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Never leaving your side,[Corbys Condition Drabble]Category: (general)
Saturday, 19 February 2011
02:42:22 PM (GMT)

She hadn't woken up in two days but Shadow would not leave her side. He would rather
have thrown himself infront of a bus than go home by himself. 
This entire issue started merely two days ago on a monday evening.

"Corby? Orphan or My Bloody Valentine?" The black haired male called out into the
room from the kitchen he was standing in."Corby?" He asked again, popping his head
around the door. His face touched into a smile at seeing the one he loved so much
asleep on the sofa, sprawled out. He walked over to her, planting a kiss on her
forehead.  He shook her shoulder and frowned when she didn't wake up."Hey, come on,"
Shadow told her."Wakey Wakey," But Corby did not wake from her slumber. It was around
that time he realised he couldn't hear her breathing, the rise and fall of her chest
wasn't there...

The boy blinked back tears, wiping them with the back of his hand. He looked down at
the un moving body of Corby, how pale and sickly her body was, how thin she was
turning out. It made him feel ill, he just wanted to see her awake, full of life and
teasing him for screaming like Justin Bieber. He smiled at the thought. He let out a
sigh, running his hand through his hair.

A doctor walked up to Shadow, his face grave. This was the day after he'd brought her
in, stayed up all night and not slept. And when he did sleep, he'd wake up a few
moments later just from panic. 
"I'm guessing your the one that brought her in," The man in the white coat said to
the younger boy who nodded quickly."And I'm guessing your...close, with the patient?"
Once again, he nodded.
"Miss Jai appears to have a rare condition. Her body is suddenly starting to reject
the wolven cells in her bloodstream and they are dying off. These dead cells are
clogging up her arteries to her heart, making simple things like the flow of
oxygenated blood difficult." Shadow's mouth hung open slightly."W-what can we do to
stop it?" A hand was placed on his shoulder and the doctor smiled sadly."We're doing
all we can. We can't treat something we don't know. Just spend as much time with her
as possible and will her to keep going while we're figuring out something," and he
walked off.
For the first time in his life, Shadow was reduced to tears with no one there to
comfort him. 

Even now the memory made him shake, made him cry. Why wasn't there a cure? Surely
Corby was not the only wolf girl in the entire world? Shouldn't there be a cure? Or
was that just a lie that was told to all and everyone was meant to belive that
whoever had this would live a normal like?
The negative thoughts crossed his mind every time and Shadow burried his head into
the bedsheets, his body being racked with muffled sobs. A cold hand on his arm caused
him to look up and red, puffy eyes stared into dull green ones."Don't worry, I've
just got a cold. I'll be fine," Corby said quietly, smiling happily down at him. He
jumped, wrapping his arms tightly around her but being careful- he was scared she'd
break if he put to much pressure on her bones and wept into her shoulder.
Oh how wrong she was,

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   754482  
I loves this so much ^^
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   185161  
Keheh thankyou ^-^ 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   575740  
You're welcome! ^^
It was so beautifully written too~ 
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   453745  
You really think?
It was 10 minute drabble xD 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   511994  
Drabble my ass!
It's epic *¬* 
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   439940  
I just have to write some stages now xD 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   888355  
Stages are FUN! =D
I need to start AHS again... 
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   188957  
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   481342  
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   621290  
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   810100  
Done, betch! But I'm going to the river now!
(location of Angel and Alexander, I believe~) 
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   395387  
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   19 February 2011   234830  
I were wrong!
They're in the town xD 
‹knight of ren› says:   19 February 2011   392387  
I vas thinking zat~ 
‹Tama_♦› says:   19 February 2011   528388  
I think Alice and Neoma were at the river... or wait... did they move
to the town also??? XD
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   20 February 2011   398225  
Awwwwww~ This be so saaaaad TT__TT
But very good at the same time~ ^.^

(Alice is in the Town, Neoma is at the river with Carly~ ^.^)


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