the ticket girl our
tickets, because thats what she's there for. We rushed inside and got third row
"seats" because who the hell is going to sit down at a Chelsea Grin concert!?

Fast forward about 20 minutes and you have a bunch of 13-25 year olds jumping around
to Recreant. Pause. The most perfect girl walked by. She had medium length, black
hair, she was super skinny. She was wearing a torn Black Veil Brides shirt, black and
white skinny jeans, and black converse. She was gorgeous. I grabbed Ashlynn's hand
and pulled her with me. I followed the girl outside, I didnt even care about the
concert. While im dragging Ashlynn, she's screaming and cussing, telling me she wants
to go back inside.. I finally give in and she runs off. I follow the girl to the
sidewalk. She sits down, not realizing Im there.

At first I wanted to turn around, but something told me I had to talk to her.

"Uh, hey.. Can I sit with you?" She turns around and i looked into her bright green
eyes, and i swear my heart stopped. "Oh, yeah, sure you can." She smiles at me and
moves over a bit. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. "Do you want
one?" she asks. I take the pack from her hand and pull out my own lighter. We sit
there in the smoke for a few minutes when she breaks the ice.

"My name is Resher. What's yours?"

"Kendra.. Kendra Kara Mance."

"Your name is  pretty.. My full name is Resher Rain Muir"

"Thank you, very much. I like your name aswell.."

And I dont know how, but that small conversation spiraled into something more. We
stayed next to eachother throughout the rest of the concert and  she gave me her
number. I walked Resher home first, then Ashlynn.

Now everytime I hear Recreant, Im reminded of her <3 Im quickly snapped out of my
flashback though, because the song changes to This Is Exile by Whitechapel.

I get up off the floor, head out the door, and into the Autumn air. I shove my hands
in my pocket and walk with my head down. "Why didnt she come to school today!? She
knows I cant deal with school now that Ashlynn is gone." I cuss under my breath.
Ashlynn. She moved away without even saying goodbye. I thought she would always be
there for me, she promised she would.

She disappeared from school a few days after the concert. I rushed to her house as
soon as I could. I saw a car in the drive-way which  made me even more nervous. I
rushed up to the door and hastily knocked on it. Her mother opened the door with
red-rimmed eyes. "You must be looking for Ashlynn, I knew you would stop by." She
explained to me that Ashynn had left. Her mother told me that she had moved in with
her dad, who lives way over in California. She hates her dad, and she hates
California.. Well, thats what she always told me,

"Stop. Dont think about her. She left you because youre worthless. Im suprised Resher
doesnt leave you." Small tears form in my eyes. I head across the bridge and turn
onto Fitera Drive.

(Its funny how Resher moved onto Fitera Drive the night of the concert. Because if
she didnt, i wouldve met and talked to her in school.. but i probably wouldve been
too afraid too.)

I can see a red trailblazer in Reshers drive-way which means she's home. I walk past
the car and up to the door. Before i can knock the door bursts open and Resher is
suddenly in my arms!

"I knew it would work! Kendra I knew it! Youre here!" She hugs me so tight, i cant
help but feel butter-flys in my stomach.

"What do you mean you knew it would work!" I let go. "What did you do??" She smiles
at me, grabs my hand and pulls me inside.

So i wanted to start writing something.. and this is what i have come up with ..
leave me a  comment you cunt  c: obsydian

‹Obsydian.› says :   6 December 2012   293265  
Asdfghjkl! you really you choose Kendra -_- wowwww

But it is a really good story though ^_^

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