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Into My Life and Into My BedCategory: Sex Stories
Sunday, 11 December 2011
06:12:47 PM (GMT)
I am so sick and tired of being alone on a Friday or Saturday night. I go out with
the girls and check out the guys and some think they are much too good to go out with
us. The white men have an issue and it's called ego. They get their ego bruised if
you call them on something you know that you are right about him and he hates you for
you bringing it up and he knows deep down you are right.

One Saturday night, I got myself dressed and ready to go out and find myself a man. I
called some of the girls and they weren't interested. I don't normally go out alone,
but tonight was different. I needed to go out, I needed a drink and by God I needed a
man in my bed.

About 15 minutes from my apartment is this great neighborhood bar on the border of a
not so great area. Mostly Spanish and Black lived in that area and crime is high with
robberies, murders and rape. I grew up in the other town on the opposite side of this
time and hung out there my younger days. I lost my virginity to a black man when I
was 15 because I had a fight with my parents over dating a black guy.

I know that anyone looking at me tonight would say I was a target; you know, the
woman that is marked as a potential rape victim. I had on a short black skirt,
fishnet stockings, medium heels and a top that revealed my ample titties as my black
male friends call them as the spill over the the skimpy blue and black piece of
material what was suppose to be my top.

I decided to walk tonight because I was determined to get a man tonight; a man that
would fuck me like no tomorrow and treat me like the white slut that I could be. I
got to the door and stuck my head in and it was a good night to get myself a nice
juicy black man as there was a large number of them already there.

I approached the bar and sat my fat white ass down on the bar stool when the
bartender asked me what I was having and I decided I wasn't driving so I ordered JD.
He brought me the drink and I told him to start me a tab. Some faces looked familiar
while there were a few new fresh black faces that I wanted to give a scan over and
see if I could get one to come over to where I was. There was a set of twins and I
thought of doubling my pleasure tonight and see if I could get them over. Then there
was a medium build man with a great smile but was hitting on a woman who was all over
him like flies on a pile of shit. Still again there was a professional looking man in
a three pieces suit that really got my attention. Shaved head, pencil thin beard,
built like a bull and a huge dimple in his chin. That dimple set me off as they
always do. At that point I wished that I was dressed a little less slutty but figured
I'd make my moves.

Crossing the entire length of the bar from where he was, I walked over and so bravely
started to talk with him and I could feel his eyes starring at my titties and so I
asked him, "So big guy, you liking what you see?" and he then replied "Oh yeah, I'm a
sucker for big white ass and titties and you seem to have both". We introduced
ourselves to each other and I told him I was running a tab at the bar to come join me
and he did.

We got back to the bar where I had been sitting and we sat down. I told the bartender
to put his drinks on my tab. We started to talk and then he said, "You know you
really don't have to dress this way to get a man or any attention. Your body speaks
for itself. I normally wouldn't have even looked or talked to you but I see beyond
this get up you have on". I told him. "You really think so. So many guys are out for
themselves and treat the woman secondary. Some are such smooth operators and they
talk a good game but leave you because they are insecure about something and some men
even think their cocks are too small. On the other hand most of the great looking
guys especially the black men know how to carry themselves and I must say you know
how to carry yourself".

We started to chat and laugh and drink JD all night and even found ourselves holding
hands and stealing a kiss every now and then. He ordered some food and that was a
good idea as I could feel the JD creeping up on me. He ordered enough because he
planned on sharing it with me. It was delicious with the chicken wings, onion rings
and the hot stuffed mushrooms.

He leaned into me and with his full lips kissed me long and hard and I slipped my
tongue into his mouth where he then did the same to me. We finished up our last JD
and I took the bill from the bartender and it was snatched from my hands and he
smiled at me and said "My treat to you; do you have any treats for me?" I told him I
did but he would have to come to my apartment to get his treats. He insisted on
driving me because he was anxious to get home with me. We got some looks and some
people still looked upon us like we are so wrong because we were showing them what we
meant to each other. We hopped into his car and I stirred him in the right direction.
He kissed me at the light before my apartment and then the doors to the dam have

We could hardly wait to get into my apartment as I opened the door, turned on the
light and he asked for me to take him to my bed which I lead him to right away and it
was the best mind blowing sex I ever had. He sucked my titties and nibbled and
squeezed my nipples and they never got so hard so fast. He ate me out as I sucked him
hard and what an erection; I honestly didn't think I would have been able to fit that
beautiful cock inside my freshly shaved naked white pussy. He teased me with his
tongue and I had come all over his face and he moaned in pleasure. He fucked me as I
asked, "Fuck me like the white cum slut that I am. Rape me, tease me, fuck me hard"
and we had a great session and the he fucked me and I even allowed him to come inside
me and he did". 

He shared my bed that night and I was determined to have that happened. He has been
in my bed for about 3 weeks now and I've never been so happy performing oral on him
and he would eat me out and make me come ever time. We have now moved in together and
we role play once in a while and I wouldn't have my life any other way. I no longer
dress like a slut but I perform like one in our bed daily.

likegirls46 says:   20 December 2011   929376  
How old r u
TitLoverofLesbians says:   28 December 2011   928176  
I'm 17
EvangelineVonGauge says :   30 August 2014   908976  
I really liked the ending.

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