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GPX+ Guide/How-Tos Pt 2, Shelter Grabbing and TimingCategory: How-To/Guide
Tuesday, 7 June 2011
12:49:46 PM (GMT)
In this guide, I will be telling you a little bit about Shelter grabs. I am a bit
rusty on eggs, but still.

The Shelter - Eggs
You can have up to 6 pokemon in your party, 5 if your in an exploration (see my
exploration guide 
Eggs are shown 60 at a time, and are usually where you can find the 'mythical'
novelty eggs and occasionally legendaries (very very occasionally. I've only ever
seen one once)
The key to nabbing the good eggs is to
A) Refresh a few times
a1 - if you haven't found anything that you want, keep refreshing or checking back
until the number goes up
a2 - when the number goes up, slow down a bit, because that means something new is
B) Have some-one breed a novelty or pokemon for you, probably a friend
C) Visit the shelter frequently
The Shelter - Pokemon
Pokemon are shown 15 at a time, quite a tiny amount considering the regular egg
number of 293. When the Safari Zone level is at 293, it does have some potential gems
for you, but its usually just normal pokemon milling around. 
293-295 - Mostly just normal pokemon. You can get level ones for explorations,
specific gender, and other simpleminded pokemon. You can usually find a slime slugmas
at this level but they only appear at your refresh every so often
295-297 - There is a chance of something good being here. Its a bit more lucky that
293-295, and it probably means there are some pretty good stuff, but nothing any one
else has gone for.
298+ - There is most definitely something in here. It could be a legendary, a
novelty, a high level for an exploration, a level 100 - possibilities are endless.

Also, even though its mostly Safari drops or one egg drops every so often, the
Breeding Aristocracy v2 is a good place to go for your novelty and occasionally
legendary needs 

SO! I hope this helped you on your Shelter grabs, see Pt 1 for help with your
Last edited: 7 June 2011

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