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Friday, 12 August 2011
08:27:20 AM (GMT)
Do you know anyone who's been pregnant at a young age?  Yeah.

Do you get Happy Meals if there is a cool toy?  xD I probably would.

What are you wearing right now?  Blue shorts, tiedye shirt and my big grey shirt. :D

Are you at school right now? I am not.

Are you on a Mac or PC right now?  PC.

Do you catch a bus regularly? Nah.

Have you ever liked someone who was taken? ohyeah.

Do you know anyone named Amy? I do. :D

When did you last have hiccups?  Couple days ago.

Do you remember how you got them?  ...? They just happened?

Any birthdays coming up?  uhhhm. Sam's is tomorrow.

What are your neighbours like?  I have lots of neighbors. xD It happens when you live
at a 5-way intersection. lololol.
Other side of big street neighbors are very nice, have cute children, I babysit for
them, I like them. Other side of my road neighbors are kind of strange, got divorced
a while ago, the wife moved in with the guy next door who also got divorced recently
and the husband still lives in that house, their daughter is a bitch and used to work
at Market Basket. Next to us on my road neighbors moved out so there's never anyone
there. Next to us on big big street neighbors are black and have chickens, and I
don't know them at all so idk what they're really like.

Have you ever been to Australia?  NOT YET.

When was the last time you showered? Yesterday when I got home.

Do politics piss you off?  No.
sometimes. xD 

What operating system do you have? Vista.

Describe your favorite lip gloss.  I don't really use any.

Don't you hate how some restrooms have music?  NO I LOVE IT.

Are any of your great relatives alive?   Great grandmother on my mom's side, uhh...
step-step-great grandfather (?... mom's stepdad's stepdad... xD), uhh... step-great
grandmother died this year, great grandfather died a couple years ago, great
grandmarents on my dad's side died when I was in 4th grade-ish? Other ones on that
side I never knew.
What is your favorite breed of dog?  Husky,

Have you ever punched someone in the face and meant it?  Possibly?

Have you ever had an operation? What for?  wisdom teeth.

Are you currently on any medication?  I am.

Do you have a YouTube channel?  Yup.

If so, have you uploaded any videos?  Yup.

Are you wearing any earrings right now?  Indeed.

How many sugars do you like in your tea?  I don't really drink tea.

Who else is in the room you're in?   FOLEY.

Do you use Facebook?  Yeah.

Do you stick photos or posters on your walls? Yup.

Have you ever ripped clothes by falling over?  xD yes.

Are you a dog or a cat person?  Both. c:

Have you met any of your second cousins? uhm yes!

Do you like Adam Sandler movies?  Sure.

Do you hoard anything?  no? xD

Do you drink a lot of energy drinks?  No.

Quick, pirates or ninjas?  PIRATES.

Are you a fan of Twilight?  Nah.

Would you rather kiss Robert Pattinson or Pete Wentz?  Neither. ew.

What was the last thing you ate?  JELLO.

What colour of skittles is your favourite?  Orange and yellow. :D

Do you know any MILFs? Nah son.

Are you wearing shoes right now? nope.

If so, what colour are they? NO.


Tell me where you got each article of clothing you�re wearing atm.   I don't know.

What movie did you see last time you went to the cinema?  Gnomeo and Juliet.

Do you own anything that glows in the dark?  YUP.

Do you prefer spray or roll-on deodorant?  the normal kind? 

Have you had your first period yet?  yeah?

If so, how old were you?  uhh 13?

Do you have more family on mum or dad's side? Mom.

Who is the eleventh message in your phone from?  idk, Dan?

What does it say?   I don't know.

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