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I'm so bored sex story for now reasonCategory: random shiz
Monday, 20 August 2012
02:14:53 AM (GMT)
Amelia was walking home from work, she took her long black hair out of the pony tail
and it swished down against her firm small ass. She unzipped her sweater as she came
to the apartment building where she and her boyfriend lived. She bounced up the
stairs, trying to get to the apartment fast because she told him she would be there
right after work. She got to the door and opened it, she heard nothing, and the light
in their room was off, it was only 8 o'clock. She put her bag on the table, hung her
sweater up so all she was wearing was a tube top, that showed off her pierced belly
button and small Hello Kitty tattoos that her boyfriend got her last year. She walked
into the bedroom, the lights were off yeah, but the candles were lit, there was a
smell of roses on the air, and when she looked at the bed, a half naked Garrett,
sitting there all sexy his hair wet, just waiting for her. He got up and walked
across the small room and said "Baby girl, your late, where were you?" She shivered
as he touched her breast and kissed her neck so gently, and whispered, "I enjoyed my
walk, the kids today were horrible, they threw tantrums, and threw their food, at me.
I couldn't take it Daddy." 
He pulled back away from her and grabbed her hand and said "Do you want Daddy to make
today go away and make tomorrow a lot better for you?" she whimpered, "Yes Daddy,
please." He pulled her towards the bed, when she reached him, he grabbed to either
side of her little skirt and pulled it down slowly, when it was down around her
ankles he went back up and played with her wet pussy through her panties, he went
down and licked it and said, "Good girl you wore the panties Daddy picked out for
you." That was true, she wore the special panties, the bottomless panties, the ones
he told her to wear. He went back up and kissed her lips lightly, and grabbed hold of
the tank top and pulled it over her head, then noticed her small boobs weren't
covered anymore, "oh, What a naughty girl, wheres your bra at?" He pinched her erect
nipples making her moan her answer, "I don't like that bra, and that's why I wore the
tube top." He let go of her nipples, and picked her up and laid her in the middle of
the bed, putting both hands over her head he tied them together, then to the head
board so she couldn't move.
He climbed over her and kissed her, forcefully, then moving down to her neck, he
kissed and blew on to make her jump about underneath him. He continued going down
stopping at her breast, and licking around one nipple while rolling the other one in
his fingers, finally sucking on it making her squirm, then biting it to make her
squeal, then switch and repeat. He moved further down, pulling on the belly button
ring with his lips as he went past it. He then reached her "special" panties, and
said, "My my, I was so busy being worried about your bra, I forgot to take off those
damn panties, but why didn't you remind Daddy?" He pulled her panties off and threw
them on top of her face, she shook her head to get the panties off her face, just as
he started to eat her out.
 He lightly pulled on her clit with his teeth then let it go, and sucked on it making
her moan like crazy. He then started licking else where, and stuck his tongue in her
soaking wet hole, and tasted the juices, just to his liking, fresh and warm. He had
her moaning nice and loud now, she was at his will, he went back and flicked his
tongue across her clit a few times, causing the same reaction each time. He went back
up to kiss her, her wetness still all over his lips, she tasted it, and she loved the
taste of herself on his lips, and his cock. He then slide one finger along her slit,
making her quiver, and then he shoved 3 fingers in extremely hard and hissed at her,
"Do you like this, do you like this is your tight little delicious cunt, you little
bitch." She jumped and writhed trying to roll away from the roughness of his fingers
in her pussy, but she liked it too much, and she gasped, "Oh, Daddy, That hurts," she
squeezed her eyes shut, wrong thing to say. He shoved another finger in there, her
pussy was too small to take that, he knew that but he didn't stop, he pushed them in
deeper. He spit on his hand as he tried to get it all the way in, she screamed out in
pain and pleasure, he took, his hand out, and she was so relieved, until he shoved
his dick in as far as he could.
He thrust in as hard as he could, and at a slow pace so he could drive it in harder
each time. She yelped each time he slammed into her, and she could feel the pain all
the way up to her belly button, he stopped pounding so hard, and instead went as fast
as he could, quick little thrusts making her moan louder and louder. He kept going
after he felt her cum go all over he dick, he wanted to make her cum again, and then
again, so he kept at it, and she came again, and then again, and because he was
enjoying the way her legs were shaking and how weak she looked, he thrusted into her
harder then anytime before, and made her scream bloody murder, and start whimpering,
"Daddy, please I can't take anymore, I hurt so badly," she was so weak, she couldn't
even move her legs to push him away, so he pulled out, but he hadn't finished yet. So
he went up to her and whispered in her ear, "If I untie you, will you make sure Daddy
finishes in your mouth?" She nodded so he untied her.
She moved and he laid down, she sat on top of him her pussy in his face, because he
loved the taste her. She was sucking his dick, licking and kissing the head, rubbing
the rest of it, she slid her mouth down over it, and got almost all of it in her
mouth, she remembered, just breath through your nose and focus on something else,
it'll help. She got him all the way in, then all the way back out, and went back to
the head, and occasionally deep throated him, not often though, and when she could
feel he was about to she rubbed it so fast he came, all over in her mouth up her nose
and on her face. Then she wiped it off and laid down next to him and fell asleep in
his arms.

the_bunnies_pet says:   20 August 2012   184605  
I love this story honey
bunnyboorants says:   20 August 2012   659430  
 Thank you honey 
Preteenlovers says:   17 April 2013   480741  
nice story do you mind if I write you one
bunnyboorants says :   18 April 2013   599432  
Whatever floats your boat, but if you want me to read it, it has to be
grammatically correct, for the most part. 

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