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Best Friend's BrotherCategory: Sex Stories
Sunday, 11 December 2011
06:07:04 PM (GMT)
Sarah couldn't believe what was happening. Seconds ago they were having a
conversation and now she was on top of Kyle. Her brain was screaming at her to stop
immediately but the second his hand slipped into her jeans all she could think was
how badly she wanted more.

They kissed hungrily each fulfilling the other's unconscious needs. 

Kyle was Sarah's best friend and roommate's older brother. He had flown in 2 days
earlier and was crashing on their couch for a couple weeks. Sarah had seen him only a
dozen times in the 10 years she and Kate had been friends and they had said maybe 2
words to each other that entire time. To go from no communication to sudden physical
communication didn't seem to bother either of them. 

Sarah had only been trying to gain some ground in the communication department. She
had sat down beside him on the couch and began asking basic questions. He politely
answered everything eventually asking her a couple questions of his own. Then without
much warning they lunged at each other and now he was teasing her with one hand and
undoing her bra with the other. Sarah hadn't expected any of this. She had never
heard that Kyle had a girlfriend... ever. He and girl were never mentioned in the
same sentence in fact. Yet he was attractive in that looks alone could snag him
something decent kind of way. 

Once her bra was free Kyle removed it and her shirt with in one quick motion. His one
hand remained inside her pants while the other moved to support her as she arched her
back. His mouth found her left nipple, which sent shock waves through her entire
body. It all felt so good but she was sick of being teased. She leaned forward and
kissed Kyle deeply as her hands found the bottom of his shirt and then she swiftly
pulled it up over his head and tossed it onto the floor. 

"Wooooow!" Sarah breathed out as she her eyes traced over his torso, up his chest and
to his bare arms. "You should NOT keep this hidden!"

Seconds later their jeans were on the floor and they quietly took in each other.
Sarah knew there was nothing terribly special about her body, she hated most of it
but Kyle didn't seem to have any issues with it at all! He on the other hand was
toned all over. Sarah had not expected it at all but he did work on a fishing boat so
that probably had something to do with it.

Kyle sat back onto the couch and pulled her onto him. Straddling his lap she slowly
let him enter her sending more shocks of pleasure through her body. A slight moan
escaped Sarah. She met Kyle's eyes as she allowed her body to fully appreciate his
size. Their lips met as their hips began working with each other. Sarah loved how
sensual the feeling was but she wasn't disappointed when he without warning laid her
down on the couch and powerfully entered her again. She wrapped her legs around his
hips and encouraged him to go faster and deeper. 

His lips never left her body and before he came he kissed her deeply sending her over
the edge as well. 

That evening Kyle didn't head out to a bar with his friends. Instead to Kate's
surprise he stuck around to have dinner with them. 

Later that night instead of coming in late he was cumming in Sarah. With Kate asleep
in the next room they fucked as quietly as possible. Kyle keeping his mouth glued to
Sarah's to help muffle any sounds she made. 

Sarah loved him on top of her. She loved how the muscles in his arms flexed with
every little movement. She loved how her legs felt gripping his hips and how when he
made her cum her fingers and toes curled as if stopping the pleasure from shooting
out of her. 

Kate was surprised to see her brother at dinner every night after that. He told her
his friend's shift at work at been changed to overnights so they had been hanging out
during the day. In reality Kyle had been using the day to get to know every inch of

Sarah couldn't remember the last time she had been this happy although knowing Kyle
had a job to go back to had her a little on edge. While at first it was just sex she
had developed all of those feelings you're not suppose to develop for someone when
it's just about sex. Kyle had changed too. He talked a lot more which Kate seemed to
pick up on. Sarah would catch him looking at her in a way that wasn't purely sexual
and he'd grin before looking away. Whenever they could they'd find a way to touch. At
dinner Sarah would slip her foot behind his. If they were alone watching TV Kyle
would pull her close and not let go until Kate got home and if they were walking
anywhere they'd nonchalantly link pinkies while Kate wasn't paying attention.

Sneaking around made everything more intense although Sarah hoped it had more to do
with chemistry than secrecy. 

One night while they lay in bed together Kyle put his arms around Sarah and pulled
her close. 

"I'm not sure I want to leave." He said lightly kissing her neck.

"Then don't!" Sarah whispered lacing her fingers through his.

"OH MY GOD!" Kate shrieked, dropping her coffee mug onto the carpet.

Sarah and Kyle jerked awake and stared helplessly at a very shocked pajama-clad Kate
standing in the doorway. 

"Kate... I ... we... ugh, " Sarah stammered as she pulled the sheet tighter around

"Don't!" Kate said, "I can't believe you're fucking my brother! I mean I should have
known, you two have been so chatty lately. UGH, god what a mess." Kate walked back to
the kitchen to get a towel to soak up the coffee that had seeped into the pale beige

Kyle slid out of bed and slipped his jeans on just as Kate returned.

"You're not allowed to be mad." Kyle started to say but Kate raiser her hand silently
telling him to save it.

"I honestly don't give a shit who you guys fuck around with I'd just like to know
when my best friend and brother hook up so I don't feel like a complete idiot when I
walk in on them all cozy. Seriously you thought I'd be mad... you're two of my
favourite people why the hell would I be upset?" Kate laughed to herself as she
tossed the towel to Kyle. 

"Dab that up would ya!" and with that she was gone leaving Kyle and Sarah to allow
the discovery to sink in.

Sarah began mulling over what to say but before she could formulate a sentence Kyle
sat down on the bed next to her and pulled her close. 

"I guess now we don't have to keep you quiet at night!" He said leaning back.

"Oh yeah because keeping her up all night will definitely keep her in support of this
situation!" Sarah said pulling Kyle down on her.

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