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Saturday, 3 September 2011
09:23:53 AM (GMT)
A giant explosion of unimaginable proportions coursed through the planet as the
Intrigue rose away from it, desperate to escape the, soon to be, system eating black
hole. The passengers trembled in fear as the immense g-forces pushed them back into
their seats, An Eerie silence filling the ship as it silently pushed away from the
growing gravity. The silence violently torn away from the ship as the afterburners
kick in, stressing the ship as the hull groans against the force of the engines. This
ship contained only a fraction of the survivors, but those that survived were as
little as thousands out of the millions of the planets inhabitants. The Qwilf had
begun making well organized and deadly incursions into human space several months
ago, but nobody thought it would come as far as this.

The ship slowly calmed as it escaped the system, the engines drifting off to a silent
humming. He wondered if they had truly escaped though, the Qwilf were renowned for
being relentless in their attacks, killing any survivors they found, they have never
been known to take survivors, no matter how valuable. He told the ship to turn off
all non-essential systems, the easiest way to be found was if he panicked and ran, he
reasoned they would not find him if the ship appeared nothing more than a wreck. Soon
after, a flash appeared a mere hundred kilometres away, the light fading to reveal a
rugged, heap of metal and panels, a Qwilf ship. Worry hit him like a sledgehammer. He
watched in terror as the ship flew around shortly before disappearing in another
flash of light. He breathed a heavy sigh of relief, not realizing he was holding his
"Intrigue, spin up FTL Drives and start us towards the horse-head nebula, I want to
get somewhere safe." he commanded the ship as all the lights flickered to life. 
The ship began to slowly turn, gently groaning as it is reminded of the stress of FTL
travel, but just as it began to turn 3 smaller flashes flare up behind it, marking
the arrival of more Qwilf.
"Oh Sh*t!" he yelled as the flashes appeared behind him.
"We need to leave now!" he half yelled, panic rising up inside him.
"If we leave now it will cause damage to the FTL drives and fling us into dark space,
John" the ship replied.
"How long untill we can leave?"
"5 minutes, shall I power up shields?"
He stared into the console, analyzing the motionless Qwilf ships.
"Wait, I don't think they have noticed us yet, keep them ready, but don't put them
up, I have an idea" John said as he Watched them, trailing off towards the end.

'God, they are dumb aren't they?' he thought to himself, watching the ships as
various panels of glass appeared around him, glowing with light. He began to open the
controls for the single turret intrigue is equipped with.
"If we were to charge a mining crystal, and then fire it at them, would the explosion
be enough to disarm them for long enough for us to get away?" he enquired, having
heard about mining barges doing similar things during pirate raids. Ordinarily the
price of firing a mining laser would render it not a choice, however money is not a
issue in this case.
"Yes, I believe it would, but the resulting radiation could be of damage to me" the
ship blankly stated
"Radiation? What kind of mining barge is this? Never mind, prepare the crystal, I
want it to be ready soon" he said, burying his curiosity, being reminded of the
urgency of the situation.
"I’m sorry John, that is confidential, readyi- erecting shields" the ship
interrupted it's self, a rumble going through the ship as the shield absorbs the
first shot.
He looked down at his watch, 3:29 minutes to go, 'too long' he thought to himself.
"When will the crystal be done intrigue?" he asked, surprisingly calmly given the
"24 seconds" the ship replied, it's voice wobbling slightly
"Fire it when it's ready intrigue" he said, a light tear running down his cheek.

A huge rumble erupted through the ship, the glowing crystal flying out from the ship
towards the Qwilf, leaving a light yellow trail as it glides along. 
The Qwilf, realizing what this is, immediately begin to slowly turn their ships and
bellows of smoke erupt from their engines as their afterburners push the engines to
the limit. The engines fail moments before the explosion, the crystal exploding into
a magnificent mixture of blue and yellow, tearing the third ship apart and knocking
the second two against each other and away. He watched in shock as the explosion
erupted before them slowly, a slight smile appearing on his face.
"Get us out of here intrigue, I've had enough of these barbarians" he said as he
walked off to the captains quarters.
"Soon John"

A flash appeared, silently fading away to reveal the intrigue as it arrived in the
horse head nebula. It slowly approached the citadel, a central structure to the
humans operations in the area, it was nearing 300 years old now, and although it had
a upstanding reputation, due to it's lack of regulations it is regularly used as a
drug port and meeting place for otherwise illegal groups. He smiled as he watched the
survivors run to the citadel, greeting the safety with open arms.
"So I guess this is good bye for us intrigue, I guess prophecy will be wanting you
back now" he said, trailing off, realizing he had grown attached to the ship after
the ordeal.
"I believe so John, you did a great thing, saving them." the ship stated
"Yeah well.. It wasn't enough was it? Apparently we were the only group to survive..
Well, i'll be seeing you around intrigue" he said, trying to prevent his emotions
from boiling over.
Last edited: 3 January 2012

Paizuri_Prince says :   24 December 2011   934097  
A few typos, but its really good. <3


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