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Sunday, 6 November 2011
10:02:00 PM (GMT)
The girl who's iced mocha from Dunkin' Donuts is much too large.
The girl who had the balls to get her hair cut the way it is.
The girl who has the worst DT in the world; so bad that when her boyfriend holds her
hand, he needs to hold her whole body for her to stop shaking and tapping.
The girl who never does her homework at home, rather, she does it late at night, at
four in the morning, or when she gets to school.
The girl who her English teacher despises for being so defiant and hateful against
strict grammar and MLA format.
The girl who only actually got into Honors English because creative writing is all
she knows, not business letters and formal arguments.
The girl who only actually got into Honors Biology because she was bored and wanted
to take the test.
The girl who is the school band eccentric; the one who plays what she wants when she
wants how she wants during rehearsal and performances.
The girl who's supposed to be typing an essay at the moment.
The girl who recently decided she was an Athiest.
The girl who loves Chinese food so much, she would stay up so late that her mom would
come home from work on a Saturday night at midnight and together they would order
takeout before the local Chinese restaurant closed the kitchen.
The girl who wears tripp pants and an Asking Alexandria teeshirt one day, then
sweatpants and a tank top the next. 
The girl who wishes SBURB was a real game you could get for the Xbox 360.
The girl who wishes winter would hurry the fuck up so she could go snowboarding.
The girl who's scars fade just enough so that you can't see them unless you look for
The girl her fathers' side of the family hates.
The girl who's mother finds her useless.
The girl who is just a toy to her brother, in more ways than one.
The girl who wishes she could walk to Kentucky. And England. And her aunt's house.
The girl who wishes she could have her boyfriend over, walk to the little river down
the street, tell him she loves him and somehow get her very first kiss.
The girl who sits on her computer for five hours a day wanting a life at home worth
The girl who's baby blanket has been reduced to a ball of string.
That girl with the disco ball in her locker.
That girl who wears those hats that look like animals.
That girl who wants to sleep in her basement behind her drumset.
That girl who probably already has, only at school.
The only girl who really doesn't hate the student teacher in band.
I am Shay. You are not. Lucky you.
Last edited: 6 November 2011

‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   7 November 2011   183332  
*Unlucky me, sorry I'm a Grammar Nazi
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   7 November 2011   880021  
‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   7 November 2011   649024  
*sigh* never mind 
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   7 November 2011   772219  
Okay... xD 
‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   7 November 2011   943522  
>.> nobody ever gets my jokes... 
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   7 November 2011   562772  
I'm sowwy. :P 
‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   7 November 2011   460267  
It's fine, I was saying that I'm UNLUCKY I'm not you 
‹~(Shaywee)~› says :   7 November 2011   155055  
No, you're lucky that you're not me. 

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