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I am love.Category: Thoughts.
Friday, 25 May 2012
01:50:00 PM (GMT)
I felt like air as I walked out of school. Light. Crisp. The sun was shining, it's
heat soaking through my black sweatshirt. I immediately put my hood up to block the
slight breeze and turned my face towards it. The clouds caught my attention. White,
small, puffy, and spaced out in layers across a vibrantly blue sky. The colours
overwhelmed me. The green of the grass, the sky, the harsh red of the bricks on my
school. I walked across the hard, grey concrete and stepped lightly onto the field. I
was genuinely surprised at how luscious and green the grass was. It came back from
death so quickly. I looked up at the sky again and took a deep breath. I definitely
did not feel as if I hadn't slept for twenty-six hours. I felt as if I had, had the
best sleep of my life. I was rested and energetic and filled with an urge to float
away along the breeze, up into the inviting suns arms. I walked across the field,
tempted to lie down in the grass and fall asleep... no, not fall asleep. I wasn't
tired. I dropped my backpack, unzipped my hoodie, and lay on my back. My face and
chest were warm; a feeling I had missed. Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons came onto
my iPod, and the energetic banjo compelled me to jump up and dance with my shoes off.
I shed my hoodie, my shoes, and slid my iPod into my back pocket before letting loose
and dancing. I let the beat carry me twenty feet in one direction, back to my stuff.
I spun and spun and spun until I fell down dizzy, a goofy grin spread across my face.
I got up and danced the rest of the song and then let out a loud, joyful laugh. I
stood and stared at the sky, the clouds, and couldn't help but smile. Everything was
so clear, everything so good. I never wanted to sleep again. I laid back down in the
grass, on my stomach, the back of my thighs and the exposed small of my back soaking
up every particle of star it could before an angry rain cloud covered it up. I
sighed, took a deep inhale of the air - which tasted and smelled like melting ice on
a summer's day - and pushed myself into a yoga position before coming to my full
height. I surveyed the land I lived on again, grabbed my things, and made my way home
in a total state of bliss.

True story.
Last edited: 25 May 2012

‹Enki Ea› says:   26 May 2012   860462  
This made me cry.
LittleLionMan says:   26 May 2012   866875  
‹Enki Ea› says:   26 May 2012   385864  
So beautiful.@LittleLionMan 
LittleLionMan says :   26 May 2012   837333  
Thanks, m'dear 


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