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Lost it all.....Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 November 2010
07:12:38 PM (GMT)
So for some reason I've totally lost all my creativism..
I can't think of anything to draw/design/film.. I can't write reviews about games
I've played recently or movies I've seen..
I've never had this problem before.. It's driving me mental.. 

They are all great hobbies of mine and I really enjoy persuing them.. But now I
can't.. No matter how hard I try, nothing works out.. My designs look utter
rubbish, my reviews aren't even structured and I can't think of words to use
correctly.. My ability to draw really well has gone completely, I can't even draw a
tree anymore.. 

I've lost it all..... 

I'm gonna keep trying and hopefully they'll come back to me.. I hope so..

Rena9000 says:   21 November 2010   740299  
Well, Why don't you take a break for awhile? Go outside, read, just
relax. Plus, talking to others helps a lot. Ive had this happen to me
and at least for me, this all works.
Plus, you could ask your friends for ideas or something along that
-grins and gives you a hugglez-
Good luck!
UndeadImmortal says:   21 November 2010   375179  
AHah I know.. I think I do need a break..
I wrote a Review though, so it's all good. 
I need to get into a good book though. Haven't read in a while.. 

-smiles and gives you hugglez back- 
‹Shadow♥› says:   22 November 2010   849641  
I get this sometimes (writers block anyway) 
But it should come back to you eventually :D
UndeadImmortal says:   22 November 2010   458363  
Ahaa yeah. I can write fine now, just can't draw or anything at the
Rena9000 says:   22 November 2010   198004  
Yesh! You totally need a break! xD Don't even think about that stuff
I knows! I read it! xD Congrats! xDD
If you need book ideas I know a few good ones. :P

Your msot welcome! 
victoria8450 says:   22 November 2010   590667  
just chill for a bit and enjoy life dude! good luck!
UndeadImmortal says:   22 November 2010   931960  
Ahaha yeah.. Ooo thanks xD
What are they like?

Yeah I think I'll do that. Thanks! 
Rena9000 says:   22 November 2010   788061  
They are like... AAZING! xD
Totally and utterly amazing. xD 
UndeadImmortal says:   22 November 2010   664286  
Well that doesn't help me none, does it :P
What are they about? 
Rena9000 says:   22 November 2010   303320  
Leesie says:   22 November 2010   541621  
sound like you have "artist block". I agree with them, take a  break
and relax. Don't try to force creativity, just let it come to you.
Don't worry It'll be back. 
UndeadImmortal says:   22 November 2010   157828  
Ahah I like the way that's going xD

Yeah a break sounds good.. I've been so busy lately, that it's
probably for the best.. 
Rena9000 says:   22 November 2010   659686  
-laughs- I bet so.
Its called "The Night Angel Trilogy"
Just look it up.
Its EPIC! 
UndeadImmortal says:   22 November 2010   178014  
Okay I will..  Thank you xD 
‹The Lark› says:   23 November 2010   156911  
Well, everything I would say has been said already. But definitely
take a break. You never know when inspiration will hit you.
Hopefully it'll be back soon.
UndeadImmortal says :   23 November 2010   579954  
Yeah. I've been chilling out, watching films and reading books..
Hopefully something will hit me soon.. 


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