SinfulKagemusha's Online [Magazine]! Article Three: King Arthur
Roleplay - Spirit School
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SinfulKagemusha's Online [Magazine]! Article Three: King Arthur
Roleplay - Spirit School
Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 November 2010
11:58:51 AM (GMT)
Here I am with the awaited Article Three, helping outa  club-in-training that was
just opened... yesterday?

King Arthur Roleplay - Spirit School

This is a roleplay about the epic Knights of the Round Table, who fought for us so
long ago... now, they are back. Well, at least, their spirits are. Many people round
the world are awakening, using skills that they would not otherwise have. They woke
up one day on the steps of spirit school. Or, somehow, they already knew about it.
Join for adventures as a Knight Of The Round Table. Read the rules before doing
anything~ thank you~!

My Opinion
As it has only been there since last night, i cannot say much. It does seem
interesting, but the towering block of evergrowing rules and information may be its
downfall, even if they are easy to memorize. It also has a "first-come-first-serve"
system, so if you get Sir Gawain or Lady Ragnell, no one else can have them. The
character application is mostly easy things like how old you character is. The only
real challenge is the History, but thats because nothing else is challenging.
Characters get accepted rather quickly, seeing as the Founder is watching the club
like a hawk. I continue with the flaws as we go to the fact that before a student can
do anything, they have to go get briefed, and fill in their schedule. Also, signing
papers seems to be a bit much. The add-your-information style of characters shows
that they have the people in mind when they do it. If they don't have a character
that someone really likes, its not "too bad so sad" its "okay, add straight away".
Also, the club was made under circumstances and now the founder (me) doesn't have any
money. So please, donations to the club would be the nicest thing ever. Just transfer
to SinfulKagemusha!
On a scale of 1 to 5, iI'd say 3-4, mostly beccause of roleplay lack, and "do this
and this and this" when people come in it might be 4-5? 

you can put in you own opinion and ill add


Shaman_King says:   16 November 2010   775519  
Shaman_King's Opinion: 

This may not be every ones first joy, as when you think of Britain,
King Arthur may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Even though
there were many, the founder turned down the volume in the rules, as
they are all rules that are natural. One's that you already wouldn't
do, and givens. That isn't to say you should'nt read them, as they are
very important. The story line needs work, and it leaves many holes
that you could deem important. Many of the characters are blank, or
aren't there, making add-ons not a privelige, but a neccesity. The
Application only really connects the dots on your character, with
quite a few dots left to uncover, though thats the mystery of your
character. You have t oget to know them. Most of the rules are just
sorting freedom to certain places, not taking away your freedom. In
all, i'd say four. I may in the future retract that as i have not yet
been accepted.
SinfulKagemusha says :   20 November 2010   784717  
and there is the opinion of Shaman_King!


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