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Sex story for, John_Bornaman.Category: Sex,sex,sex
Monday, 2 April 2012
08:46:36 AM (GMT)
So this is another gay story c: but this one is the pure romance of John and Scott

Scott sat in the bedroom as he waited for John to get home, it was something he
always did on friday nights. He would cook dinner and he would wait in the bedroom
until John got home so that they could have dessert. He heard the front door open and
he smilied to himself, knowing that John was finally home. He diddnt get off of the
bed, as he knew John would come in here first and change before they ate. John walked
in the bedroom and saw Scott, and smilied to himself. 
"What do we have here?" John asked as he looked at Scott, who was laying on the bed,
naked. Scott smilied to himself, "You have to eat your dinner first." he joked as
John climbed on the bed. "I dont think so." He said as he got on top of John and
smilied at him, "I want to start with dessert." He leaned down and kissed Scott
roughly on the mouth, his tounge invading Scotts mouth. He moved his hands around
Scotts body, moving over his cheast and stomach as Scott moaned and moved underneath
John, his own hands travling around Johns body. John smilied and trapped Scotts hands
with his own pulling them above Scotts head. He smilied as he moved his mouth to
Scotts neck and licked around, kissing and sucking at certin spots he knew drove
Scott crazy. He sat up and took his own shirt off, unbuttoning his pants. Scott
smilied underneath him, as he started to get excited. 
John leaned down again, this time shirtless, and their chests rubbed together as they
kissed. Johns own member was poking at Scott, and it was making him nuts. He couldnt
wait but he knew he had to make this last. He held Scott close against him and
started rubbing his pantsed cock against Scotts bare ass. Scotts mouth opened in a
loud moan as he felt John against him. John smilied and pressed himself closer, his
own mouth making panting noises. He count bear it anymore and stood up to take his
pants and underware off. 
Scott laid in the bed and watched as Johns body was relevaed his his cock bounced out
of his underware. Scott crawled over to the side of the bed and smilied at John as he
opened his mouth wide. John moved his cock into Scotts waiting mouth as Scott licked
and sucked at the head. He moved his hand and stroked the shaft slowly as he worked
on the head of Johns penis. This casued moans and groans to escape Johns mouth that
only made Scott even more excited and he began to rub at his own cock. John smilied
and popped himself out of Scotts mouth, he had to bury himself into Scotts ass. 
He opened Scotts legs wide and wrapped them around his body, position his cock at the
enterance of Scotts hole. He smilied and gently pushed himself in elicting a moan
from Scotts lips. After he had pushed himself in he grabbed at Scotts cock, rubbing
and playing with it as he pushed inside of Scott. Scott made noises of pleasure as
John pushed himself in and out of him, and played with Scotts cock. He rubbed at the
head and played with the shaft as he pistoned himself in and out of Scott, making his
own moans and groans.
Soon after John felt himself going over the edge, and he wanted Scott to go at the
same time. He hurried his hand on Scotts cock as he felt his orgasam become eminant.
Scott felt the same, and as soon as John unloaded himself into Scott he moaned loudly
as he felt himself loose his cum all over his tummy and Johns hand, the feeling of
cum inside of him too great. He was breating loudly and gasping as John pushed into
him a few more times and then his soft cock pulled out and the two were left cuddling
on the bed. 
"So what was for dinner again?" John asked smiling at Scott and kissing him on teh
Last edited: 14 April 2012

‹Barrowgill› says:   14 April 2012   771685  
that is pure brilliance, thank you <3
‹AubreeRose› says :   14 April 2012   910593  
Aw your welcome!
ANd thank you for saying that. <3 

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