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Twins. {Story}{cont.}Category: backups.
Saturday, 15 January 2011
10:14:53 PM (GMT)
Calvin Mason knew he had seen the freak twins kissing under the bleachers. He knew that he had seen them and he wasn’t imagining it. It was his greatest fantasy, really, and he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he had imagined it. But if it was true, and he saw it again, and he could get proof, Calvin knew he could hold it against the twins and make them his. They were beautiful, and always had been. It made no sense to anyone as to why they were so secluded, or why they never left each other’s side. But Calvin, he didn’t care that they were freaks. They were twins, and they were beautiful, and that was all he needed to know. It helped that he was almost positive that they were kissing. His only problem was figuring out how to get proof they were doing it. They’d gotten away with it for a while now he suspected, and it wasn’t going to be easy catching them doing it again. But when he did, the rest would be easy. At least, that’s what he thought. He didn’t know who he was dealing with. When his moment came, and he clicked the shutter, he never knew what great of a mistake that was. Calvin rang the girl’s large house’s doorbell. He rocked from one foot to the other, he was nervous, and the house gave him the creeps. A woman opened the door, her hair a mess and her clothes wrinkled. She looked disheveled, and like she held many secrets. “Excuse me ma’am, I’m here to see the bell’s of the house.” He thought he was crafty, with his not so clever use of their names. “Why? They don’t like people to come to the house.” The woman answered him harshly, wishing nothing more than him to get out before he got wrapped into Belle’s warped reality. “Trust me, they’ll want me to come in, their fate depends on it.” He hoped he sounded dangerous and dark when he said this. Honestly, he sounded like an idiot who watched too many action movies, but the woman let him in anyway. He was led to a large pink door, and he watched the woman knock on the door. “G-girls! You have a visitor.” She stammered, and walked away from the door, and scurried as far away as she could before Belle could realize it had been her who let the boy in. Calvin watched her, horrified at what he might see. He held his ground though, as he heard mutterings, and someone yell a curse word. The door was suddenly open, and there stood Belle, in an outfit that caused Calvin’s jaw to drop. Her school shirt was becoming unbuttoned, her bra and cleavage showing clearly. Her hair wasn’t in its usual pony tail, but was in loose ringlets falling around her face. He looked behind her, and saw Isabella trying to hunt down her skirt, her shirt also falling open. She looked up at him, and shook her head, knowing his fate. “What the hell do you want, Mason?” Belle snarled at him. Calvin looked back at her, shocked she even knew his name. He’d never even heard the girls speak, and even with anger attached, the girl’s voice was beautiful and sultry. “I have something you’ll be very interested in.” He stated, gathering his composure and reaching in his bag. A sarcastic grin spread across his face, “Really, you’ll be incredibly interested in it.” Belle glared at him, and crossed her arms, “Will I? Really! You promise?” She laughed at him, “You couldn’t interest me if you were the only human on the planet and in a clown suit, asshole.” She rolled her eyes, and started to shut the door on him, wishing to return to her twin. Calvin took a dangerous step towards her and put his hand on the door. He was a head taller than her, and he was positive that he was stronger than her. He didn’t expect any sort of fight. “How would you feel if everyone in the school knew you were kissing you sister, and then they got the government involved? Isn’t that illegal, or something? And either way you couldn’t live that down for your entire life.” Calvin raised a cocky eyebrow, “and all you’d have to do to keep that from happening is doing exactly what I tell you to, for just one night. You, your twin, me, and my video camera, that’s all. No one would have to know.” “Why the hell should we believe you?” Isabella peered over her twin’s shoulder, and glared at him. She’d never liked Calvin, and he’d always made her feel a little sick to be around, even just sitting next to him in class. She watched him pull an envelope out of his bag, and watched as Belle snatched it up. Belle tore it open, and they both stared at the picture of them kissing. Isabella shook her head, wondering what caused this boy to be such an idiot. “That’s why, girls. Because I have several copies of that picture saved on my computer and unless you do what I say, nothing is stopping me from showing everyone.” Calvin crossed his arms and watched the girls exchange looks. He watched a coy look appear on Belle’s face, and she raised her eyebrows at him. “Well, Calvin, dear boy, let my twin and I take just a moment to get ourselves ready, and we’re at your command.” Belle told him, no fight in her voice at all. Calvin nodded, not know what there was to really prepare for. “But Belle-“ Isabella began, but Belle pushed her sister back, and shut the door. The girls stared each other down inside their room for a moment, and then Belle finally spoke. “I don’t like him. And what do we do to people we don’t like Isabella?” She didn’t let her twin answer, she just smiled, “You play along with me, and do as I say, is that clear?” She watched Isabella nod, and then she opened the bedroom door again. She smiled seductively at Calvin, and pulled him inside by his belt loops. Isabella quietly shut the door behind them. “Well Mister Calvin, what on earth is it you’ll have my twin and I do? Knit you something? Paint you a picture?” She smiled innocently. Isabella sat quietly on the floor at Calvin’s feet and she spoke, “Maybe we’ll give him a haircut, or tell him a story. We could sing for you Calvin, is that what you want?” Isabella giggled, as innocently as her sister’s smile was. Calvin stared at them, not expecting this reaction. He, of course, didn’t really know the girls, but this seemed unusual to him. He decided he’d take the risk, however, and go along with it. Calvin had no class about him, however, and he was completely blunt about his intentions. “Sex, that’s what I want. From both of you, at the same time, I want sex. I want it on tape, so I can watch it again to make sure it happened. I want to be touching your bodies and hear you moan. I want to see you two kissing each other, and touching each other. That’s what I want.” He frowned, hoping they wouldn’t completely go insane, or something strange. Belle raised her eyebrows, “Aren’t you blunt, but fine. Turn your camera on, and I’ll let Bella start, just let me tell her what to do. She only listens to me.” Calvin nodded, accepting this answer while Belle whispered into Isabella’s ear. Isabella kept shaking her head, until Belle lifted up her sleeve to show her the scars on her arm and reminding her of their promise. Isabella finally sighed, and agreed. The camera was set up, and rolling. Isabella told Calvin to stand in front of her, and she grinned up at him, still sitting in the floor. “You let me do what Belle told me to, and you’ll be as happy as can be.” Isabella told him, looking at him innocently. She tugged on his belt buckle, slyly undoing it. Her fingers undid his pant buttons with ease, and before she continued, Belle interrupted, “Calvin, we’re both virgins. We’ve never been with a boy. I need to go get something that will make this easier, okay?” She half asked, half informed him, cocking her head at him, hoping he wouldn’t argue. He didn’t, he was too excited about what Isabella was about to do. Belle left, and Isabella painstakingly slowly pulled his pants down, and then reached for his boxers. She saw out of the corner of her eye her twin easing out of the secret door in their room. She smiled at Calvin, slipping her fingers into the waist of his boxers, “You messed with the wrong girls, bitch.” She snarled at him. Calvin didn’t have time to think, as the bullet hit his head, a direct hit, as always. Belle never missed what she was aiming for, and she always killed it. Isabella looked at her twin, and stood quietly, then closed her eyes. “The maid did it, and you’re going to take care of it. Right, Belle? It was the maid?” Isabella opened her eyes to feel Belle holding her tightly, kissing her neck and leading her to their bed. “Yes, Bella, the maid did it, and I’ll clean it up after we finish what we were doing earlier.” Belle grinned as she rammed her hand inside Isabella’s underwear, and heard her twin moan. “I’ll always take care of it, Bella.”
“You mean you and your sister, you…” Phillip raised his eyebrows at her, wondering why someone would allow their sister to do such things to them. “Yea, we did, quite regularly, actually. If you weren’t allowed any attention from anyone but that one single person, you’d take what you could get. And if she wanted it there was no arguing. If I argued, I died. That’s as simple as it gets, honestly.” Isabella sighed, and hugged herself. She wasn’t really comfortable with talking about this, as it made her seem more freakish than she already was. Her sister had made her this way, true, but everyone had expected her to be able to stand up for herself, at least a bit anyway. She never could, and she hated that about herself. Phillip could see it, in her eyes and hey body language- that she hated herself. Although she flaunted her body, that was just because that was what she was taught by her twin, there was nothing else she knew. She was just a toy, and she knew it, and she hated it. “Well, I uh, I don’t care to hear about the final murder, I know all the details on that one. That’s how you two got caught, with the kidnapping, and the sudden, completely incautious murder of the boy. But he wasn’t just any boy, right? He was your secret boyfriend?” Phillip asked her, and raised his eyebrows at her, waiting for an answer. She looked away, trying to hide the look in her eyes, and biting her lip to keep it from trembling. “Isabella, she’s killing people you loved, or you want to love. Don’t you want it to stop?” Phillip asked her, holding out his hand to her, wishing to make her feel secure. “I thought you caught her! I thought you police officers caught her and I was just in here to tell the truth because everyone knows she’s a liar!” Isabella started to go into a panic, and she looked at him, terrified, “I thought you had her.” She whispered, her lips trembling again and her body beginning to shake. “Now, Isabella calm down, I thought they told you. Didn’t they? Isabella, Belle escaped. They had her in the Psych Ward and she convinced a nurse to leave her unattended for a moment. No one is really sure where she went. Isabella, don’t you know why you’re here?” Phillip watched the girl look more horrified by the second. He wanted to hold her, to make her feel safe. He knew, however, with Belle on the loose, Isabella would not be safe. “Isabella, we need you to lead us to your sister. That’s why you’re here, to give us a basic idea as to where she could be. She would never expect you to betray her; you’re her only and closest companion.” Phillip stared at her. “I can’t.” She muttered. “We need you to, or you’re going to the Psych Ward too.” He told her, sitting back. He knew the threat would set her off. “No! You can’t do that! You can’t do that to me!” She yelled at him, standing up suddenly. “I can’t be told I’m crazy! I’m NOT crazy! Belle is!” She started to stammer, not knowing what to say. “We could tell everyone that Belle killed you, Isabella, and then, we could tell everyone you were Belle. And that you, were just lying about everything.” The threat was dark, and Isabella knew they could do it. Tears streamed down her face, and she shook her head, until finally she whispered, “I’ll do it.”
Last edited: 16 January 2011

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 January 2011   478235  
Poor Calvin ;A;
enchantedmistakes says:   15 January 2011   449252  
haha, he deserved it JUST a bit. Creeeeper.
but yup yup. I think I'm done for the night. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 January 2011   901413  
I should cry because you just stopped it ;A;
Lol, kidding. >.> Maybe.
Do you do profile layouts? If not, where'd you get yours? 
enchantedmistakes says:   15 January 2011   319870  
My friend is insisting I at least write the next part before I
go off and play Resident Evil for the night, so no cry!
that's my layout account. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 January 2011   778065  
God bless your friend :D

M'kay thankss.
I just love how your profile is layed out, I don't know how to get
ride of all the extra, like your avatar and the send message. Also how
to make those links to send messages and see other stuff... Would you
mind teaching me sometime? I'll send you a message, I don't need us
two spamming over your diary if you are willing, that is.. >.> 
enchantedmistakes says:   15 January 2011   159703  
send me a letter, because I have a tendency.
to not respond.
to anything. 
except IM's and letters and comments.

but yea I can teach you whenever you'd like. I need to get my brain
off this Belle character or I'll dream about her and. she'll be like,
"IF YOU KILL ME IN THE ENDING I'LL GET YOU." srsly, she scares me, and
she's not real. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 January 2011   968627  
okai, letter it is.

LMAO But is that why Bella is able to talk to the doctor person?
Because Belle is dead or in prison or something, right? >.< 
enchantedmistakes says:   15 January 2011   584975  
I can't tell you that.
only one person knows the basic ending. You'll have to wait(: 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 January 2011   609863  
You leaving me hanging like this upsets me.
Lmao, hurry up and write the whole story so I'd know! xD 
enchantedmistakes says:   15 January 2011   829737  
no no no.
I'm done for the night,
/off  to play games. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 January 2011   805689  
Fiiiiiiiiiiiine >:[ I'll wait until tomorrow. :D 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   16 January 2011   898284  
enchantedmistakes says:   16 January 2011   101762  
not tonight. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   16 January 2011   589958  
enchantedmistakes says:   16 January 2011   187970  
I don't feel like writing, and if I write now it won't be good.

I'm getting a head start on chores tonight anyhow. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   17 January 2011   361006  
Bleh. >:[
Fine, I'll just wait another long, long day... 
‹EcoAßßy› says:   18 January 2011   352875  
Ooo! I love your twins story. Do carry it on!
enchantedmistakes says:   18 January 2011   937032  
thank you!
I've got a load of homework today ):
and had an essay last night to type.

But hopefully I'll get to work on it tonight some. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   18 January 2011   857040  
I hope you can. :D 

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