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[ten] things you prolly dunno about meCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 29 June 2011
06:00:26 PM (GMT)
Or maybe you do... iunno ;3;
10 'cause 20 is far too long, amigo

1) I haaaate breakfast. The time is impossible to eat at and the food is completely
unappetizing to me. ...'cept cereal but even then, I can't eat it for breakfast.

2) Chances are, if you know me very well, you may be aware of 1, maybe 2, of my
'crushes.' To be honest, I have waaaaaaaay more than that. I rank them as to how much
I like them but that always changes. It can change within 15 minutes >3<  and some I
can just have the slightest attraction to but still be able to obsess over them for
the remainder of the day/week/idek.

3) I can get so ashamed of my fingers/eye area in general that I wish for gloves/mask
to cover them up. My finger nails and the skin around them have bitten so much and
the bags under my eyes upset me so much. ;n;

4) I like Justin Bieber. He has a very nice face that looks even better as he gets
older and songs that get stuck in my head constantly that I can relate to. I think
he's crazy talented and he seems like someone I'd be best friends with if he went to
my school.

5) I don't have a favourite band or artist. None. I can listen to a couple songs from
an album and watch some music videos but I'm not a die-hard fan of anyone. There are
some I like more than others, but honestly, there's no obsession. E'eryone's neutral
to me, lul.

6) I think I can sing but I prolly can't. Whenever I hear myself sing, it sounds sooo
amazing to me but whenever someone records it, I sound like dirt. My voice is very
weak, nasally, and I can barely reach any high notes on camera but idk; I can't get
over the voice I hear when I'm singing to myself so I'll probably keep doing it ;w;

7) My ultimate dream for the summer is to become thinner. Like a 0. Like my cousin. I
don't want anyone to think I was ever fat once I'm through with the next 2 months. 

 I don't have a strong connection with my dad. Never have, prolly never will. I
probably because I spend so much more time with my mom, idk. I talk to him, but more
because I'm forced to unless I wanna hear him accusing me of liking mom more. We're
not mad at each other and I love him, but iunno.

9) I love food. lmfao, with a passion. I dig sushi, Italian, Mexican, Iraqi, Chinese,
Greek and prolly way more taht I can't think of right now. :D

10) Whether it's a month from now or a decade later, I don't want to know the future.
I hate guidance councillors that continuously talk to me about it and now any
conversation I have with someone slightly older leads to my education and career.
Stfu, the only thing I'm looking forward to in the future is that sweet laptop and
tablet I'll be getting in a couple of weeks. kthanks.


branches says:   29 June 2011   765357  
breakfast food is so heavy.

it doesn't make any sense
summerrain says:   30 June 2011   668974  
abwhtg2y4r ;m; it's so blaaahhhhh 
tiggerlemon101 says:   3 July 2011   865113  
Don't be 0; I was a zero in like grade eight.  It's not super

Be like a 2 or something.  Anyway, you're NOT fat.  Who told you that?
 I think you're thinner than I am.
summerrain says:   3 July 2011   927493  
Imma 1 right now kinda, so I don't think it'll make much of a
difference; just give me a sense of accomplishment

Lool, not right now but a couple years ago... daaaaaamn ;w; 
tiggerlemon101 says :   3 July 2011   370348  
LOL I was like the fattest child ever in JK to grade 4, then I was
malnourished until grade seven when I started taking dance really
seriously and got 'athletic.' 


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