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Mahh, question stuffs, I'm quite bored and feeling a bit silly.Category: (general)
Monday, 3 December 2012
04:00:59 AM (GMT)
Full Name: Evie May (not including last name :p)
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color: Black, purple, white
Height: 5'1 1/2
Shoe Size: 7
Heritage: Scottish I belive..
Zodiac Sign: I have forgotten.

Sky Dived: Nope, but I intend to. c:
Bungee Jumped: I will probably do this before skydiving
Gone out of the Country: No, I really want to though.
Beaten Someone Up: Yeahh, a really long time ago though. My ex-step sister kicked me
in the ribcage and laughed, she deserved it I think. 
Gotten Beat Up: Only by step-dad and ex-step siblings. meow. 
Killed an Animal: No :3         
Swam in the Ocean: Mhmmm.
Broke the Law: Yeah, haha.
Smoked: Yeah, not a good habbit. :c 
Chewed Tobacco: Fuck no, ick. 
Drank: That I have. :p
Been Kissed: Ofcourse.
Been In Love: I think I am now. 
Dumped Someone: Yeah.
Been Dumped: Yeah.
Broken Someone's heart: I have been told I did..but I think it was just an attempt to
make me feel bad. 
Had Your Heart Broken: A little, just a crack..
Liked Someone: Mhm c:
Boken A Bone: Yes. ;-;
Had Surgery: Nope, thankfully
Had an X-ray or MRI: Too many times before -_-
Failed a Class: No, been damn close though.

Color: pastel colors, and black (not a colore but oh well) I enjoy tossing black and
pastel colors together. c: 
Food:Steak, I think
Drink: Mountain Dew
Snack: Nutella and animal crackers :3 
Cereal: golden krisps, maybe another 
Ice Cream: green mint chocolate chip. c:
Candy: I don't even know, too hard to decide. 
Restaurant: Hmm, not sure..there's so many.
Fast Food Place: Wendy's..or McDonalds aha
Store: Platos closet I guess.
Animal: Cat
Quote: "Love is everything, without love the world wouldn't go around..I'm not really
sure what it is thoug..I'm still trying to figure that out myself."
Sport To Play: NONE .-.
Sport To Watch: None. :p
Movie: Lord of the Rings I suppose. :p
TV Show: Adventure time, courage the cowardly dog. I don't know there's alot I love
But I adore those two. c:
Type Of Music: There's a wide variety. Much of it metal..or something like A Day To
Remeber, or NeverShoutNever, I enjoy dubstep too. 
Band: I couln't choose honestly.
Singer: Christofer Drew Ingle
Song: Hmm, remeber sunday- all time low I think.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
Cake or Ice Cream: Ice cream
McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King.
Love or Money: Love
Music or TV: Music
Cat or Dog: Cat
Mom or Dad: None.
Truck or Car: Car
Ocean or Lake: Depends on the ocean and lake really.
Yahoo or Hotmail: I only have an email purely because most website require one. So I
really don't give a fuck.
Google or AJ: Google. c:
Light or Dark: Dark
Country or City: City
Rain or Sunshine: Rain and sunshine together..or just rain. I love them both, except
when it's really hot.

First Thing You Notice: Personality, expressions.
Personality or Looks: Personality.
Hair Color: Dark colors.
Eye Color: Green or blue..or hazel. c: 
Short or Tall: Medium...not way taller than me, but a few inches taller.
Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous...and romantic. c: 
Sense of Humor or Sweet: Both, can't decide between them.
Hook up or Relationship: Relationship.

Feeling: Annoyed, sick, like an insomniac. 
Listening To: Lord Of The Rings.
Wanna: Sleep.
Doing: Not sleeping.
Thinking About: Sleep
Wearing: Shorts, old band t
In Love: Yes
Single:  Nope c:
Best Friends: Too lazy to name them..

Career: I don't know yet..sadly. 
Marriage: Meh, a life long relationship..but I dunno about marriage.
Kids: I don't much like them. Maybe one..
House: Meh, don't much care. Something decent.

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