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'I don't wear glasses so im not a nerd yay!' RANTCategory: (general)
Sunday, 11 March 2012
11:02:13 AM (GMT)
So I got soooooo peeved off at this. I was just flipping through profiles and I
found a girls and in her profile she was like 'I don't wear glasses so im not a nerd
Wearing glasses doesn't make you a nerd
Some things make you a good nerd like your smart and just say random fun facts like I
But when you stalk everyone and have a death list...your a creepy nerd
I wear contacts because glasses don't work for me
And contacts are cheaper where I get them
But I did wear glasses in elementary 
Glasses usually isn't a choice so get it right
If I was offered perfect vision id take it
So don't come complaining when you go get glasses one day
Hope karma bites you in the butt

‹w3stghost› says:   13 March 2012   615703  
I don't understand people that claim to be incredibly
intelligent, or even slightly intelligent for that matter, when they
can't even use proper punctuation. Or even simple punctuation.

But okay.
‹Beautiful✿Lie› says:   13 March 2012   896627  
I fucking hate that. 
People assume that "nerds" are people with either/and glasses,
freckles, or braces. 
I have all three yet I'm not very intelligent. 
It pisses me off when people expect me to be a genius because I look
like a stereotypical nerd.
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   21 March 2012   668141  
I have Asperger's
I wear broken, taped together glasses
I am amazing at geography and science
I have freckles
I am clumsy
I design video games.
......so not a nerd.
‹Mr. Dad› says:   21 March 2012   308757  
I hate girls who put on big rimmed glasses and are like, "Nerdy"
Um, no.  
I hate to tell you, you preppy bitch.
There is a verrry big difference from a nerd and some bimbo in hipster
‹w3stghost› says:   26 March 2012   199508  
they don't think they're ACTUALLY nerds.
They think, because of television, and because that's how those rimmed
glasses are always portrayed, that it's a cute "nerdy" fashion.
and it is. 

"Nerdy" fashion, and being a "nerd" are two COMPLETELY different

You're being overly aggressive about people that are simply just not
like you. So what, they put glasses on to look cute in "nerdy
fashion", no need to call them a bimbo. 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   26 March 2012   703778  
I hate nerdy fashion, I have nothing against nerds, but I hate how
people basically use the stereotype of nerds for it.
‹w3stghost› says:   26 March 2012   855249  
I dunno, I think it's cute.
I mean if done properly it can be adorable. 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   27 March 2012   117858  
It just gets on my nerves when all these preppy girls are going around
wearing that stuff, but when they see a stereotypical 'nerd' they bash
down on them.Like, do you support them or just wear it cause its cute? 
‹w3stghost› says:   29 March 2012   813867  
well, like I said before, the style and the
personality/lifestyle are two different things.
the nerds I know? they legitimately freak me out, and I'm actually not
a very judgmental person, so y'know.
they just wear it because it's a style.
The nerds I know don't even dress like that. 
Also, before preppy became victoria secret slut wear- the
"preppy-style" was similar to that of the "nerdy-style". Almost
exactly a like. 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   29 March 2012   191727  
Well by preppy I meant the girls that are like, "YAY HAHA MY DADDY
‹w3stghost› says :   30 March 2012   749734  
those preppy girls nowadays dress like I do. 
And keep their mouths shut until whoever they're dissing is way far
Which is fine. 


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