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Don't mind me, just being bored.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 January 2012
01:28:45 PM (GMT)
Full Name: Samantha Grace... no last name for you.
Eye Color:  Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'5
Shoe Size: 8-9
Heritage: 1/2 Dutch, 1/4 Russian, 1/4 French, when rounded up to my grandparents.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Sky Dived: No
Bungee Jumped: No
Gone out of the Country: No
Beaten Someone Up: No.
Gotten Beat Up: No.
Killed an Animal: No.          
Swam in the Ocean: No. :C
Broke the Law: I may have jaywalked once or twice.
Smoked: No.
Chewed Tobacco: No
Drank: No.
Been Kissed: Pffft, No.
Been In Love: Not in all seriousness.
Dumped Someone: No.
Been Dumped: No.
Broken Someone's heart: No
Had Your Heart Broken: No.
Liked Someone: I guess.
Broken A Bone: Nope
Had Surgery: Nope
Had an X-ray or MRI: Nup.
Failed a Class: Not yet, but I'm pushing my luck with math.

Color: Orange.
Food: Spaghetti. 
Drink: Um.... lots.
Snack: Fish Crackers. Meaghan got my addicted to putting salt and vinegar flavoring
on them.
Cereal: Miniwheats. :D
Ice Cream: Mint stuff.
Candy: I don't have any one in particular.
Restaurant: Heck if I know.
Fast Food Place: Um... no particular favorite?
Store: Value Village. Definitely.
Animal: Kitties!
Quote: I don't have one particular quote.
Sport To Play: NONE. I hate sports.
Sport To Watch: Read above.
Movie: Too many to count. Mainly Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar.
TV Show: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I could answer that with my brain shut
Type Of Music: Not rap, I'll tell you that. Mainly overseas stuff. American
mainstream music sucks like you wouldn't believe.
Band: Not too sure.
Singer: Not too sure of that either.
Song: Too many to count.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla.
Cake or Ice Cream: Ice Cream.
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds.
Love or Money: Love. I know I'm the hopeless romantic type.
Music or TV: Music.
Cat or Dog: Cat.
Mom or Dad: I can't possibly fathom liking one parent more than the other.
Truck or Car: Car.
Ocean or Lake: Lake.
Yahoo or Hotmail: Hotmail.
Google or AJ: Google.
Light or Dark: Um... light?
Country or City: City. I can't help it. I'm a city chick.
Rain or Sunshine: Sunshine.

First Thing You Notice: Face and/or hair. I don't really look at guys for interest so
I never take note.
Personality or Looks: Personality, although looks don't hurt either.
Hair Color: I seem to be attracted to blondes.
Eye Color: As in my attraction to blondes, I'm attracted to blue eyes, but it doesn't
really matter.
Short or Tall: Any height.
Romantic or Spontaneous: Um... is it bad I don't know what you mean by the question?
Sense of Humor or Sweet: Why can't I have both?
Hook up or Relationship: ...Isn't that the same thing?

Feeling: Lethargic
Listening To: Linkara's various comic reviews.
Wanna: Run out and raid Value Village.
Doing: Doodling, listening to Linkara review crap comics, browsing TVTropes, and
doing various sound editing practice.
Thinking About: Um... nothing really. My mind is pretty empty lately.
Wearing: Tank top, PJ bottoms, and a stripey robe.
In Love: Not seriously.  
I'm still fatally attracted to Edward Elric however. 
Ed: *punch to the face*
Single: Yep. I'm glad too, there's a lot of really stupid relationships around where
I live.
Best Friends: Most of you probably don't know them, but Megs is always a good

Career: I've always dreamed of being a singer, but since the music industry seems to
make crap music, I'm changing my future career as an animator for Pixar and/or
Marriage: I'd love to.
Kids: I would like to, but if I can't support them, I'd prefer not to.
House: Somewhere in the city. Whether it's an apartment or a condo or whatever I'll
figure out when I get there.

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