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The Oneiroi Siblings - New OCs, maybe...Category: OCs
Sunday, 2 September 2012
02:44:42 PM (GMT)
Epiales – Spirit of Nightmares
Morpheus – God of dreams, takes human form
Phantasos – Spirit of dreams of fantasy, takes the form of inanimate objects
Phobetor, or Icelos – Spirit of nightmares, takes animal form.

Épiren (f), Miriam (f), Sophie (f), Pheron (m)

Epiren  and Pheron are Nightmares.
Miriam and Sophie are Dreams.

See into people’s hearts and find what scares them most.  They can then plant
images in people’s minds.  Pheron is the more ruthless of the two.  He is more of a
mischief maker than dangerous, though.  He prefers making people jump than properly
terrifying them (e.g, making people see things in the corner of their eyes, paranoia,
etc).  Epiren, however, is dangerous.  It’s her job to put pure terror into the
hearts of her victims.  She likes to believe that there is a reason for her doing so,
but has not been able to find one so far.  She continues, though.  Through dreams,
and occaisionally in hallucinations.  As opposed to Pheron, she chooses her victims. 
They appear to her in her own dreams, and she scares them. It has been known for
Epiren to literally scare her victims to death.

Both sisters can put people to sleep, whereupon they can then either allow Pheron or
Epiren take over, or do their own jobs.  Unlike the nightmares, they can influence
lots of people at the same time (anyone they put to sleep) but also give them
different dreams.  Sometimes, they can make it mean something (like the Falling
dream, etc), other times, they can simply make people happy.  Miriam can dream-walk,
and if called for, can physically tell the Dreamer something.  Sophie, on the other
hand, tries to inflict happiness on people in their dreams when it’s not possible
in reality.  She gives them recurring dreams, and allows them to remember.  Sophie
focuses on the joy and positivity that dreams can give, where Miriam chooses to do
solely what she needs to, concentrating on the ‘subliminal messaging’ side of it.

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   2 September 2012   976286  
‹defineMANIAC› says:   2 September 2012   707252  
I quite like Pheron... He's such an arse of a brother, though xDDDDD
Oh... I forgot to put an age order down...
Sophie's youngest, followed by Epiren, then Pheron, then Miriam. 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   2 September 2012   237213  
Ohh dear xD
Cool :3 
‹defineMANIAC› says:   2 September 2012   723183  
Such a prankster..... "Aaaah, Sophie!  A giant zombie
unicorn-centipede thing!"
Sophie's cute :3 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   2 September 2012   598543  
Who gets with Lucifer? xD 
‹defineMANIAC› says :   2 September 2012   942170  
I want to say Sophie, just for shits and giggles...
I dunno... we could just wait and see? 


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