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Spy Days On Omegle 1Category: Omegle Accounts
Saturday, 14 April 2012
01:00:20 PM (GMT)
You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Would you help the stranger you're talking to in an apocalypse of zombies?

Stranger 1: sure bro... give me your hand

Stranger 2: haha if he is not infected

Stranger 1: I'm not

Stranger 1: trust me

Stranger 2: yaay!!

Stranger 1: it's a trap... now we're both infecter

Stranger 1: now what=

Stranger 1: ?

Stranger 2: but i am O.O *eat brains*

Stranger 1: I was first

Stranger 1: !

Stranger 2: oh sh*t! now we are double zombies!

Stranger 1: we will rule the world

Stranger 2: lets eat the questioner's brains!!

Stranger 2: nom nom nom

Stranger 1: hmmm... delicious

Stranger 1: not satisfied yeat...

Stranger 1: *yet

Stranger 2: mmm lets find that boy with the hat that always messes around with us

Stranger 1: that mothafocka

Stranger 2: yummy!

Stranger 1: wait... he is an asian isn't he?

Stranger 2: oh crap! thats a lot to take!

Stranger 1: asian level is too high

Stranger 1: we're screwed

Stranger 2: too damn high!

Stranger 1: over 9000

Stranger 2: ahhaha

Stranger 2: my poor argentinian zombie head cant take it!!! *boom*

Stranger 1: neither my Portuguese one...

Stranger 1: *hangs himself*

Stranger 2: oh but we are double zombies!

Stranger 2: its fine! now we are regular zombies!

Stranger 1: we must try fusion...

Stranger 2: the dance of fusion!!

Stranger 2: (or whatever its called)

Stranger 1: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusiionnnnnnn

Stranger 2: Double zombie!!! your argument is invalid!!

Stranger 2: lets go eat a nokia 1100

Stranger 1: 3310

Stranger 2: oh right*

Stranger 2: impossibru!!

Stranger 1: fuck that shit

Stranger 2: we should go eat the twilight cast

Stranger 2: or justin bieber, those are easy brains

Stranger 1: bieber and brains in the same sentence? are you ok?

Stranger 2: nope.. im a double zombie

Stranger 1: oh, I forgot it...

Stranger 1: sorry

Stranger 2: :P mmm what about aquaman? i never liked him anyway...

Stranger 1: lets do it...

Stranger 2: nom nom nom!!

Stranger 2: aquaman zombie!! shit just got real!!

Stranger 1: I just put a bullet through is head... we're safe now

Stranger 2: yaaay!

Stranger 2: crap! chuck norris!!

Stranger 2: hello mr. norris! no problems here! we dont want your brains!

Stranger 1: must.not.bite.him

Stranger 2: ridicoulously photogenic guy!!

Stranger 1: he's mine!

Stranger 2: i cant stop looking at his bright eyes!

Stranger 2: you beautiful bastard!!

Stranger 2: *head explodes*

Stranger 1: fuck that shit... I'm just normal people again

Stranger 2: lucky.. i ll just watch you from hell

Stranger 1: it was nice to meet you... I'll remember you partner

Stranger 2: if theres ever another zombie apocalypsis and you get infected again, do
not doubt on looking me up and eating my brains

Stranger 1: you bet I will... *tear falls*

Stranger 2: fearwell!!

Stranger 1: farewell dear friend!

Stranger 1 has disconnected

These people were awesome! I love it when you find the people who go with the flow
on Omegle, don't you?

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