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I was so happy all day.......Category: my love life
Monday, 4 October 2010
05:33:13 PM (GMT)
Because we got new seats in Lit. and Science class! (Which are in the same classroom.) Guess who I set next to??? JONATHAN! It's so much better than I ever thought it would be. We had one of those random conversations where you just talk about random stuff. I got to my seat first, then when he came to his seat he just said, "Hi, Hannah." and I said "Hey" back. Then we talked about libraries, and the stuff we did in class, and he borrowed my eraser for a science graph. Also in science, at one point when our teacher was talking to someone we heard her laugh in this really weird way. Jonathan goes, "Did you here that? It sounded like someone laughing like a horse. I think it was our teacher......" And I go, "Well, she does work with horses!" (Which is true.) And that totally cracked him up. Also, he told me that his confirmation name was Christopher (and asked what mine was!) and that he chose it because he just thought it was a good name. But then I later found out he chose it because his girlfriend thought it was cute. Oh yeah, didn't I mention that? He has a girlfriend. xD So I just wonder why he didn't tell me the real reason. I mean, he acted WAAAAAAAAY different than last year, after he found out I like him, where he wouldn't really talk to me that much. But maybe he thinks I'm over him this year, because before today, I hadn't said anything to him for more than a month and had basically been acting like he was that one kid you see around but never talk to. It was just so cool talking to him because well.....OK, I'll try to explain it. You know how when you talk to someone, usually you look at them (duh) but just like in general, because sometimes you look around you or the person looks around them; but there are time when you both manage to look at each other at the same time, and it's like you're looking right in each others eyes. Well, that's what it was like talking to Jonathan. He would look right at me while he talked. :D It was just fun because, well, it was like talking to one of your friends (not a close friend, just someone you like and have fun with) but instead, he's a boy, and he's cute, and I like him. As more than a friend. xD Lastly......I'm wondering if, now that we'll be sitting next to each other for like an hour and a half every day, I should bring up something that we talked about last year. We had this big conversation about how he said he was the funniest person ever, but I said no, I know other people who are really funny. And he said, well I'm the funniest guy you know, right? And I answered, yeah, sure.... :D Then two times after that convo I broguth it up, and he remembered it, saying that famous line, "but I'm the funniest guy, right?" and me saying, "yeah, sure....." So I'm just wondering if I could somehow bring that up to him, I'm not sure how, but just to see if he remembers. I just have no idea if that's like flirting with him (by bringing up this convo we had back when he knew I liked him) which would not be good, since he has a gf? Or if it would be weird that I remember? Or if it would tell him i still like him? HELP! But anyway, talking to him made me so happy, that I was in a good mood the rest of the day! Now I absolutely cannot wait until lit. and science class tomorrow; I REALLY hope we stay next to each other for a long time!!!!!!
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Last edited: 4 October 2010

‹Ikiru♥› says:   4 October 2010   925736  
Awwh! haha you told me this earlier but with not as much details! :D
Awwh, you know I love you and are you going to the skating party
‹RushingStars★› says:   4 October 2010   939028  
Lol yeah, and I just added a new part.
Idk yet. :3 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   4 October 2010   798521  
haha awesome me to! =3 Messege me. 
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   4 October 2010   285849  
That's so cute. 

I'm glade someone had a very good day, I had one of the worst days in
my entire life.

Good luck with everything.
‹☮SmileyPeanut☮› says:   4 October 2010   169240  
I dreamt my evil music teacher was going to gone for the rest of the
year and replaced with a really nice teacher, but my evil, fat,ugly
music teacher was gone because she was PREGNANT!
I almost threw up!
‹☮SmileyPeanut☮› says:   4 October 2010   278962  
I didn't have a very good day.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   4 October 2010   869088  
Ah Isn't It So Funny How The Simpilist Things That Boys Do Can Make
Us Smile And Bubble Up Inside Until We Feel All Happy =)

I Wish You Good Luck With Johnathan.

Which Reminds Me I Must Get Back To The Task Of Be-friending My
Ex-Boyfriend (For Some Reason He Thinks You Can't Be Friends After You
Break Up o.O)

Good Luck! And I'm Sure If You Guys Keep Going This Way He Might
Secertly Like You One Day 
‹RushingStars★› says:   5 October 2010   767743  
Can't message you now, just got in trouble for being on here.
And yeah, I came right back on again. xD
Aww, sorry about the bad day! And thanks.
Lol, thank you! That would be awesome if he started to like me.
Good luck with your ex! 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   5 October 2010   947360  
You Never Know He Just Might! Thank You =) 
‹Ikiru♥› says :   6 October 2010   986255  
hah(: oh wellz messege me soon foo! 


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