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Death of a DrunkardCategory: Short Stories
Thursday, 23 June 2011
03:54:22 PM (GMT)
     Pahom wasn't always an ill looking guy.  He used to be known for his
handsome looks.  He was tall, slender, and somewhat built.  What else would could a
woman ask for?  
    Meeka was the woman who altered his life.  Pahom fell in love with her.  One
thing led to another and they got married.  Everyone in town came to their wedding.
 The happily married couple received many blessings and bottles of Vodka.  However,
three weeks after their marriage Pahom's happy life changed dramatically.  He was
    The day came where he finally had to get in the back of the trooper truck.
 Meeka cried and kissed him her final goodbye.   Little did the happy couple know,
that was their last time together.  
     While Pahom was gone, a baby girl was born.  Her name was Libby, she favored
Pahom.  After the birth of Libby, Meeka got very depressed.  She couldn't stand the
fact of raising a child without a husband.  She gave baby Libby to the adoption
center before she could grow attached.  Sadly after she handed Libby away she
realized it was too late.  Libby was gone and she already wanted her back. 
    The next day Meeka went to the adoption center and demanded she get her child
back.  The headmaster demanded her to leave.  Meeka was escorted out by two
    Meanwhile, Pahom was fighting battle after battle against Germany.
 Protecting Russia came with a price, and it was watching your fellow comrades fall.
 He developed alcohol addictions and would soon become a complete drunkard.  
     When Pahom found out he was going to return home soon he immediately wrote
Meeka a letter telling her the great news.  When Meeka received the letter her face
went dim an lifeless.  She knew what she was going to do.  She didn't want to tell
Pahom about his now daughter.  She knew Libby was most likely already adopted.
 However she also did not want to keep a secret.   
     Weeks passed and Pahom finally returned home.   He was expecting Meeka to
rush to him and give him a warm welcome.  "Meeka?" he called. There was no answer.
 He dropped his bag on the floor and searched the house.   
     He found Meeka.  Laying on their bed.  Dead.  He dropped to his knees
crying.   Then he noticed a note on the desk in their room.  It read:

My Dearest Pahom,
     Everything happens for a reason. I couldn't bare to tell you this, or keep it
a secret.  You had a little girl while you were gone.  I named her Libby.  Lord
knows where she is now, I put her up for adoption.  I couldn't take care of a child
without you around.  The moment after I gave her away I was cursed with eternal
guilt and regret.  
I will always love you Pahom.

     Pahom slammed his fists on the desk and immediately went to a bar. He got
drunk, again and again, every night, for the next three years.  He was no longer the
Pahom everyone knew him as.  
     Seven years passed and he came to the realization that he wanted to meet his
daughter.   He went to the adoption center and they gave him the address of Libby's
new family.  He traveled ten hours away to the house.  
     The house was vacant.  He asked the neighbors if they knew where the family
moved and all they could tell him was "about three-hundred kilometers kilometers
south in a town called Kardik.  Once again Pahom found himself on the road.  
     He finally reached Kardik and went to a post office.  He got the new address
of Libby's family.    This time, the house was  holding a family.
      Pahom knocked on the door.   A young girl answered, in her early teens.
 "Hello?  May I help you?" she asked, unsure of who Pahom was.  
    "Is there a little girl here by the name of Libby?"  Pahom questioned. 
     The yong looked sad all of a sudden.  She called for her parents.   The old
couple came to the door and explained to Pahom that Libby died two years ago from
tuberculosis.  After the short conversation Pahom left sad and unsatisfied.
     Once he returned home, he became a drunkard again and ruined himself.    He
went through depression also, this is how he got so ill looking.   The handsome man
we once knew now hanging from his own chandelier.   Such a shame... 

Suicide is never the answer.

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