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30 Days of Anime ~Day 22Category: (general)
Tuesday, 5 April 2011
02:51:44 PM (GMT)
Day 22 - favourite shounen ai couple TEE HEE I HAVE BEEN WATING FOR THIS ONE SINCE DAY ONE PREPARE FOR A MASSIVE ENTRY. WITH LOADS OF POT PAIRINGS. 1. Niou x Yagyuu; Prince of Tennis Doubles 1 from Rikkaidai Fuzoku, also called the Platinum Pair. THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING Not only do they have the most amazing chemistry, they also DRESS UP AS EACHOTHER. YEAH. I KNOW. 2. Shishido x Choutarou; Prince of Tennis Doubles 1 from Hyotei Gakuen, also called the Silver Pair. D'AWWWWWW These guys are ADORABLE. Plus the fact that Shishido (brown-haired shorty) is SUCH a Uke, despite being the older of the pair. Also, Choutarou was prepared to sacrifice his position as regular on the tennis team so Shishido could be one again. 8D 3. Oshitari x Gakuto; Prince of Tennis Doubles 2 from Hyotei Gakuen, also called the Dirty Pair. YEAH. THAT'S RIGHT. DIRTY. AND FUCK ARE THESE GUYS SEXY. This pairing is really hammed up in the musicals; "Sorry about yesterday... I wanted to call you over the phone..." FFFFFFFFFFFFFF 4. Ooishi x Eiji; Prince of Tennis Doubles 1 from Sheishun Gakuen, also called the Golden Pair. (Anyone else sensing a theme here?) I LOVE THESE GUYS. Once again, really hammed up in the musicals; "What kind of relationship do you two have? Never mind, I already have a very good idea." Plus they hold hands in one of the OVA ending themes. *w* 5. England x America; Hetalia Axis Powers/World Series I have two words for you; SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP. That is all. 6. Ichigo x Ishida; Bleach C; They have SO MANY MOMENTS. In fact, there's one extra scene from the anime, where Ichigo asks where Ishida is, Orihime says he called in sick with a cold and Ichigo.... WIPES HIS MOUTH I'll let that sink in for a minute. Been snogging a certain someone, have we Ichigo? 7. Saiko x Shuujin; Bakuman BECAUSE IT'S SO FREAKING OBVIOUS. "He's more than a friend; he's the other half of my soul." Well, Well, Well. 8. Lavi x Allen; D.Gray-Man THIS MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKS THE ALMIGHTY TRUTH. The fight they had near the end of the anime only serves to further this pairing. "What's with that face, you look as if your heart's just been broken" 9. Ikki x kazu; Air Gear THEY'RE SO DOING IT OMG Plus the whole fight they had with NO TOPS ON. I liked that chapter :D 10. Grell x William; Kuroshitsuji I think this sums up their amazing relationship. Grell's a masochist, William's a sadist. THEY FIT TOGETHER PERFECTLY! 11-20. Eliot x Reo; Pandora Hearts Naruto x Sasuke; Naruto Tezuka x Fuji; Prince of Tennis Sweden x Finland; Hetalia Axis Powers/World Series Johan x Juudai; Yu-Gi-Oh!GX Prussia x Austria; Hetalia Axis Powers/World Series Yuki x Kyou; Fruits Basket Ukitake x Shunsui; Bleach Kakuzu x Hidan; Naruto Inui x Kaidoh; Prince of Tennis;

Bootheghost says:   5 April 2011   211526  
Right. So how long did this monster take you? XD
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   5 April 2011   458165  
Just under an hour xDD 
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says:   6 April 2011   529639  
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   7 April 2011   938965  
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says:   7 April 2011   346751  
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   7 April 2011   633811  
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says :   7 April 2011   278634  

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