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Wednesday, 1 December 2010
05:58:27 PM (GMT)
 A/n: Oneshot I was inspired to write after watching Deathly Hallows part 1 -
Bellatrix is sort of like Larxene, except awesome and crazier. I can imagine this
happening actually, so I'm putting it in so that it needn't be done in the RP - I've
done it for Angel and Tama. This is when some sort of bad thing happens to LarMar due
to Shexia's truth serum blabbing. 

The small girl made her way quietly into Larxene's room. Promptly upon her arrival,
two rough kicks were delivered to Shexia; one on the back, one on the side of her
head. Falling to her knees with a whimper, she felt Larxene grab her arms and pin
them behind her back roughly, dragging her to her feet. The electric pain of a
particularly harsh shock was sent sharply through her body, causing her to cry out.
Raven hair was pulled back from her scalp so that her bruised, bloodied face could
see a glaring Marluxia. "Such a shame, Shexia, that you had to pass that information
to our enemies...your stupidity cost us dearly." Shexia glared at him. "Was I really
being stupid? Or perhaps...that was my inner intelligence?" She countered, earning
her a painful, close-fisted blow to the face from Marluxia - who was, she just
realized, quite a bit harsher than Larxene. "Clearly not. Now that I've had to dirty
my hands on your face, I'll let Larxene do the honours." 

Terror crossed Shexia's face - this seemed like Larxene would be doing something
worse than usual - worse than the beatings. Larxene smiled, throwing Shexia to the
ground. The girl hit the floor hard, her battered body colliding painfully. Moaning,
she felt a pointed shoe kick her shoulder over so she lay on her back. Said shoe
proceeded to dig its heel into her chest, making her yelp in pain. 

Larxene crouched down, her face smiling demonically as she pinned down Shexia with
her foot. Marluxia looked down and glared as Shexia felt one of her sleeves being
rolled up. The blonde used one horrid grip to keep it still, the other to summon her

All remaining colour drained from Shexia's blood-stained face. "What are you d-d-"
Larxene backhanded her sharply, using the hand that held her knives. Not only did her
face collide with the floor, but the knives scratched her cheek. "Silence, little
Snow Queen." She shifted her forearm which held up Shexia's so that it covered her

The knives neared Shexia's pale, exposed flesh, the girl too afraid to move, and then
suddenly - 
Horrible, slicing pain. 

Larxene dug the knives deep into her arm as slowly as possible, dragging it into
shapes. Shexia's screams were muffled as the blood was spilt - deep enough to harm
her, not to kill her. Even Marluxia winced slightly as the expert carved brutally,
the process slow, painful, and seeming like an eternity. The knives sliced right
where there were the veins, leaving blood all over the petite girl's coat. 

When the work was finally finished, the permanent scar had another, underlining cut
made to it. Larxene stood up, taking care to kick her victim as she moved, knocking
the girl out.

Several hours later, Shexia awoke in her own room with her entire body aching -
nothing new. She forced herself up, almost crying out as she did so. A new ache was
felt on her forearm - the memories of the cutting returned to her, and she hastily
rolled up her sleeve, now almost recoloured red with blood, to see the scar, clear as
day. It now became clear to her what the shapes were. 
It was there - underlined and permanent.
Last edited: 1 December 2010

‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   2 December 2010   753938  
Awesome story ^^
now I wanna write a story about Xaveria.. But I'm not sure what could
happen in it D8
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   2 December 2010   642877  
Holy shi... Shex I... Wish I could help...

I might end up with one too, y'know. The way it's going.
‹knight of ren› says:   2 December 2010   393592  
Now, I have a reason to get Demyx pissed :D
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says :   2 December 2010   443940  
 Aww, man. Thanks, everyone. 


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