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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 4Category: Organization 13
Wednesday, 29 December 2010
05:34:28 PM (GMT)

"Xiannon... do you believe in fairies..?" Arie asked Xiannon.
"No. But I did once when I was little. I believed in a lot of things that I don't
anymore." Xiannon told Arie.
"Well, last night a fairy visited me. And it wasn't alone, there were lots of them,
and a faun too!" Arie told Xiannon.
"A Faun??" Xiannon asked Arie, a little confused at Arie's story.
Xiannon then picked up the bucket of milk and poured the milk into a wooden bowl.
"He was very tall, his hair was all spiked back, he had goat legs, and he had goat
horns on the side of his head" Arie described Lexaeus to Xiannon.
"My Mother warned me to be wary of Fauns." Xiannon told Arie.
Suddenly, Axel and Marluxia walked up to Xiannon and Arie.
"Xiannon, come with me." he ordered her.

Xiannon and Axel walked towards the storage building, adjoining the mill. Guards were
unloading giant sacks from trucks. A civil guard Captain was supervising the
operation, and turned to greet Axel.
"Captain, everything is here.." he told Axel.

Inside the Storage building, men were filling the enormous storage room with grain,
bottles of wine, barrels of oil, salt, and sugar.
"Flour, salt, oil, medicine, olives, bacon, tobacco..." the civil guard captain
listed everything that was in the storage room.
"Tobacco? Real Tobacco?" Axel asked, picking up a packet of the tobacco.
The Civil Guard Captain handed over some papers to Axel.
"And the ration cards." he said.
Xiannon stood still, stunned by the amount of food and supplies. Axel looked at the
padlock on the door.
"Xiannon, the key" he told her.
"Yes sir.." Xiannon answered, handing Axel the key.
"Is this the only copy?" Axel asked Xiannon.
"Yes sir.." she answered.
Axel locked the padlock, and made sure the door was shut.
"From now on, I'll carry it." he told her.
"Captain!" Xigbar shouted over to Axel.
Axel hurried over to Xigbar, who gave him a pair of binoculars, and pointed to
something in the horizon.
"Captain, perhaps it's nothing.." Xigbar mumbled.
Through the binoculars, Axel saw a plume of smoke on the horizon.
"It's them..." Axel muttered.

Axel, Xigbar, Marluxia, and few more of Axel's men rode through the forest on
horseback, trying to find the men in the forest.
Arie, however, was walking through the forest, looking at the book Lexaeus had given
her, and mumbling the story that was written in the book.
"Once upon a time, when the forest was young, they were home to creatures who were
full of magic and wonder. They protected one another, and slept in the shade of a
colossal fig tree that grew on a hill, near the mill. But now, the tree is dying.
It's branches are dry,  it's trunk old and twisted. A monstrous toad had settled in
it's roots, and won't let the tree thrive." Arie read outloud, as she stopped infront
of the giant fig tree she was reading about.
She took out a small bag, and opened it, emptying three stones from the bag into the
palm of her hand.
"You must put the three magic stones in the toads mouth, and retrieve the golden key
from the toads belly." she read outloud.
She looked down at her new shoes, they were all covered in mud.
"Only then will the fig tree flourish again." she finished the story in the book.

She took off her dress, and hung it over one of the tree's branches, standing in her
under dress now. She did this so that her dress wouldn't get covered in mud, like her
shoes. She walked up to the spilt in the tree, and peered inside, and finally crawled
deep inside the tree.
The inside of the tree was like a long, dark, muddy tunnel. Arie had to crawl through
it on her hands and knee's because it was so low. Her hands were getting caked in
thick squelchy mud. Horrible looking bugs started crawling over her hands, and
started climbing her arms. She pushed the bugs off her arms, and continued crawling
through the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Axel and his men had found a campfire in the forest. Axel took off his
glove, and put his hand over the campfire.
"They were here less than twenty minutes ago. They left in a hurry.." Axel told his
men, knowing that just from the warmth of the fire.
Marluxia bent down beside Axel, and examined the campfire.
"A dozen men at most." Axel finished off.
Xigbar picked up a piece of paper from the camp, and dusted it off. Axel found a
package buried in a tangle of grass. He picked it up and opened the package, taking
out a small vile from it. He handed Marluxia the package, and examined the vile of
"Antibiotics." he mumbled.
"Shit, they forgot this lottery ticket..!" Xigbar said, looking at the piece of paper
he found.
Axel put out his hand, telling them to keep quiet.
"They're here... Those sons of bitches are here... and they're watching us..!" he
Axel walked around quietly, trying to find out where they were.
"Hey!" he shouted at the top of his voice.
"You left this behind!" he shouted, holding up the vile of antibiotics in the air.
"And your lottery ticket!" he added.
"Why don't you come back and get it? Who knows, this could be your lucky day!" he
There was no answer, all that was heard was Axel's voice echoing around the forest.
Axel walked back to the campfire, and got back onto his horse. Axel and his men rode
off away from the campfire, away someplace else. Whilst Dexion and his men looked out
at Axel's group riding away.

Meanwhile, Arie was still crawling through the tree, her hair even more of a mess,
and she was covered in the thick mud. Bugs were now crawling all over her arms,
refusing to get off her arms. Suddenly, she heard a noise from behind her. She turned
around and found that the giant toad was right behind her.
"Hello. I am Princess Xaveria, and I'm not afraid of you." Arie told the toad.
She held onto the three stones in her hand and glared at the toad.
"Aren't you ashamed of living down here? Eating all these bugs... and growing fat
whilst the tree dies?" Arie asked the toad.
Suddenly, the toad launched it's tongue at Arie's face, licking off a bug that was
crawling on her face. It retracted it's tongue away, and ate the bug.
Arie looked down at the three stones that she had in her hand. There was a small bug
in amongst the stones in her hand. She picked it up and showed it to the toad.
Afterwards she placed it back into her clenched hand, and held her hand out towards
the toad. It launched it's tongue back at Arie's hand, taking the bug and the three
stones into it's mouth, and swallowing them. Suddenly, it threw up it's entire
insides, and slowly melted away into the ground. Arie looked at the insides of the
toad in shock, but then noticed the golden key. She picked it up and examined it.

Arie walked outside the tree at last, breathing heavily. She was entirely caked in
mud, and the key she held in her hand was all sticky and slimy.
She walked over to the branch of the tree to get her dress, but it wasn't hanging
there anymore. She found her dress had been dragged away from the tree, it was now
covered in mud too. She picked it up and looked at it. Worst of all, it started to
rain heavily. Axel was standing outside under an umbrella, looking down at his pocket
watch. Two cars approached the Mill. As soon as one of the cars doors opened, Axel
went up to the car, and put the umbrella over the door of the car, so that whoever
was inside wouldn't get wet. The Mayor, and the Mayor's wife stepped out of the car,
and headed towards the mill.

"Have you checked in her room? And the pantry?" Shexia asked Xiannon, worrying about
"Yes Ma'am.." Xiannon answered.
"Have you checked the garden? And the barn?" Shexia asked Xiannon
"Yes Ma'am.." Xiannon answered.
"Where could that girl be..?" Shexia asked herself.
Axel lead the Mayor and his Wife into the dining room.
"This way, please" Axel told them.
"Let me introduce you to my wife, Shexia" Axel introduced the mayor and his wife to
"Charmed" the mayors wife said, holding out her hand.
"A pleasure to meet you" Shexia said, shaking her hand.
"From now on, one ration care per family." Axel said, holding up a couple of ration
cards in his hands.
"Take a look" he said, passing out the cards for everyone to look at.
"One? Captain, I'm not sure that'll be enough.." the Mayor said.
"If people are careful, it should be plenty." the Priest answered the Mayor, as he
took some potatoes from the basket Xiannon was carrying.
"We cannot allow anyone to send food to the Guerillas in the Mountains. They're
loosing ground, and one of them is wounded.
"Excuse me Captain... how can you be so sure?" Vexen asked Axel.
"We almost got them. We found this. Antibiotics." Axel said, and held up the vile of
"God has already saved their souls. What
happens to their bodies, well, it hardly matters to Him." the Priest said,
whilst Xiannon and Vexen exchanged glances, worrying about Dexion and the rest.

"We'll help you in any way we can, Captain. We know your not here by choice." The
Mayor told Axel.
"Your wrong about that. I chose to be here because I want my son to be born into a
new, clean Spain. Because these people hold the mistaken belief that we're all equal.
But there's a big difference: the war is over and we won. And if we need to kill
every one of these vermin to settle it, then we'll kill hem all, and that's that."
Axel said.
"Were all here by choice" he smiled, raising his glass in the air.

Last edited: 30 December 2010

‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   29 December 2010   957388  

I mean, ohh... shame. D:>
It ain't sanitery!
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   29 December 2010   694844  
Lovin teh story~

one more thing

‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   29 December 2010   220148  
xD Don't worry, Dexion shall be fine... I hope :S
And don't worry, Xavi had another dress underneath her actual dress xD
She comes prepared ^_^

thankyou, and yes ^^ Dexion has arrived in the story ^_^ 


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