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AHHH JAGUERNAUHT!!!Category: (general)
Friday, 19 November 2010
10:52:26 PM (GMT)
is a superhero!!! B)
or wait-is he..a villain???...
I finally spent my accedental 5 dollar gift carrd for wal-mart today.yupyupyup.
Now, you see,It really WAS intended to buy a bag with-so i could carry all my school
stuff in 'cuz we're lame and we're not allowed to carry around our bookbags-and I
carry around a LOT of crap so i was all-aughh need.a.bag....
but-Walmart didn't have any bags i liked!! grrr, i mean SURE! they did have superhero
noes but-they were of wonderwoman..and...i've never really liked her to be honest...
and they always make girls superheros and villains look/act like such slutsss.
so I looked around the store-nothing i really wanted in particular...
almost got me a buzz-lightier of Star command belt!-but didn't...
INSTEAD~! I decided to look at some clothes-girl section at walmart suckkksssss.
there was ONE shirt i really liked that said "Word to my nerds" but it was
super-oh-mega hugeeeeeeeee and i'm really itty-bitty tiny so bleahh.
then i saw a shirt my size that said "Gave Over" and it had a heart on it. I laughed
but then i got fed up and went to the guys section...
my god....
they have such more of a variety!!!
a LOT more stuff i like!!!!!!!
there was this one shirt-with a heart beat on it,.. and it was a straight line then
went back to normal and above it it says-"For a minute there, you bored me to death."
or something along those lines...again-i laughed xD
I ALMOST got it! but then i saw a white shirt with ALL (err MOST) of the super
heroes! ( and a few villains, such as DR.OCTOPUS!!!! and Venom!!!)aNDDD of COURSE it
has iron man and spider man haha you know it!!! ;D
and i'm wearing it right now <333
gonna wear it to school Monday too~!
show it of lol ;D
hermm-i WAS gonna wear all Pink Monday but this has changed everything competently
and a guy in gym class-well... we were playing softball0which I SUCK AT, and i hit
the ball ( surprising... i know...) and when i got to 1st base-everyone on my team
was like-WOAH!!... GO BRITTNIE!!!  I was sort of shocked but then a guy from the
other team who was like-basically on the base with me-said i have a good arm. awhh No
one's EVER said that to me before!!! I feel loved <333
and today-when we played dodgeball, A ball came towards me- i tried to catch it- it
hit my arm, bounced off the girl next to me caught it. I yelled-"OHYEAH!!
TEAMWORKK!!" she laughed "Ohyeah!!"
 then that same girl said i had really pretty- *BAM* then she got hit by a ball.
*BAM* then I get hit by the ball!! haha! lol. we are both sitting out-she's laughing
and says that she was going to say I had really pretty eyes today-but then the ball
hit her.
you see-I dressed like  a vampire today-but i didn't wear my fangs so yeah...
"You look nice today"
"I like your eyes!"
"Your wearing make-up?!?! You look good!!"
"I like how you did your make-up!"
"Your eyes are soooooo pretty today~!"
"You look weird..."
"Take it off"
"You look bad with make-up"
"I don't like it..."
(lol-between 2 guys i was talking too during band)
"she doesn't look Gothic..."
"Tell her she looks Gothic and i'll give you a nickel,"
"You look Gothic"
(conversation over) 
ALL of those are what people said to me today.
I normally don't wear make-up but,... in my "How to be a Vampire" book it says to-for
"Eternal beauty" so i did...
well- I guess I DID sorta look a Little different-since i styled my heir differently
and wore jewelery...
so regardless of Negative comments i've received today-It's been a pretty good day!
I had this discussion with my fathers mothers mother at walmart today-she asked me
what i wanted...
"hmm... I dunno-nothing really...I don't really care about Christmas anymore.."
"What? What do you mean?"
"*shrug* I dunno,... I just don't really believe in it.. since i'm not christian or
catholic or anything like that.. I just don't see the point in it anymore-gods
birthday-and we get presents for it.. it's weird...plus-i'm older and i don't really
care or want anything anymore..."
"How do you not believe in Christmas though?"
yeah.. I duneven know...
btw-my science fair smells.......bad.....
like-our schools french fries...which smell really bad....
I present Monday..gahhh.I effing hate science fair...
break starts Tuesday..thank bowie...
and i didn't get to go see the new harry potter with mah big brother and mah friend
another thing i hate-being poor.
ghahhhh hajshfjadfklga;;
conditiong for tennis starts in like-February...i am lazy and dunwanna-I just wanna
play tennis!! xD
and wear the frilly skirts! lol.
maybe i'll wear make-up more often..everyone else seems to like it more..
and i don't really care nor mind.....
it gives me something to do with those extra 220 minutes i have getting ready for
school everyday..

‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   20 November 2010   345404  
Biihtei says:   20 November 2010   166529  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
haha wait.wut? XD 
what's ergo?
 I always feel so stupid when I ask a question like that but ohwell
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   20 November 2010   312979  
Ergo is like therefore 
Biihtei says :   20 November 2010   196371  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
ahhh ok i see now.
hahaa i'm pretty sure she was just being nice lol.
bwahahaa so i don't think i need to go as far as marry her  xD 


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