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Stealing a puple and green t-rex (:Category: FB Convos
Wednesday, 30 November 2011
03:55:58 PM (GMT)
Before I start this lovely convo I need to say a few disclamers. 1) I was not high. I was on some strong pain killers for my knee. 2) I don't smoke pot or weed in the first place. 3)I don't have anything against black people. 4)I'm not crazy. Evan's Status: I come home from work today to find a high-off-his-ass Christian Right laying with my youngest daughter talking about how there were going to find and steal a purple and green t-rex. Brandi: I wanna help! Evan: You take that up with Shaye and Chris. I'm not being raped by Barney. Brandi: I hate you, you hate me, let's hang Barney from a tree, take a 44-shotgun shoot em in the head, arent you glad that barneys dead? c; Christian: First I got to go bACK TO MY DRUG DEALER. I DONT THINK I CAN TAKE HIM WITH OUT BEING HIGH OFF MY ASS. HE IS A BIG FREAKING DINO. Christian: opps..damn cap locks. Brandi: Oo-a-piece-of-candy. Christian: Ooohh Christian: what type of candy is it? Brandi: Swedish fish. C; Christian: IM A SHARK! Christian: JUST KEEP SWIMMING. Christian: JUST KEEP SWIMMING Christian: JUST KEEP SWIMMING Brandi: Are you done swimming? Christian: Ooo-a-piece-of-fish Christian: ‎>.< Brandi: Jimmy crack corn and I don't care. Christian: Yu gave my candy t Jimmy? Brandi: Fuck no I don't share my sweish fish with anybody. C; Leslie: XD! Nope I took the Swedish fish Christian: Shhhhhhh! Do you hear that? Leslie: Hear wat? Brandi: The African lions are roaring... Leslie: Uhh....don't eat me! Christian: The demeantors are upon us.. o.0 Leslie: I didn't do it Brandi: That's what they all say. Leslie: Lol(: well they can eat chris Brandi: ‎*leslie Leslie: Wat Christian: OMFGYFW! Christian: Do you frekaing see that thing over there in the corner of my room? Leslie: I am not! Leslie: Yes I do! Go kill it lol Brandi: It's me. Don't kill me. :c Leslie: Nope! Uve got red eyes, and weird black wings! Ur gunna dieSeptember Christian: NOOOO. Not that thing. It's a freaking demon nigger child. Christian: it has red eyes and sharp fangs. OH GOD IT ATE MR. FLUFFY! Leslie: Awe hail no! Christian: Oh hell yes. Leslie: It does NOT touch mr fluffy! Brandi: ‎....i'm black.... i like fluffy things....I have red eyes........and...........fangs........ Leslie: Lol told yu it was her! Christian: There goes Dwayne. Leslie: The rock Johnson? Brandi: daaaaaawayneeeeeeeeee was yummy. :3 Leslie: Lol! XD! Rotflolpmp Christian: Did you not just see the 300lb black dude that Brandi Story just ate?? Leslie: Yes I saw him Brandi: Eating chicken, watermelon, and grape koolaid after a hard day of being black. Mhm, Mhm, good. Leslie: Lol finger lickin good♥ Christian: Yuh got yuhr self a tru nigger 'ating niggers 'ight there. Leslie: Stfu! Lol Christian : BWAHAHAH. Leslie: ‎-pulls out a 45- Christian: OH DEAR GOD! Leslie: ‎-turns it sideways- Rachael: ‎-____- he was high.. Christian: i was not high. i promise hun. Evan: he was just extrememly out of it. must of been those pain killers then.
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